Tuesday, August 11, 2009

DAY 52

So, it's 10 am and already Rick has had his PT and OT evaluations. OT will be back at 10:30 for his first session. At 11:30 he has his Speech Therapy eval, and then PT treatment @ 2:30. Each evaluation/treatment today will only last 30 minutes. They have also taken out the catheter to teach him to go to the bathroom again. Dr. Carlile (she is the horse whiperer of Brain Injury) is also going to switch him from continuous feeding to bolus feedings at meal times. For the OT eval, they brushed his teeth and got him dressed. Since he is so skinny right now, he will be wearing scrubs and boy do we have to tighten up that cinch! I brought his "tall socks" and his brogans to wear for now, but they feel like a cheap pair of tennis shoes will be better. There is a Target close by and I'm thinking Red Converse...whatta ya think?!!!

Thanks to the Seymour Ambulance crew for getting us down here safely...Bud and John did a great job getting us to BIG D especially for a couple of country boys!

I want to share one more thing this morning. The mission at Baylor Institution of Rehab is:

Guided by Gods Purpose
and a commitment to exemplary care,
we empower each mind, body and spirit
to reach it's fullest potential.




  1. Crystal,
    I told you, kiddo, things are looking up!!
    This is great news, I know all concerned will be glad to hear this. Red Converse, that might be mis-construed as cruel to the handi-capped!(that's a joke, ha,ha) Ol' Rick will make red shoes look good! Keep up the good work, God Bless and give you both strength, Praise the Lord for all things, later, Rick

  2. We are laughing so hard about the Red Converse! Can you just imagine what he'd be thinking??!! I can-- but I can't put it in the blog!!
    Seems like things are a lot different there, and a lot more progressive. Just the things you have mentioned are so huge, and that is just the start! I can't wait to hear what happens next. So glad you are right where you need to be!
    Love and prayers,
    Kelly, Reno, Alyssa and Morgan Bradley

  3. Sounds like he better be ready to "Cowboy Up" early every morning! This is the trail ride we've all been praying for Thank You Jesus!!!

    GO RICK GO!!

    Prayers,Love & Laughter,
    Melissa & Family

  4. Crystal, Since I have been back at work, I have been reading all the postings since the website began. WOW! At first I was overcome with how far Rick has come and how incredibly thankful we are for his continued progress. Then I was overcome with what a wonderful example of a Christian wife you are. It is no secret, that Devin and I have always thought you were terrific so this was no surprise, but it sure is a reminder to those of us who might need to reevaluate how we live our lives. And lastly, I was astounded with the outpouring of family and friends. You have an incredible support system.
    We love you both and miss getting to see you as often as we liked, but we know Rick is in the perfect place to continue his healing. God bless you both and Riley and Cade!!!

  5. mom red converse! I don't think so ! Dad is not a converse kind of person!

  6. Ha! Red Converse!! I'm usually moved when I read this blog, and today is no different. Our God is a BIG GOD, and He is certainly working right now on Rick's progress, as well as your strength. Hang in there! Great things are happening!!!