Friday, August 28, 2009


Great news! Rick responded SO well to the baclofen Olivia's words "this is amazing". She took measurements at the 2 hour, 3 hour, 4 hour and 6 hour marks. They expect the medicine to be most effective at the 3 hour mark. At 3 hours Rick was so loose...hardly any tone at all. And you could tell he felt better. At the 6 hour mark, the effects of the medicine are wearing off, but for some reason on Rick's left leg he still had better scores than before the trial. This is so strange because Rick's head injury was worse on the right side of the brain, thus affecting the left side of his body more...the tone in his left leg has always been worse...but it was good even 6 hours after the dose was given! Praise God! Olivia and Dr. Carlile were so pleased at the 3 hour eval, they went ahead and faxed the results to the insurance company. Our next step will be the placing the pump and catheter. I'm not sure when this will happen. The pump is something he could possibly have for the rest of his life. Our nurse today told me a story of a former patient of his that had a pump put in about a year ago, and got to have it removed recently. This patient was injured in a motorcycle accident and was in an LTAC for a year before he even got to rehab. Today he is doing so good...another GOD PROJECT! I guess for me, the great thing today was seeing Rick totally relaxed...I could tell he felt good.

So, it's the weekend and the kids are coming up this evening. I pray Rick has a good weekend, but if he doesn't, someone please remind me of the great week we've had...sometimes I need a reminder not to get upset.

Thanks again for your prayers.



  1. Crystal,
    God is GREAT!!! Sometimes we wonder why things happen the way they do, but God always has a plan and is always in control. We think of Rick, you and the kids everyday. We may have moved away from Guthrie, but that does not take you all away from us. Miracles happen everyday and I know God has more in store for you all. Give the kids a hug. We are keeping the faith and praying for complete healing, strength and courage.
    ~Love, the Rainers

  2. Crystal,
    Aint God good!! This is almost unbelieveable
    like something out of story book. We are sooo
    glad to hear this news!! But, that was what we prayed for, thank you Jesus, Glory be to him, Father God, we give you all the praise and the glory and we proclaim the wonderful works of the Lord!! God Bless you all, hope you have a wonderful weekend with the kids and the folks who come to see y'all. Later, Rick

  3. Wonderful news!! Glory be to God.
    Have fun with the kids this weekend - hoping Rick has some good stuff to show them.
    Keeping you close in thought and prayer.

  4. Crystal, God is Great!! So thrilled at Rick's results from the trials!! I know you are going to have a great weekend bc your babies will be there w yall! Enjoy your weekend and try to get some rest!! Love ya, Aunt Sher

  5. Great news! Have fun with the kids. I'm sure they will have lots of school stories to share.
    Ann & Cliff

  6. Wonderful news!! So excited to hear of all the progress! I got a big hug today from Cade and asked him if he had a lot of girlfriends... he just smiled. I'm so glad they are getting to see their mom and dad. Hope you guys have an awesome weekend. We'll keep on praying and also thanking God for the many prayers He has already answered.
    Love and many prayers,
    Kelly, Reno, Alyssa and Morgan

  7. YEAH!! God is awesome...He made the mountains, He can move the mountains and that's what He is doing for you Crystal...Jumping with joy with you...Thank you Lord, your mercies are new every morning, you are our Jehovah-Jireh, our provider.

    Enjoy your weekend with your kiddos...

    God Bless All of You..
    our love and prayers, trey, ronda, tay, syd, and cheney