Sunday, August 23, 2009

DAY 64

Rick was a little better today than yesterday, but still not quite himself. Still doesn't care to eat and is tired. He had PT today and they stood him in the standing frame for 15 minutes and then put him on a bike that he could pedal or a motor could kick in and pedal for him...the motor did most of the work.

The kids start school tomorrow and are both excited and nervous. I know they will be fine...they're so sociable and resilient! Thanks to everyone who has helped in getting them acclimated to Seymour.

Therefore, since we do hold and engage in this ministry by the mercy of God we do not get discouraged or became faint with weariness and exhaustion. II Corninthians 4:1

I so appreciate everyone's encouraging words...sometimes it's hard and every little reminder that God will see us through is helpful. I'm looking forward to getting Rick back in his routine this week and seeing what else God will do for us.

Thanks for everything.


  1. Crystal, John and I enjoyed seeing yall so much yesterday! I don't think he had a "blah day" after that ride under the street!! I think I need to get a job there during the summer as a workout!! We loved every minute we we there and wished we could have stayed longer!! I think he has missed me-I know I have him!! Thanks for letting me feed him!! You are such a great lady-I am daily amazed at what a great wife you are to precious Rick!! I know the kids will do so well in Seymour with Pooh, Stan, Gigi, and the girls! You know of course we are willing to do anything to help out with them!! See ya soon!! Love yall so much!!!Aunt Sher,John, and Kelce
    PS Kelce was so cute at Sonic earlier twirling with the Cherry Limeade Man!!

  2. Crystal,
    So glad to hear things were a little better today. I'm sure sometimes it's pretty overwhelming, however with Jesus you always have a helping hand, whether through Spirit or someone sent to help. You literally have an army of people praying for you and Rick on a
    daily basis. fyi, Cindy Layton is better this evening, she has been horribly ill since thurs. night. Please remember her in your prayers. God Bless you both and all the rest of the family!! I hope your children do well, I know this has been tough for them! later, Rick

  3. With all the prayers going up, tomorrow will be a better day. Like the song says, "God is in control" He has a plan, which we don't understand yet. I have faith that he is healing Rick and giving you the strength to help that along. We love you both

  4. Crystal, I found a quote in my planner that I really like..."May you have enough happiness to make you sweet, enough trials to make you strong, enough sorrow to keep you human, and enough hope to make you happy." I thought you might enjoy this.
    We are anxious to hear about the kids' first day of school. We love and miss you!