Thursday, December 31, 2009


Rick was grumpy today. Not sure what was going on with him. This morning he had an early OT tech session and we weren't here yet. They said they got him into the gym and he started pointing his finger and giving the tech the what for, so they brought him back to the room and asked him what he wanted and he said "my wife". So, we got here shortly thereafter but he continued to be agitated off and on all day. He got mad at Riley this morning and then he got really mad at Cade at lunch because Cade ate all of his potatoes. I didn't see it happen, but Rick waved his hand and got my attention and I said, "what's wrong?" and he said, "he ate all my food" and he had his eyebrows all knitted down and he was seriously mad about it. He got on to Cade and made him cry, so then he said he was sorry and everything was okay. We went to visit TLC this afternoon. It's going to be a tough move...again, we've built relationships here and these people will be hard to leave. It's also scary to think about TLC and going back to a "non hospital" setting.

So glad that 2009 is over with...the beginning middle and end were all bad for our family. We lost Rick's nephew in January, his uncle in June, then his accident and everything that has followed. On the other hand I have grown as a Christian leaps and bounds in 2009 and so have a lot of my friends and family. 2010 will be better for us.

So, how do we plan on ringing in the new year? The same way Rick does every year. He always says, "I'll be looking at the back of my eyelids!" Sounds like a good plan to me.

From my Max Lucado daily devotional:

I leave you peace; my peace I give you. I do not give it to you as the world does. So don't let your hearts be troubled or afraid. John 14:27

If only you knew that I came to help and not condemn. If only you knew that tomorrow will be better than today. If only you knew the gift I have brought: eternal life. If only you knew I want you safely home.

God bless and goodnight.


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

DAY 193

Rick had the most amazing day...if he could only keep it up and string together a few amazing days in a row, we would really be making headway. Not to take away from today though because it was so good...from beginning to end. He has been so with it today. He did weight bearing with his arms this morning in OT and was messing around with Riley and takes her hat and puts it on his head! In ST he did wonderful...he voiced the entire 30 minutes session both this morning and this afternoon. A couple of times he was even loud! In PT he walked on the treamill this morning with very little assistance from me on the right and Chel'C still helping on the left. This afternoon in PT he worked on transfers and did really good with min to mod assist. He smiled more today than any other day so far and inititated a lot of conversation and movement. He has not lost his sense of humor!

More good news...we are moving to TLC on Monday! Woo Woo! It will be so good for him. They specialize in brain injury and can give him 6 hours of therapy a stop after TLC...HOME! That magic going home date will be determined after the therapists work with Rick about a week and make a plan.

We are so blessed with amazing friends and family. Thank you for sticking by us and encouraging us these last 6 months. God is good all the time...all the time God is good. AMEN!


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

DAY 192

Rick did so good today. In morning therapy he dressed in OT, he walked on the treadmill in PT, and he did pretty good in ST...turned his voice on a couple of times and his articulation is getting better and better. We had a visit at lunch time from Bubba Smith and Cotton Leathers. Rick was quick to give Bubba the loser sign! He was very glad to see them and smiled a lot and tried to visit while they were here. Riley went to town with Bubba and Cotton and came back with a new felt hat...Bubba told her she has to come to Dixon Creek and work it off...she said she'd gladly go, this week if he needed her. This afternoon Rick stood and stacked cones in PT, and made pudding in OT. It sounds crazy that making pudding would be a good OT activity, but it really was. He had to open the package of pudding and pour it in the bowl, pour the milk in the bowl and stir. He did really good, but it took him the entire 30 minute session to do it, and then Cade had to finish the stirring for the pudding to set. He played UNO in ST and did really good...cognitively he made the right plays, and Jeannie got him to voice what cards he was playing. On January 11th he will go for a scope with an ENT to check out the vocal chords and see if there is any other reason he is having so much trouble getting his voice on. Dr. Wolcott said today that we will move to TLC in a week to 10 days.

He called you to share in his glory in Christ, a glory that will continue forever. 1 Peter 5:10

God Bless You All,

Monday, December 28, 2009

DAY 190 & 191

Rick had such an outstanding day yesterday. The kids and I didn't get here until 10:00 and I was griping at them because they wouldn't hurry up. I told them, "It's Sunday, and Daddy is probably sitting in his room all by himself wondering where everybody is." But, we get here and he is sitting down at the nurses station in his cowboy hat eating cookies and brownies! Shortly after that Big John and Sherry came and Rick shook John's hand and just smiled and smiled at him. We had a really good visit and then at lunch at the Cotton Patch. I took the kids shopping at Barnes and Noble then they went to Baker Chapmans to play. When I got back to the hospital Marty and Cheryl Connally were here visiting with Rick. He recognized them and it's been a long time since we've seen them.

This morning he seemed a little tired, but took a good nap this afternoon and is doing good. So good that he argued with me about whether or not he had a shower last night. He didn't want one last night and has to have one tonight, so that's a new one...arguing, but I love it!

Keep on keepin' on!


Saturday, December 26, 2009

DAY ,189

Rick had a really good day today. He had a couple of hours of therapy this morning and then was off the rest of the day. He is doing so much better since decreasing the baclofen pump. His lungs are good and we are back on track. He has started trying to feed himself again, take drinks, and brush his teeth, and moving his left arm more...just back to where he was before the pump was set so high. So, now we are at 300 mics per day and I think we will stay here for a while...there is still some tone, but I think he can handle it, and I'd much rather see his personality instead of him being like a zombie. Today, he picked on Riley and Cade and it was just so funny to see.

Blane hasn't kicked us out yet, so we are about to head out there. The roads are still a little slick, but way better than they were.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas...thanks for all the cards and e-mails and well wishes....we didn't spend it in the most idea situation, but we are all here together and God has blessed us. When I went home last weekend, I walked into a house that hadn't been touched in 6 months. There were high school graduation invitations on the bar and all the dirty clothes were swimsuits and shorts! But the most ironic thing was the book I was reading...Never Give Up by Joyce Meyer...that's what I was reading before Rick was hurt...I couldn't believe it and how appropriate. So I brought it back with me to finish because we are Nevery giving Up!!!!

Thanks for all the

Friday, December 25, 2009


Santa Clause found us at Blane's house...what a huge relief! My family did not get to make it for Christmas cooked all day yesterday, but there was just no way to make it with these roads. We still had a great Christmas...Blane's so generous and the kids have really liked staying at his place. Rick slept late, so he was really bright eyed and feeling good today. We went outside and took pictures...the kids played in the snow until Riley fell on the ice and hit her knee and then the fun was over...I had to haul her back to Rick's room riding in his lap. The kids and I ate Mexican food for supper and brought Rick back some enchiladas that he really enjoyed.

Happy Birthday Jesus and John Karl! Thank you Lord for sending your Son to save us. Please continue the miracle you have begun in Rick...finish so that everyone will give you the praise and glory you deserve. Thank you God for all you have done for us, we will continue to shine a light for you.

For to you is born this day in the town of David a Savior, Who is Christ the Lord! Luke 2:11

Praise God!


Thursday, December 24, 2009


Looks like we got the white Christmas we've always least in Lubbock it is...and if you're trying to get to Lubbock or out of Lubbock, goodluck! I tried to leave Blane's house this morning, but had a 3 foot snowdrift blocking me in plus the wind was blowing so hard, it was like a whiteout...couldn't have seen where I was going anyway. I finally made it to the hospital at 2:00...the normal 8 minute drive from Blane's turned into 28 minutes, but I made it safely. I asked his PT what kind of day he had, and her eyes lit up and she said, "Oh my gosh, he had the best morning ever!" I was so glad to hear that. No therapy for Christmas day, but he will get 3 hours of group therapy on Saturday to make up for Friday. I'll be heading back out to Blane's in a little bit...hate to leave Rick so early in the day, but I don't want to wait 'til dark, plus I have Santa Clause presents in my car. Rick and I talked earlier about what we would be missing this year at Christmas. I said, "what do we usually do on Christmas Eve?" and he said "go to Seymour to Mildred's (my g'ma)" And I said what do we do there? and he said "play Chinese Christmas" and I said, "& after that?" he said "play poker". Don't ask me how that tradition started, but that's what has happened at Grandma's house for as long as I can remember, and Rick always made Chinese Chrismas fun. ONe year my Aunt Robin stole a vest from Rick that he really wanted, and so the next year he took something like a vase or a cookie jar or something that he didn't care anything about, but Robin liked, just to get her back! He's always stirring up trouble. But, that's okay...we'll make it next year.

Hope everyone has a great Christmas, and don't get busted putting out Santa Clause like I did last year by Riley...I wasn't sneaky enough! God Bless You all!

Thanks be to God for his gift that is too wonderful for words. 2 Corinthians 9:15


Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Some things never change...once again I've done all the Christmas shopping this year, and Rick has done none! Ha! Sorry I haven't posted, it gets hectic when the kids are here. It looks like tomorrow Lubbock will be covered in snow, but everything should be clearing up before Christmas day. We have received some wonderful Christmas cards and I read every one of them to Rick, he really enjoys getting them.

Today I felt like Rick was getting back to his old self since the seizure. He walked a few feet with the EVA walker and his right foot was actually stepping heel-to-toe...I know you don't think about that, but his right foot had been just stepping flat. He still walks on his toe on the left side, but the scissoring is getting better. Today the ST also suggested a scope by an ENT to look at Rick's vocal chords. This was done once at Baylor, but it certainly wouldn't hurt to do it again, and get a really good look at what might be going on with his voice. In OT he "roped"...really he was practicing his hulihann maneuver today.

The kids ditched me today for Blane Chapman and his girls! We spent the night with them last night and my kids went with them today. Apparantely they've been all over Lubbock and even got to go see the new chipmunks movie tonight! Blane has been so kind as to offer for us to stay with kids and his kids are all for it, and he lives really close to Trustpoint. His place is quiet and way better than a hotel room!

Hope y'all have a good night...stay warm!


Monday, December 21, 2009

DAY 183 & 184

Rick woke up a little nauseated this morning and threw up a little bit before therapy. He has seemed fine ever since and has eaten good all day. He got agitated 3 times today...agitation is part of the healing process, but it is hard to watch him get so mad. First with Amanda, she was checking the tone in his left arm and she jerked it really hard. He grabbed both her hands and got a hold of her. He wouldn't let go and had her locked in his sights. Then he started trying to talk or I guess I should say cuss her out. We couldn't exactly make out what he was saying, but it would probably all have to be bleeped out! He did it again to Chel'C and then the Jeannie in ST. He wouldn't even let Jeannie touch him. All the nurses and therapists said it was great to see a response out of him and Jeannie was just tickled that she heard his voice. They also backed off his baclofen pump again today, which I am really grateful for. He's just been too loose and seemed very sluggish lately.

Thanks again for all your prayers and support. We are so blessed to have such great friends and family. I hope God gives each of you a special blessing for being such a huge blessing to us. I thank God for getting us through another day and for giving me the strength I need to manage.


Saturday, December 19, 2009

DAY 182

We made it back to Lubbock here about 5 o'clock after an extended visit at the ranch. It was so good to see everybody and hard to leave. The kids played with the Jones boys...ridin' goats and "branding"...what else would country kids do?

Rick is doing good and has actually gained a few pounds...probably Mama Julie shoveling that food down his throat! We had visits today from Tricia and Shad Wayne and the Rankins. Brody and Brogan entertained Rick by roping the roping dummy. Rick is sound asleep right now.

We will not be moving to TLC until after the first of the year. I'm really ready to get there since the pump is straightened out. TLC specializes in brain injury rehab and Rick will be getting 6 hours of therapy a day. It's similar to Pate...not a hospital setting, just strictly rehab. When all this first happened, we hoped that we would be home by Christmas, and the kids have banked on that. They were counting on switching back to school at Guthrie. Unfortunately, we won't be able to since I have no idea how long Rick will be at TLC. I broke that news to them this week and they're okay with it.

I waited patiently for the Lord to help me, and he turned to me and heard my cry. He lifted me out of the pit of despair, out of the mud and the mire. He set my feet on solid ground, and steadied me as I walked along. He has given me a new song to sing, a hymn of praise to our God. Many will see what he has done and be astounded. They will put their trust in the Lord.
Psalm 40:1-3

Good night!


Friday, December 18, 2009

DAY 180 & 181

I decided to stay in Seymour one more day. It's been so good to be Dad cooks me breakfast every morning and then when I head to town everyone just embraces me. It is so wonderful and has been very good for my spirit. A lot of people have done a double take..."hey, it really is you!" So many people have shared their stories of overcoming devastating health issues...things they should have never overcome, but because of their belief in the Lord, it's happened. What a blessing to be from Seymour. I saw so many friends at the elementary school today during the Christmas parties and really enjoyed being there, and especially enjoyed seeing my old classmates funny to look at them & know EXACTLY who they belong to. Yesterday, I ate lunch with Riley and I felt like a rock star when I walked in...all these little girls staring and saying, "whose that, whose that" and then there's Riley beaming...."thats MY mom." Tonight we took the kids (nieces included) to the Rock Inn...had to have some onion rings and then drove around to look at Christmas lights.

Mom called and Rick had a really good day. Dr. Wolcott backed off the baclofen pump and mom could tell a difference immediately. He's been so loose lately that he can't do much for himself and just seemed lethargic. The catscan came back and looks good (PTL)...nothing new going on & that's good to know since the seizure. The kids, by the way overhead me talking to Dad and now know that Rick had a seizure on Sunday, but since it's all over with, they weren't too worried about it. Justin Johnson came to see Rick today, and mom said that Rick smiled the entire time he was know what that means, Justin? That means you gotta come back more often!

We will head to Lubbock tomorrow and if we leave early enough might actually stop at Tongue River to pick up some things...I haven't stepped foot in my house in 6 will be a little scary...there will be my life frozen in time...except I think Sammie did the dishes!

Thanks to everyone in Seymour for helping to recharge my's been so great to see all of you.


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

DAY 179

I'm in Seymour...yea! It was hard to leave Rick, but he understood and waved bye and blew me a kiss. Dr. Wolcott wanted to do a CT scan just to make sure there wasn't anything new going on in the brain after the seizure. The trip to UMC is only 5 minutes, but the minute we pulled up to the door Rick threw up...everything. So, we went back to Trustpoint and rescheduled the appointment for tomorrow and be sure to give him some anti-nausea medicine before hand. I left at 1:30, but Mom said he did pretty good this afternoon and was showered and in bed by 8:30. I'm looking forward to doing some normal things with the studying for midterms with Riley tonight (yikes!) and going to Cade's Christmas party on Friday. I plan on being back in Lubbock late Friday afternoon.

Please keep praying...God will answer our prayers we just have to be patient. I still believe in God and in Rick...he's a fighter.

God Bless You All.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

DAY 178

Rick's morning started off decent, but then he fatigued about noon. He's still dehydrated and is getting another bag of was hard to get him to drink much today...just sips here and there. He's still pretty loose and Dr. Wolcott is considering decreasing the baclofen pump tomorrow...I hope he does it seems to me that all the increases have finally caught up to Rick.

I had quite a few visitors today...Shauna, Bobbie Jo Hrncirik (I can still spell it after all these years!) and her daughter, Courtney and Shad Wayne brought supper and a rope...what else could you ask for?

Tomorrow I plan on leaving to go to Seymour for a couple of days. My mom is going to come stay with Rick while I'm gone. When the kids get out of school on Friday we will head back to Lubbock. I know Rick will be in good hands, but I'm still a little anxious about leaving him.

Thanks again for all your prayers and cards and gifts...they are so appreciated.


Monday, December 14, 2009

DAY 177

We found out some answers today as to why Rick may have had a seizure. He was running a little fever this morning, and when Krisann (NP student) came in she asked me how he was doing and I said I was concerned about his cough, or lack there of. He keeps trying to cough and can't really seem to get any force behind it. She immediately ordered a chest x-ray. When the results came back they said negative, but Krisann was not convinced. She called them back and said, "read it again." This time they said pneumonia...not a bad case, but I'm so thankful she called them back so we can nip this in the bud right away. Today was also Krisann's last day. It's amazing how attached you can get to folks in a months time...she's seen Rick almost every day that we've been here and we will miss her. Rick is also very dehydrated. The dehydration and pneumonia could have triggered the seizure. I hate that Rick has anything else wrong, but at the same time it's good to know that there was something that caused it, and he's not necessarily going to start having seizures 6 months after his injury. He went to therapy today, but wasn't exactly a ball of fire. He ate good and they started IV fluids and antibiotics...I feel like tomorrow he'll feel like a new man! And, you wouldn't think anything positive could come from a seizure, but today, he was so loose and Chel'C took advantage of it and stretched him...especially his neck. So once again God shows us that we have to trust him...he knows what's best in all situations.

We got a lot of very nice Christmas cards today and Kim Streit sent pictures from the team roping and they were fun to look at...who knew Stoney could grow a beard?!!!

We walk by faith not by sight. II Corinthians 5:7


Sunday, December 13, 2009

DAY 175 & 176

We had a tough day today. It started out pretty normal, but then at 8:45 Rick had a seizure...the real deal this time. It was very scary. He woke up about 8:30 and I said "good morning" and he said "mornin'". I said, "How are you?", and he said "fine, how are you?" I told him I was going to finish getting ready and then I would get him up for breakfast. I went back in the bathroom and heard him make a funny noise. When I came back out, he had thrown up a little bit. So I got a washcloth and was cleaning him up. Suddenly, his head and eyes moved to the left very quickly and he started trembling for about 10 seconds, then turned back to me and started lasted about 2 minutes. The nurses and respitory where here in 2 seconds and had things under control. There isn't anything to do for someone when they have a seizure other than keep them safe, and turn them on their side so that if they do throw up they don't aspirate. I stayed calm and started praying. Dr. Wolcott was here within 10 minutes. They gave Rick adavan and it totally relaxed him and knocked him out. This will sound crazy, but they said it was a "good" seizure in that his never lost conciousness, he never lost continence, his vital signs all remained good the entire time. Rick hasn't been on anti-seizure medicine since September, but we may have to start him back on it. The labwork came back and everything is normal, so not sure if there was a trigger for the seizure or just related to having a TBI. He slept all day and woke up about 5:45, ate a little supper , used the bathroom and went back to sleep. I didn't tell the kids he had a seizure, only that he was very sick today. I had plans of going to Seymour to watch Riley's band concert. My kids are so understanding and have had to deal with a lot of things kids should never have to worry about. They were good with it. You know how we always talk about God's perfect timing...I'm just so thankful the kids weren't here today. And so thankful that I was...I just keep thinking, "what if I hadn't been here?" God takes care of it all. Please continue to pray for Rick's healing. He's the best person I've ever known and I do not accept this for him...I want him back 100%. He's tough and he's a fighter and he has the grace of God, so there is no reason not to get through this. Please continue to stand in agreement for Rick's healing.

I had a couple of bright spots in my day today. A visit from Blane Chapman this morning, and one this afternoon from Ryan and Lacey. I wish Rick would've felt up to visiting, but I know everyone understands!


Friday, December 11, 2009

DAY 173 & 174

Where do the days go? I swear one minute it's five and the next thing I know it's 8:30! I'm thankful the days go by quickly...especially on the days Rick's tired, and he was defintely that today. He didn't eat very good today. He wouldn't talk in speech and then got really agitated with one of the techs when she was stretching him. She hurt him when she was stretching and he was trying to tell her "whoa" but she didn't hear him. It made him mad, and he let her know it. Agitation and frustration are common in TBI's and I know this won't be the last we see. This afternoon was group of the activities was the game Memory and he actually made a proud of him! Yesterday was a good day. He was talking good in speech...said the #'s 1-10 in a good loud voice. He still doesn't talk much outside of speech, but yesterday on the phone with the kids he was talking loud! He still needs a nap everyday when therapy is over and usually sleeps about 2 hours.

My Facebook page is still not working...I can read everything, but can't respond or accept friends...not from my laptop anyway. Not sure what's up with that. So, please don't think I'm ignoring you! I actually really enjoy winding down at night by looking at FB and it's frustrating when you can't comment or "like" anything!

When a believing person prays, great things happen. James 5:16



Wednesday, December 9, 2009

DAY 172

I went ahead and posted the address here at Trustpoint...I have no idea when we'll move as they increased the pump again this afternoon. Rick had a really good day, and I'm so impressed with the effort and interest that his therapists and the techs have in him. Yesterday in PT Chel'C rigged up a boltster on the mat for Rick to straddle as if he was horseback and "roped" a post with a theraband. Today his OT had him "branding". She made a brand out of a clothes hanger and had Rick dip it in red paint and brand a sheet of paper hanging on the wall. In ST, Jeannie asked Rick if he played cards...he was actually teaching the kids to play poker when he got, she has incorporated poker into his ST sessions. ST and OT are also working on cognitive skills as well. He had really good voice in ST again today. He was able to hold an "aahhh" out for 3 seconds...this is huge for Rick. Usually he can only make a sound for about a second. He took a 2 hour nap after therapy and was still a little groggy when Beverly and Monte Hollar came by to visit. He did eat a good supper and is waiting on a shower. We've been staying up way too late watching the NFR and I think it's catching up to him.

I thank God for getting us through another day, and especially for my family taking such good care of our kiddos through all of this...looking forward to Christmas break.

Hope y'all have a good night.


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

DAY 170 & 171

Wow...can't believe we are to day 171. Today was a great day for Rick. They bumped the pump up yesterday, and we could tell a difference today. The biggy is that he is now able to extend his left arm above his head. Before, his shoulder was "locked" by the tone and he could only raise his arm to shoulder height and no further. He didn't even act like it hurt to push his arm was really great. He also had good voicing in speech. The ST explained that the vocal chords are muscles too and they are just as affected by the tone as all the other muscles in his body. So, the baclofen must be helping there, too. She also told me to have him clear his throat and cough as much as possible to keep those vocal chords working and loosening up. Just now he was sitting in his wheelchair and was reaching for the thermostat. I asked him what he was doing, and he said pretty plainly, "heat up" and then put his hand on me and said "I'm cold".

We got some beautiful pictures from Marilyn Cheatham. She took pictures of Rick demonstrating his horses at the 2008 Remuda Sale at Pitchfork. The pictures are wonderful...Rick looks so relaxed and happy horseback. He looked at the pictures for a long time...thanks, Marilyn...great inspiration!

I also find great inspiration in Psalm 18...The cords of death surrounded me, and the streams of ungodliness and torrents of ruin terrified me. The cords of Sheol surrounded me; the snares of death confronted me. In my distress I called upon the Lord and cried to my God; He heard my voice out of His temple and my cry came before Him into his ears. Psalm 18: 4-6

The Lord is my rock and my salvation. When I'm tired, frustrated and scared I talk to Him. There are days that I wouldn't have made it through without Him. Even when things are heading in the right direction with Rick, I worry about the many unanswered questions. I will have my answers one day and one day my family will be put back together again.

God Bless.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

DAY 169

Not much to report for today. I took the kids to the movies last night. We went to see The Blind was good. My mom picked the kids up today, and they left at 3:30. I gave Rick a haircut, stretched him out some and made him stand up and do some squats...just anything to not lose what we work on during the week. I showered him and he's in bed sleeping.

Judy and Kyle Helm stopped by and had the last 6 presents. One of the presents was a box of candy canes and had the following note with it:

Look at the Candy Cane
What do you see?
Stripes that are red like
His blood shed for me.
White is for my Savior
Who's sinless and pure.
"J" is for Jesus-
My Lord that's for sure.
Turn it around and a staff you will see.
Jesus, my shepherd, was born just for me!

Hope everyone has a great week.

God Bless You all,

Saturday, December 5, 2009

DAY 167 & 168

I met my dad in Crosbyton yesterday and picked up the kids. We didn't do much last night...stayed at the hospital until 9 and then ate and went to the hotel. Rick's day yesterday was kind of blah. He threw up yesterday morning and just didn't seem to really care about much going on after that. He did have a new trick up his sleeve when I went to put him in bed. I had the bedrail up at the top of the bed and he reached for it, so I thought I would see what he was going to do. He stood up just enough to scoot his bottom over his arm rest and sat himself down in the bed...then looked at me and smiled a little like, "see what I can do?".

Of all mornings to have car trouble, I pick this was freezing and my battery was dead. Easy fix right? Wrong. My hood wouldn't open. Luckily there is a collision center next door to the hotel so 2 guys came over and practically took my grill off to get the hood up...the latch is totally messed up, so now my car hood is closed with a bungy cord and I can't go over 50 mph. Anyway, they have a part ordered and should have it in next week. We finally got to the hospital at 11. Kim, Phillip, Curtis, Jean, Melanie and Carson Graf all came to see us today. They are just like family to us. Rick is always happy to see them. After he ate lunch he took a nap and we went to Abuelos for lunch. We also had a visit from Tanner Kieschnick tonight who was taking a break from studying for finals. Rick told him to bring him 2 Bud why would he think that Tanner would have any Bud Light?

I thank God for all he's done for us through this ordeal. We have a lot to be thankful for including the family and friends and complete strangers that have prayed and done so many things for us. I know we still have a ways to go, but it's been made so much easier by keeping the faith.

I still believe!


Thursday, December 3, 2009

DAY 166

I have to start off tonight's post bragging on Riley. She won first place in UIL oral reading today. One of the judges said she should just skip high school and go straight to Hollywood!

Rick had a good day, too. He talked in speech again this morning. He answered about 6 questions pretty loud, well enough for her to understand his answers...she said he made her day. Still working on arm strength and range of motion in OT, and Chel'C is still focused on his neck, posture and walking. Dr. Wolcott discontinued his bloodpressure medicine, so one more med to be off of. He's been taking it ever since the accident...a precautionary thing...blood pressure and intercranial pressure are related. The highest his BP has been in the last 10 days is 120/79...pretty well perfect. We got a visit today from Matt McNabb and his mom and dad. It was great to see them...haven't seen Matt since August. Rick smiled and showed Matt how he can still "rope".

Today is my sisters b-day...Happy B-day, Pooh...thanks for taking care of my kids. Dig in your heels and refuse to get to "40" or you'll be old like Rick...and Sherry...sorry Big Sher, I think the gig is up, noone believes you're 29!

Present #3 A sign that says "BELIEVE" and a note that says in part, "'Believe' says it all for Jesus tells us many times exactly what to do; If you belive, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer". Matthew 21:22.

Got to get Rick in the shower...good night!


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

DAY 165

Dr. Wolcott bumped the pump up again this morning...I was actually a little surprised he did it so soon. He said that it will probably need to be bumped one more time and hopefully we'll have it set. I have a feeling we'll be here at Trustpoint until the middle to end of next week. He got 4 hours of therapy today and then took a 3 hour nap. I just keep praying that his tone will be manageable. His dose right now is not consider high by any means, but it just makes me wonder how much medicine he'll need. If he continues at the dosage he's receiving, he will need a refill in January. Refill is a pretty simple process. The pump has a soft port in the middle of it. The doctor will find the port and use a needle to refill.

I got a phone call today from a girl whose husband was at both Baylor and Pate with Rick. He went to outpatient about 3 weeks before we left. She was upset...having him at home is hard. He can talk and is now walking with a walker, but the docs changed his medicine and he started having pretty bad outbursts. I think she just wanted to talk to someone that understands. I encouraged her and told her it will get better and easier. It's frustrating because there is no "normal" with brain injuries. And we've proven every statistic wrong, so you kind of feel like your Christopher Columbus sometimes. I refuse to be bitter or angry. The answers will come one day and until then I will continue to be devoted to Rick and the task at hand.

Gift #2...4 stockings with our names on them filled with chocolate...Rick and Cade's favorite!

Good night.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

DAY 164

Praise God for another great day! We actually heard Rick's voice in speech therapy this morning...he said "hi" 4 times with a lot of sound. Jeannie (ST) has been massaging his face muscles to loosen them up and also working on strengthening his mouth muscles and tongue. The baclofen pump has helped loosen muscles in his neck and I think that is also contributing to the progress we are seeing in speech. He stood in the standing frame for about 20 minutes and then Chel'C ultrasounded his neck this afternoon. After she is through working on the muscles on the left she will work on the muscles in the back of his neck that are causing him to keep his neck stuck out all the time. He worked on taking his shirt off and putting it back on in OT. He is really using his left arm a lot more now and a tech works with him every day on stretching and range of motion, and Amanda makes him bear weight on it every day by standing him at a table and making him put both hands flat on the table and hold himself up...of course she has to help with balance, but he does a really good's all starting to pay off.

Neill who is Dr. Wolcott's Nurse Practioner told me this a.m. that Dr. Wolcott wants to keep us here "awhile". I'm like "how long is awhile?" . We're going to play it by ear...get all the adjustments made to the pump that need to be made. Chel'C will probably have a big say in when it's time since she is the one measuring the amount of tone Rick has.

Christmas has come early for us this year. Judy Miller Helm is from Vernon, and now lives in Lubbock. She left a little surprise for us today. 12 presents with a note to open one a day for the next 12 days. The first present was a little snowman standing next to a tree with blocks saying "24 days 'til Christmas", and a note that said: Just like it can be hard waiting for Christmas, it can be hard being patient & waiting on God. So, remember James 1:4 when the waiting is hard. "Let patience have her perfect work in you so that you may be prefect and complete wanting nothing". How perfect of a verse is that. And, btw Judy, if your reading this...your in big've done enough for us already!

Well, I've said it once and I'll say it again...there are so many GOOD people out there, and y'all are such a blessing to us. I thank God every day for all He's done for us.