Saturday, August 22, 2009

DAY 63

Kind of a blah day today for Rick, but luckily I had lots of visitors to keep me "up". He didn't really eat well today and had to have supplemental tube feedings after breakfast and lunch. And, he was just tired...wanted to sleep most of the day. The doctor read the catscan and basically said what we already's a bad injury, but you can't put all your faith in the catscan especially when Rick is showing us something different. So, this is something we've heard all along and although it doesn't make it easier to hear again, I stay encouraged because I know God is on our side. I still believe He will heal Rick fully and completely. And hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

Good night!



  1. God has got something special in store for Rick... no doubt about that! The power of prayer says SO much more than any medical test they can do! Rick has come a million miles already and won't stop for anything. Just like YOU have said from the first day, "They just don't know Rick!" So true! Please don't let this get you down. Rick is amazing and is going to show them a thing or two!
    Love and many prayers,
    Kelly, Reno, Alyssa and Morgan

  2. Sorry to hear that you had a bad day. Was hoping things would go better today since I understand one of your visitors was Sherry. But, tomorrow is another day. The sun will come up tomorrow and may it shine God's grace on you and Rick.
    Keeping you close in thought and prayer. shelah

  3. Crystal,
    It's not scriptural, but somedays are diamonds, some days are coal!! Keep your eyes on the prize, Psalms 17-? I will not die, but live, to declare the works of the Lord, I know that's not quite right but close enough. Keep listening to and reading healing scriptures, there is power in the word of God and sometimes repetition can do wonders. Don't look back just forward and upward. God hasn't brought you this far to leave you here, this healing will be finished in due time. God Bless and keep you all, later, Rick

  4. Keep the Faith on, He is our Jehovah-Rapha-our healer...Speak positively and pray over Rick, rebuke any negative word you do not agree with, "He who began a good work will be FAITHFUL to complete it" Phil.
    Everything is in God's timing...He left Rick here for a reason and a purpose, Rick has already overcome all the medical odds of survival alone, "If God is for us, who can be against us" Romans
    Rick also has you, his precious soul-mate...made just for each other by God himself. He will NEVER leave you or forsake you (Hebrews)...the prayers are never ending dear friend. Rest assured the I AM already knows the outcome and all is always well with HIM.
    sending lots of love and hugs, ronda

  5. My dear friend Crystal~

    I am so sorry that it was a blah day. I should have called you this a.m. to share with you the awesome news that an angel told me first thing this a.m. I told you I was just praying to God about my goal for our little fundraiser and there wasn’t a doubt that he was going to take care of it in his own way and time schedule as he always does… You see we serve an awesome God that has had this sweet little angel down in Childress working her little wings off. We are one step closer to our goal girl!!!! Yipee! God is so wonderful!

    Crystal…you keep your head up girl. Just like your mom told you before, “this isn’t anything you didn’t already know”. Keep allowing his spirit to speak to you. Let him continue to shield you and guide you.

    You, Lord, are a shield around me, my glory, and the one who lifts up my head. Psalm 3:3

    If I was there I would hold you and Rick so tight and pray “Dear Lord, you are our strength and our shield; we know and trust that this overwhelming feeling is only a growing spurt of your spirit. Continue to strengthen Crystal and help her know that your Grace is sufficient and that your Grace will carry her and Rick through….”

    Go read 2 Corinthians 4.

    Keep smiling! God is so Good!

    Love ya,