Tuesday, June 30, 2009


This day has been another day of peaks and valleys...I don't know who told me this, but someone said, "when you're in a valley...look's beautiful". I've whispered that in Rick's ear over and over. There are several other families I share my day with...the family next door to Rick offers comfort and prayers to me every day as does the family down the hall. We try to encourage each other every day...these people are blessing to have here.

Thank you for all your inspirational's wonderful to read how good our God is.

Thanks to all of our wonderful friends and family who seem to come by or call at just the right time...just when I feel myself weakening your there to pick me up.

Love y'all,

DAY 10

Dr. Mercer came in this morning and nothing that Dr. Reeves says has changed what he believes. I guess we already knew what Dr. Reeves was going to say, it's just hard to hear it again. Dr Reeves looks at everything as a statistic, and statistics aren't in Rick's favor...but that's ok because how many of the patients in those statitics are Rick? Zero...there's noone else like him and I will keep believing that he will beat the odds. I read Jeremiah 29:11 (thanks Sammie for recommending that one)...GOD HAS A PLAN.

Physical therapy came in this morning and said that Rick was resisting him with his right arm. The lung x-rays look better and they are weaning him off the vent. ALL POSITIVES!!!

Jo Sammons from Seymour called last night with alot of encouragement. Her son was hurt in a pole vaulting accident several years ago. He was treated by the same 2 drs that are treating Rick and although it took some time, he is fine today.

Please keep praying.


Monday, June 29, 2009

We just visited with the new neurosurgeon, and don't quite know what to make of it. Of course it's his first evaluation of Rick, and he doesn't have a lot of good things to say. This is such a roller coaster ride. Dr. Mercer felt like his movements were more purposeful, but Dr. Reeves is not convinced of that. The cat scan shows a little improvement, but he said that an MRI is not even necessary at this point, it won't change the course of treatment. At this point it's more rest and making sure we fight off things like pneumonia and bed sores. I have to keep believing...I will not give up hope.

It's been a waiting game today. The catscan was done this morning, but we haven't been told the results yet. We changed neurosurgeons today at my request and I think I will be better informed by the new dr. Another problem we've run in to is that Rick has metal in his left knee from surgery that was performed 20 years ago. We need to know what kind of metal it is before the MRI is done because certain kinds of metal can't go in an MRI machine due to the magnetic field. We've hit some bumps in the road trying to find out this information, but hopefully the doctors will have a way to find this out.

The kids are doing well. Riley is in Vernon today with Kim Graf, and Cade is with my aunt Margaret here in Wichita Falls. We have had so many offers to help, and we do appreciate every one of them.

Hopefully, I will hear from the dr before too late, and will be able to end the day on a positive note. Please keep praying for a miracle.

Love y'all,
Just visited with the nurse, and although they still plan on doing the MRI today, nothing has been scheduled yet. The bolt will come out first (that's not scheduled yet either) and then the MRI. Please pray for the medical staff that will be taking him for the MRI. The MRI is not in this building and he has to be taken by ambulance for it. I know they've done this 1,000's of times, but it's never been with my Rick. So, please pray for a safe "field trip" today.

Physical Therapy started coming today to work with movement...that's such a positive sign to me, and it's good to see him getting a workout.

"I cry out to the Lord and he heals Rick"- Psalm 30:2

Sunday, June 28, 2009

This morning Dr. Mercer came in...he's been on vacation since Wednesday. He said he felt like some of Rick's movements were "more purposeful" not just twitches and jitters. That is such a good thing to hear. We are almost positive the bolt will come out tomorrow and he will have an MRI done. An MRI will give us 50% more detail than a catscan can. So, tomorrow is a BIG day. I just love the picture of Rick that Ronda posted. I took that one day after lunch when the cowboys were catching fresh horses. As you can see he's "hard timing" Stoney about no telling what! I read a quote in Western Horseman today about cowboys. "Cowboys are most lovable and delightful characters, simple in their manners, quaint in their speech, honorable in their dealings, and firm and steadfast in their friendships." -CC Walsh

Thanks again to everyone whose called, come by to visit, e-mailed, etc...and most of all thank you for being a blessing to us. If there was a way to pass strength on to someone in a hug, then I would have the strength of 10,000 men!

Love y'all,


Sometimes weeks seem like they fly by...not this week, this past week has been an emotional roller coaster for this family...healing is not something we can rush and patience...well you can fill in your own thoughts here.......

I know how anxious we all get to pull up the blog or get on the phone desperately wanting to hear "He's awake, he's fine, he's Rick" that post/call will come, until then "We don't know what the future holds, we just know WHO hold the future." Everytime we lift Rick and Crystal up in prayer, we are just getting closer, so keep on praying and believing in miracles...expect them.

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Just wanted to give a quick update for today. Unfortunately, no change, but at least we are holding steady and not backing up. We need your prayers...pray for Rick's healing and pray for all of us to have patience. We have had many blessings since being here. God gives me inspiration every day in ways that have been unexpected. Yesterday I was told that I had a place to stay at the Rathgeber House free of charge for however long I needed's such a nice place and I'm very blessed to get to stay there. It's only a 5 minute walk from the hospital, it has cold air and a hot shower and at this point that's all I care about. I've also been reminded of others who have had head injuries and are fine today...Kelly Livingston, Mike Donnell, Jerrot Fergueson, Brother Daniel...and more. But all of them will tell you it just takes time. So, I will continue to pray and wait...wait for God...I know I can do it especially with all of your support. Thanks again for everything you've done.


Friday, June 26, 2009


I know you all got to hear from Crystal first hand today and as I just read her post (I had to reluctantly leave her before she finished) I noticed she left out a lot of has been a discouraging day for her, the medical details are not always important as sometimes they can be a distraction, and what is important is that we focus on Rick and Crystal and not the physicians, for they are not God and God has all the details covered anyways (but it is important that we do cover the medical team in prayer for wisdom and compassion). So please as we continue to pray for Rick's total healing let's pray for precious Crystal in that the Lord will give her His strength to press on, His peace that passes all understanding and that He will continue to send angels (like the one she mentioned) to minister and meet her needs when needed...if you have a moment please take the time to read Crystal's mama's comment under "Healing takes time"...Hope...let's all pray that as the family rests tonight that they awaken feeling refreshed and full of hope...

Crystal, you are amazing, always so full of and laughter...the Joy of the Lord is your strength and He is your strong tower, your very present help in time of need.. Please know how loved you and your family are and while walking through this valley you are not alone but being carried, lifted up in prayer by those you know and many you don't but they love you with the love of the Lord.

Like we discussed today, "God doesn't bring you to something to get you through it, but to LIVE in you through it." It is very obvious being around you and your family today that you are blessed to be a blessing in that you are reaching out to others and loving them through their own pain as well... Sweet dreams dear friend.


Thought ya'll would like to hear from Crystal herself...Today has been a tough day. Misinformation, no information, no communication...has been hard to deal with. Before the dr came in this morning I was very frustrated and scared and out of the clear blue sky a woman walks into Rick's room and asked what his name is so she can add him to a prayer chain...she gave me a big hug and was gone as quickly as she arrived. Later I found out she was visiting the man in the room next door, and has Rick on 6 prayer chains...people are so good. After finally visiting with the doctor, Tommy Spencer said a prayer over Rick (one of many) and I felt like we just kicked the devil right out of that felt so good. As for Rick's progress, he has stayed the same as yesterday, and that's not a bad things...they said there would be days like this...lot's of them. So, the plan is to continue to monitor the pressure through the weekend, and if its good, then they will remove the bolt from his head on Monday and do both a catscan and an MRI. Thanks to everyone for your prayers...they are humbling...I try to read my FB comments and the blog, and e-mail everyday and your messages are so inspiring. Love to you all...keep praying...GOD IS GOOD!

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Just got off the phone with Crystal: They raised his bed up to test the pressure on his brain, if he maintains satisfactory pressure they plan to remove the bolt (what I previously referred to as the shunt/stint) tomorrow..."things can change minute to minute", however, today so far has been a "boring" day, which just means Rick is resting/healing peacefully, still no signs of agitation or pain after being off the anesthetic sedation for over 24h now......we are all so anxious for him to show some drastic sign of improvement, especially Crystal.....everything is in God's time and He knows best....when Rick is healed 100% he will wake up and let us know...until then please continue to pray for this mighty miracle.

Crystal said it made her feel good when she walked in last night and saw that Chris Killian was Rick's nurse, (she knows all the nursing staff have been doing a good job with Rick but it was comforting to see a familiar face "and such a good Christian boy to take care of him"). She left Rick's bedside at 11pm which is the earliest she has left him so far. She sounded more rested today, which is another answer to all of our prayers.

She is comforted by all the family, friends, pastors, everyone who has visited, called, sent notes, comments, any form of communication, but especially knowing all of you are praying.....

Anxious to hug her myself tomorrow and will give extra hugs for all of you....God Bless You and Yours....


Family and friends of Rick Kieschnick continue to pray for a miraculous healing for Rick, strength, peace, and comfort for Crystal, Riley, Cade and the entire families of these dear loved ones.

Rick suffered a severe head injury Saturday, June 20th around 7:30 pm at the Ranch Rodeo in Quanah during the mugging event; a steer went under the front legs of his horse causing him to hit forehead first on the ground as the horse went down and landed on Rick....he has not regained consciousness since the fall, but we know it is just a matter of time as he has a lot of rest and healing to do first and we know everything is in God's time, until then we will continue to lift him and his family before the Throne and intercede on their behalf for healing, patience, and comfort that only comes from Jesus.

The first miracle is that Rick suffered no broken bones or internal injuries from the horse itself...

Everyone says with a smile that he is hard's a good thing after that fall. He appears so peaceful laying in the hospital bed...

A shunt/stint (please forgive me for not using correct medical terminology throughout this blog) was put in the top back part of his head to drain blood off his brain and reduce pressure...In the beginning it did not seem like the doctors were giving a lot of hope in the middle of the word spread the power of prayer was set in motion and we are now pass the 72 hr mark...thank you Lord...The neuro/trama surgeon himself said it was in God's hands and the Word says WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE...Matt: 19:26...the good news was his eyes were not dilated, (something to do with the brain stem functioning) and the pressure was staying well below 25, HOPE was set in motion..

Sunday afternoon Crystal got Rick to flinch his feet up after "tickling" them the way he doesn't like for her to....and then Daddy's girl showed up, every time Riley went in to see him his heart rate would speed up on the monitors, thus indicating he was responding. The medical team made the decision to sedate him with medicine on Monday so they could take control of his sedation as well as administer pain meds as he had not been given any since the accident.

A successful tracheotomy took place Monday only to discover Tuesday am he was coming down with pneumonia...another miracle occurred as of Wednesday pm in that the pneumonia is not a concern anymore. The doctors told Crystal they wanted a boring day Monday (an uneventful day of rest) which was granted. They planned to do a CAT Scan and try to bring him out of his medicine induced sedation Tuesday but that was delayed until Wed. due to the dr. being in surgery most of the day.

A lot of praying, waiting, pacing, praying, talking, thinking, praying has taken place in the past four days...another miracle to report today is that his CAT-Scan was markedly improved from three days ago... Rick is off of anesthetic sedation tonight as he did not become agitated or appear in pain throughout the day, they began weaning the meds around 10:30 am and finished by 4pm...according to Crystal he responded to some of the responsive tests they did Wednesday....I know she is so anxious for him to open his eyes and wink at her, it will happen soon. Let's all agree in prayer and believe that Rick will squeeze her hand and assure her that he is coming back in full form.

Many thanks to all of you prayer warriors from Crystal and their families....prayer and the body of Christ will continue to carry them through this detour in their lives....every moment is a precious gift, love and hug those you love today...God Bless You and yours and we will do our best to keep you updated....KEEP PRAYING, it's working.