Monday, August 10, 2009

DAY 51

Baylor is a glad to be here. Rick is taking a shower right now...can you believe that? They loaded him up in a chair and took him to the shower...don't you know that's got to feel good! We met his doctor...Dr. Carlile and her team, they are going to do amazing things for Rick.

Tomorrow is going to be a big day...Rick better cowboy up! Still not sure of his schedule, they will let us know tomorrow. We saw Kenneth Graf today...he was in the therapy gym working out and then swimming. He is doing SO GOOD!

For the first severalnights I am staying across the street at the Baylor Hotel. My Aunt Phyllis lives about 40 minutes away, and eventually I'll be staying with her. Thanks for all the many offers I have received...I just might have to take you up on them.

Praise God for Rick's progress...and all that we know is to come. The best way to thank Him is to worship Him, and really that's not asking a lot considering all He has done for us.

We are on our way!!



  1. Crystal,
    Sounds like "things are looking up",
    I use that line often, Charlie Pride is one of my favorites. Now, back to business, this is going to be wonderful. I'm still a thinking you better pull your hat down and get a deep seat, you're in for a ride. God Bless and keep you all!! if you see Kenneth Graf again, please tell him I said hello and that I wish him well!! later, rick

  2. We circled our wagons this morning to head out on the next journey. Thanks to the "Boys in Blue" (Seymour's EMS)Bud Vickers and John Hostas for getting us all there safely and at the lowest elevation, I knew whatever happened they would take care of Rick and Crystal, like a friend told me " I can tell that he is precious cargo" Tonight will be Rick's first night in 50 nights that some one- family friends etc. will not be at bedside, but I know he will be in good hands, I felt at peace when we left to head back to Seymour, This is no time for fear, this is the time for faith and determination, Don't lose the vision here "God is in Control" Mom

  3. Wondering if Rick will be ready for swimming contest against Kenneth Graf in couple weeks! Hope everything goes well. Good Luck with therapy.

  4. Crystal,

    I just shared information with my Dad. He was to inform you to let both of them be ready since he has a granddaughter who ranked first in both 50 and 100 freestyle high school in State of Oklahoma. She will be attending TCU this coming Fall. So have Kenneth and Rick be ready for swimming competition. Dad also wanted to wish both of you well including your family. Randal and Paul Schoppa, Jr.

  5. Thank you Jesus. We now see how perfectly you have orchestrated the events in all of our lives to bring us all together to this place of Faith with Rick, Crystal and most of all you dear Lord. We know your purposes are so far beyond our scope of vision. We know that you have been hearing all of our prayers and that all things are working together for the goodness of your will….Not ours. Help us to continue not to doubt the power of purpose for each of us in this will of yours. Please dear Lord, help us to remember we are members of your body, we are the power of your presence and your kingdom on this earth.. Help all of us prayer warriors to remain focused… We know that by doing this dear Lord…you will fulfill your destiny. Thank you for bringing all of us together to cheer this cowboy and angel by his side, through this bronc ride to that victory!! Romans 8:28 We know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose. We are all called this moment to join this ride for His almighty purpose!! Yipee….Thank you Jesus!!!

    Bobby, Sandy and Tatum

  6. I am so glad to hear you made it safely to Baylor and it sounds like Rick made the trip well! I know he is going to feel so much better after that shower. I can't wait to read about his continued progress through this wonderful blog! We love you and hang in there!