Saturday, February 12, 2011

Went to Lubbock yesterday and picked up tired of Hwy 82 West! Before we left Lubbock I had to run by Home Depot (again) and when I told Rick he said, "you've got to be kidding me!" Sorry, not kidding...but at least it was a quick trip and he was able to sit in the car with Riley. He has been at TLC for 6 weeks and this is the first weekend that I can honestly say I see a big difference in how he is doing physically. When I help him walk or stand he uses me very little and his balance is great. And, yesterday his case manager told me that his attitude is a little bit better, so that is good to hear. Blane Chapman has been going up to visit him some in the evenings and I think that has helped alot, too...just having a friend stop by and offer some encouragement and just shoot the bull and tell re-ride stories is great for Rick. Today the kids have basketball games in Wichita Falls, so we will spend the afternoon over there. And then take Rick back to TLC Sunday afternoon.

Our house has been moving along, but we ran into a snag yesterday. The floors are stained and are now being sealed, but the second coat of polyurethane bubbled up when it dried and now has to be sanded off and reapplied. I am so amazed at how much a coat of paint and finishing the floors has made a difference in that house. Hoping we'll get to start moving some stuff in on Wednesday.

He's recharging in the recliner right now...aka napping! He's so tired, bless his heart. Can't wait to see what the next 6 weeks hold for us.

God Bless All!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I went to Lubbock last Friday and spent the afternoon with Rick and then we came to Seymour for the weekend. He got to see the progress on the house and also got to see his brother, Bryan. It was a great visit for both of them. Other than that, he napped most of the weekend...he was so exhausted on Saturday that he napped for a total of 4 hours. On Sunday we took him back and he did NOT want to go. When I got ready to leave he begged me to take him back home...even made the puppy dog face and said "please?" Oh, it's so hard to tell him no. He continues to climb his mountain, but he's not doing with a happy face on. This week he walked 430 ft and they have been working alot on his posture. He tends to slump and lean forward a little when he walks and that is causing most of his balance problems. But, just like anything else, he doesn't want to work on his posture...he wants to walk. And you can explain it all to him until your blue in the face, and he gets it, he just tired of hearing it.

The weather that blew in (and I do mean blew in) this week has brought all work on the house to a grinding halt. My brother and the other guys working on it all live in Wichita Falls and they got it worse than Seymour did. All we lack is painting trim and sanding and finishing the floor and finishing the kitchen cabinets.

Please continue to pray for our family. I know your prayer lists are long...I just can't imagine us making it this far and Rick giving up...that's my biggest fear right now is that he'll quit...which is totally out of character for him, but he's getting harder and harder to convince that he's getting better. We appreciate all you've done for us and will never forget it.

Thanks and God Bless,