Tuesday, December 1, 2009

DAY 164

Praise God for another great day! We actually heard Rick's voice in speech therapy this morning...he said "hi" 4 times with a lot of sound. Jeannie (ST) has been massaging his face muscles to loosen them up and also working on strengthening his mouth muscles and tongue. The baclofen pump has helped loosen muscles in his neck and I think that is also contributing to the progress we are seeing in speech. He stood in the standing frame for about 20 minutes and then Chel'C ultrasounded his neck this afternoon. After she is through working on the muscles on the left she will work on the muscles in the back of his neck that are causing him to keep his neck stuck out all the time. He worked on taking his shirt off and putting it back on in OT. He is really using his left arm a lot more now and a tech works with him every day on stretching and range of motion, and Amanda makes him bear weight on it every day by standing him at a table and making him put both hands flat on the table and hold himself up...of course she has to help with balance, but he does a really good's all starting to pay off.

Neill who is Dr. Wolcott's Nurse Practioner told me this a.m. that Dr. Wolcott wants to keep us here "awhile". I'm like "how long is awhile?" . We're going to play it by ear...get all the adjustments made to the pump that need to be made. Chel'C will probably have a big say in when it's time since she is the one measuring the amount of tone Rick has.

Christmas has come early for us this year. Judy Miller Helm is from Vernon, and now lives in Lubbock. She left a little surprise for us today. 12 presents with a note to open one a day for the next 12 days. The first present was a little snowman standing next to a tree with blocks saying "24 days 'til Christmas", and a note that said: Just like it can be hard waiting for Christmas, it can be hard being patient & waiting on God. So, remember James 1:4 when the waiting is hard. "Let patience have her perfect work in you so that you may be prefect and complete wanting nothing". How perfect of a verse is that. And, btw Judy, if your reading this...your in big've done enough for us already!

Well, I've said it once and I'll say it again...there are so many GOOD people out there, and y'all are such a blessing to us. I thank God every day for all He's done for us.



  1. Crystal,
    We are always glad to hear the positive results of the day. In spite of the fact that you two have had to face an enormous "wreck" in the family, you are still very blessed. We pray the blessings be continued throughout this ordeal. God Bless you all, later, Rick

  2. Crystal,
    We are always glad to hear the "good or better" news. We are so thankful that Rick has a little better this or that, it reinforces our faith and we thank God for every good sign.
    We are still believing for a supernatural miracle of complete healing in Rick's body from head to toe. God Bless and you guys have a great day, later, Rick

  3. P.S., Crystal, I don't know what I did wrong. I thought I had lost the first message, however when I came back and did the second message they both showed up. God Bless, later, Rick