Monday, August 24, 2009

DAY 65

It was a good day...thank you Lord for hearing our prayers. Last night at supper Rick ate everything, and today he's eaten everything put in front of him, and has been back to his old self again. Lots of good stuff today. The Dynasplint rep came by today and fitted Rick for his splints on his ankles. This is so encouraging especially considering it hasn't even been 15 days and the rep said actually it usually takes closer to 30 days to get this approval. These splints will provide the stretch that Rick needs in his achilles heal to help break the tone...just like the cast does on his arm. He wore the splints for an hour today and we will build up to 6 hours over a weeks time. Olivia put him on the treadmill this afternoon...hard to believe! He was put in a harness and didn't actually bear his full weight. There was someone at each foot and someone behind him helping the entire time. He walked for 6 minutes with the girls moving his feet, but they actually felt him trying to take steps on his own several times. He's about to take a shower and I'm going to go eat a bite to eat.

The kids did good this morning at school...haven't had a chance to talk to them yet this afternoon, but I'm sure the day went just like this morning did.

Keep praying...PUSH Pray Until Something's happening alright!

God Blessings to everyone!



  1. What do you want to happen kiddo? No, I know,
    and I believe that it can happen, I know for a fact some people get healed immediately and some don't. I also believe that if many, many people had not been praying for Rick and speaking and praying the word, he wouldn't be this far and maybe not even be here at all!!!
    I kmow this is very frustating, horribily frus-
    trating, however you have a ways to go.
    Father in heaven, we come before you with praise and thanksgiving. Lord, we lift Crystal and Rick before you and Thank you for all youv'e done for them. Father we thank you in advance for what you are going to do, Lord give them both supernatural strength, Godly, Holy Spirit, strength, and we thank you for a quick work in Rick, in the name of Jesus!!
    God Bless you all, oh, I just visited with Cindy Layton, still swollen, bruised, uncomfortable, but on the way to being restored completely, Thank you Jesus!!!!

  2. Sounds wonderful!! May God grace you with all his healing power. You have such faith and that will get you through. Hoping for another productive day tomorrow.
    Thanks for taking the time to continue your postings it helps us feel a part of Ricks recovery. Sleep well tonight. shelah

  3. So glad you had a better day today! Answered prayers! I'm excited that they put Rick on the treadmill. That's quite an accomplishment! Hope you are doing ikay too. I saw Cade off and on today and got a quick hug. He said he was doing good! Amy and Monica both said Riley had a good day too. Alyssa got there in time to walk in with her. Hopefully Mr. Roach didn't scare her too badly. I know we are all so glad to have them both, even though it's just for a little while!
    Love and prayers,
    Kelly, Reno, Alyssa and Morgan

  4. Crystal we are so glad to hear the good news. I am so happy that the kids had a good morning at school. I loved the pics of them you emailed!! Cade is adorable and Riley is just as cute as a button!! I have not ever seen Cade with his hair grown out and combed over it was always burred off in first grade!! He looks so cute! Journey will have her first day tomorrow... OMG, wish me luck. Where does the time go?? Anyway, keep your head up and stay focused on your goal. We are praying for you and your family daily. We are ready for you all to be back home. Give Rick a hug from us. We love yall.
    Justin, Kelly, Riggin and Journey

  5. Praise the Lord for the good day. God Bless him, can't beleive he is on the treadmill. (I better get with it). I talked to the kids today, they sounded great and excited about their new school. Riley said she made a lot of new friends. What a joy. Love to you all. Go gettim Rick.

  6. Crystal,

    We, along with many others in Central Texas continue to pray for Rick and you. We admire and respect you and Rick so much. Each day our lives are blessed by your example of strength and faith. I wished that I the words to express how I feel each morning when I read this blog. We continue to pray for Rick's healing and progress and your peace and strength. You truly are an inspiration to us as God flows through you.

    Your friend,



  7. Crystal & Rick, It is so great to hear all the progress you are making. Rick continues to make steps forward and amazes us with God's grace.
    I spoke briefly with Riley last night. It sounds like she had a great day. Cade was busy getting ready for his bath, so we will try again later when he can chat more. Thanks again for sending the pics.
    This morning a friend of ours, Brock McGhee, went to wake up his oldest son (13yrs) and found him unresponsive...He passed away and is with his Heavenly Father. Please pray for this wonderful family. They will need all the strength they can get in the upcoming days. As in Rick's accident, we never know why things happen...we must trust in God's plan and believe it is a good one.