Thursday, August 27, 2009

DAY 68

So, got started on the eye ointment last night and the pharmacy sent up the wrong ointment. It was antibiotic eye ointment, but it did not have the steroid in it that Rick needs and so instead of his eyes looking better today, they actually look worse, and I'm pretty sure he didn't get any sleep last night. The day wasn't a complete loss however because he did get on the treadmill this afternoon and stepped with his right leg much better than he did the last 2 times...high five to God for that one! So, that's what positive thing I will hold onto for today. He's resting now and I expect he'll be out the rest of the day!

Tomorrow's baclofen trial will start at 8 am. Please pray, pray, pray for good things to come of this. The therapist has asked for NO visitors tomorrow between 8 am and 6 pm. Rick will be monitored closely for not only the spasticity, but also for any side effects.

Joyce Meyers said this morning that "God could make banana's grow on telelphone poles if He wanted to. " Just a reminder that this is GODS PROJECT and he is in control. I thank Him for getting us this far and look forward to the day we return home.

Love all of you...thanks for all your support.



  1. Crystal,
    Many of us share your desires and wishes
    and we know that one day you will be back home.
    But for now, business at hand, Father in heaven, we pray right now that the baclofen do exactly what the Dr. wants and expects it to do. Lord we pray that there be no side effects or adverse reactions to this drug. Lord we pray that Rick react immediately to the drug just like he should. God Bless them all, In the name of Jesus, Amen and Amen, Now then, you all have a good evening and a wonderful tomorrow. We, the Crystal/Rick Kieschnick groupies, are looking forward to tomorrows report. P.S. Crystal, you might consider writ-
    ing a book, it could be very inspirational!!!
    just a thought, later, Rick

  2. Praying, believing, expecting a miraculous work tomorrow...God always supplies all our needs...looking forward to a longer chit-chat next time...sending lots of love and hugs, sending the prayers UP to you.

  3. Rick & Crystal, This procedure will work, God will see to it. Our prayers are with each of you. Rick, I know God will help you through this, I beleive in Him and I beleive in You.
    We love you so much.

  4. A big DITTO to all of the above!!!!!

  5. Praying that God's Will will be done...and for him to continue to help give you the strength you need through the journey.
    I am sending papers with Kim G. for your reading pleasure, ha. Also, Kim Bergt printed the pics of Cade at the Ranger game for you. I still haven't printed mine...but when I do I will send them.
    The boys are excited about seeing Cade this weekend. Thanks so much for letting him come again!
    I know you are so ready to have Rick healed and to be home with your family...We are all praying for the same...remember God does things in His time. Meanwhile, Rick, the kids, your family, and you are such an inspiration to us all of a strong Christian family. We love and miss you!