Wednesday, August 26, 2009

DAY 67

Wow...we've put together 3 good days in a row! His left arm was recast this morning and is doing well. He didn't really participate in neuropsych or ST today, but they were right after the new cast and I think he might have been a little uncomfortable. He had 2 good sessions of PT today. This afternoon Olivia and Katy put him on a mat and rolled him onto his stomach. I just think that after 66 days of being on your back, it might feel pretty good to lay on your stomach. It provided a good stretch for him, but he wouldn't put his head down...he kept holding it up. So, Olivia put a pillow down and said, "Rick, put your forehead on this pillow, and I'll count to 10. When I get to 10 you can pick your head back up". And he did...he understood everything she told him to do. His entire body continues to have tone and Dr. Carlile wants to do a medication trial on him on Friday. The best medicine for spasticity is called Baclofen. However, when taken orally it usually makes him sleepy and only a very small amount of the medicine actually reaches the spinal fluid where it is the most effective. So, the trial would involve injecting 1cc of baclofen into the spinal fluid and seeing what kind of results we get. The procedure is done bedside in a sterile environment, and afterwards PT would work with him to see if it is working. So, please pray the procedure goes well...scheduled for Friday morning. BUT the big deal is IF it works, then Dr. C would want to put an intrathecal pump inside Rick to deliver the required doses of medicine. It is similar to an insulin pump. This is a little scary to me, but she is very confident in the procedure, and Lord knows she's got us this far. There is a nurses aid that works here whose husband has one and she said it is wonderful. Dr. C actually had a patient that this made the difference in being able to walk or not walk. So, again...please pray that what's best for Rick is what will be done.

Rick is taking a shower right now, and then he'll wear his new splints for 2 hours and I'll have to put the eye ointment in...his eyes are looking better already.

I still have my faith and all of your blessings have been wonderful. We still believe!



  1. Crystal,
    Sounds great, I understand the apprehension
    about the pump/new med situation, however sounds like it might just be the very thing he needs. All we can do is pray that it work to Rick's benefit and that there be no adverse reactions. He has done so well so quickly we have to keep praying and believing that this is part of God's quick work. It is really great that you keep us updated and abreast of everything. Keep the Word in front of you, keep the faith, and maintain that POSITIVE attitude that you exemplify so well!!
    God Bless you all, later, Rick
    Crystal, most of the time reading what you write actually builds my faith and helps my attitude!

  2. FAITH, PRAYER, HOPE & LOVE. You have them all.
    It lifts my spirits and my faith to hear about another good day.
    Here is to tomorrow and the wonderful things it will bring. shelah

  3. Thanks again Crystal for your continued updates. Know that we read them every night and pray for the four of you. I feel just as Rick V. said, that reading your posts encourages me. Thanks for that!

  4. Crystal just letting you know that even though it's not posted everyday, I read and pray for all of you everyday!! You are such a strong woman of faith and always seem so encouraging! Rick is a very lucky man!! Stay positive and in the WORD!!!