Thursday, August 13, 2009

DAY 54

Wow...their gona have to hook me up to an IV if we keep going at this pace! At 7:30 this morning transport was here to take Rick for his swallow test. We had to go across the street to x-ray, but we didn't load in an ambulance to go. When this hospital was originally built it was called Gaston Episcopal Hospital, and they built a tunnel under the road over to the big Baylor hospital. So, it's quite the little journey, but Rick was moved to a gurney and literally "ran" over there. He did very good with his swallow test and has earned pureed food and nectar! Thank you Jesus! He will continue to have peg feedings as well as they evaluate his calorie intake. Then OT came in and got him dressed, brushed his teeth and got him in his wheelchair. I took him downstairs and we sat outside on the patio for about 45 minutes. Now, we're waiting on PT treatment. After lunch we will see OT again, and then neuropsychology.

God is good!

Thanks for the encouragement...I have something to post this afternoon that I read in my Bible last night about "encouragers"...that would be all of you guys!

The kids are doing well in Seymour...thank you to everyone who has taken an interest in them and is helping. Going to school will be much easier for them because so many have taken the time to get to know them. Hopefully the kids will be coming up tomorrow with Kim and Phillip.



  1. Crystal,
    This sounds almost too good to be true!! but
    we know why, Glory be unto God, and the healing that he gave us through Jesus shed blood!! God Bless you all, give you strength, and keep you safe, Let's pray that this is going to keep going this direction and speed.
    Keep up the good work. Strength and wisdom to you during this trying time in the Name of Jesus, God Bless, later, rick

  2. Wuhoo!! better call Mary Lou to cook that steak and have it air dropped so it can be pureed for Rick and might as well get a loaf of banana nut bread too. We might need to get you and Rick matching red converse tennies to wear, should have just shoved Rick alittle to the side and hitched a ride with him. Thank you Jesus for this blessing because this Man does love to eat.Check you later Love Mom

  3. Busy Busy -- that's a good thing. Much better than sitting around wondering what they will do next. I think the red converse is a very good idea and would love a picture of that. Actually I would like to be there to see Ricks face the first time that he sees them!!
    I have my grandsons from Burk and we are going to the kid roundup in the am. I showed them Ricks pictures and they listened very intently. Some things can hit close to home even for the little ones.
    Keeping you close in thought and prayer. shelah