Saturday, August 15, 2009

DAY 56

Rick is better today. He was awake this morning when we got here, and ate his breakfast well. We took him outside for a little while, then took him to the therapy gym for a workout. He used the arm cycle and then we "played catch" for a little while. They have a little basketball shootout and the kids were playing that and Rick reached for the ball. He tried to shoot it, too...he still needs a little work on his form, not very good with his follow through, but that's normal for Rick! We were out and about for 2 hours and then got him back in bed. He ate a good lunch and is now napping. He will have 30 minutes of OT this afternoon and 30 minutes of PT.

Sure are missing everybody at the Ranch Roundup. Hoping the Tongue River boys are doing well. Above all else, I hope every cowboy is safe and has a good rodeo...thinking of inventing a cowboy hat with a built in helmet!

God Bless You All!



  1. Crystal,
    how long til they check the c-dif bac infection again? I looked that up, it's not too uncommon in weakened imm systems, however from what I read it's caused by too many antibiotics-it needs pro-biotics to replace the flora in the gi system. Rick will be ok in just a few days, hopefully! Sounds like those folks have really been working Rick over but that's what it will take to get him back on his feet and back in the saddle! God Bless you all, give you strength, wisdom, and everlasting love!! later, rick

  2. Great news that Rick is feeling better! I'm so glad he's at Baylor while dealing with the infection. I'm sure there is no better place! I think the paper said Tongue River is in 3rd place and doing great! Mom is at the horse sale, which isn't going well... don't know if that's for everyone or for them! I think they are all selling pretty cheap. Glad Cade and Riley are there having fun with Rick. Please let us know if we can help!

  3. Sounds great Crystal. I'm glad the kids are there! I am not on call sun. so, if the kids need a ride home I will be more than happy to help! Have a great time with the family!

  4. Crystal,
    I sure missed yall today!! I know they make a helmet cowboy hat!! I will have to check my coneections!! So thrilled you four are all getting to spend time together!! Know you continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. Love ya, Aunt Sher

  5. PS I can spell connections!! Did you get the tshirts?

  6. Well, heard that the Johnson Ranch won but don't know how Tongue River did.
    Remember the guy I told you about that got the rope around his neck and did rehab at Baylor? He won the cutting horse event. There is hope all around.
    Hope tomorrow brings lots of good things.

  7. Crystal didn't mention that on Thursday Bobby, Glenn and myself were visiting Rick. He looked good and we took pictures of him standing during PT. The Lord is on our side and Rick will be great. We have loved that fellow for almost 42 years now and the Lord longer so things will turn out ok with all his help and Ricks. Please keep praying for Rick, Crystal, Riley, Cade, Glenn and Brian.
    All our love
    Aunt Doe Doe

  8. Crystal, I got the phone number of Ken Jarozs-the guy Shelah was talking about in her comment. His wife, Kelly, is from Henrietta and was our speech therapist at school. Where is the comment for today?? You know if I can't read one I have to start calling to check on yall!!! Hope you and the little ones have had a great weekend together!!!
    Love ya,Aunt Sher
    PS I got Aunt Tanya from your fb to keep up with Kyler!!