Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Rick's attitude seems to be getting a little better. We spent the weekend with him in Lubbock. On Saturday he had therapy until 4 and was pretty tired, so he took a nap and then we got burgers (from Five Guys) and watched PBR. On Sunday we took him to see True Grit...he said it was pretty good, but you can't beat John Wayne. I thought it was a great movie. We had to take him back to TLC and head for home and he didn't like that, and told me he wanted to come with us. It's hard to leave him like that. Yesterday he got a visit from Phillip Graf and Tommy Burnett...that made his day a lot better. He asked Phillip what he was driving...I'm not sure, but I think he was feeling him out to see if he had enough room to load him up and bust him out of there! Later in the day Shauna (my college roommate) and her husband Nored went by to see him. It was quick visit, but it's so good for his attitude. When I called last night and asked how his day was he said, "well, it wasn't good, but it wasn't bad either." So, that is progress...usually he says, "it's the same ole, same ole" and often throws in an explicitive or two! He continues to walk without his walker every day...usually twice a day with only the help of his PT. And yesterday he went farther than he's ever been able to go at one time. I can usually understand him on the phone, but sometimes have to ask him to repeat a word, talk a little louder and occasionally he has to spell the word for me to understand. He would love to hear from everyone...the # at TLC is 806-281-5400 and it's best to call after 5. If you'd like to send him a word of encouragement, the mailing address is TLC, 4000 22nd Place, Lubbock, TX 79410.

We have started working on the house and have all the walls textured a couple of rooms painted. I've also been stripping and sanding the kitchen cabinets and am thrilled to see the beautiful pine that had been painted over.

Rick gets to come home this weekend so come by and see us if you get a chance.


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Oh, this is gonna be a long row to hoe. Rick is having attitude problems with all of his therapists except for his PT. So, we had our first team meeting on Friday and while they all had wonderful things to say, I also had to hear about Rick's attitudinal problem, and that was hard to hear. His OT has pinpointed some cognitive areas where his is still a little deficient. Nothing that can't be overcome, but it's things that he doesn't want to work on, so he just half-asses it when his in OT. His left arm and shoulder are coming along as well and he's getting his strength back in this left hand and arm. His ST is working on not just speech, but memory as well. His memory is pretty good, but still needs some work. His speech is great, especially when he's not tired. His PT says that he'll be walking from class to class with the assistance of a TA in about 3 weeks, and should be walking independently in about 3 months! WOW! We also met with the neuropsych doctor and y'all know how I feel about neuropsych doctors...a just put a wall up immediatly, and I can't help it. Basically he said that Rick is at a crossroads right now. The fact that Rick is self-aware (he understands his injury and just how bad it is) is a huge step in recovering from a TBI. And, self-awareness is a very complex brain function, but it's up to him whether he gets better or not. If he has a bad attitude its going to hinder his progress and Rick understands that, but still can't seem to overcome it. He was pretty mad at me yesterday when we left, and said I was mean for making him stay. So, I guess this is where the tough love comes into play...he'll thank me later.

We are working on the house and hope to be moved in about 2 weeks. This weekend Rick has to stay in Lubbock, so we'll spend the weekend there.

God Bless,

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Well, I don't know where to start first. How about PRAISE GOD!!! First of all, we took Rick back to TLC on Sunday, stayed a few hours and came home. It was hard to leave him and he didn't want to stay. On Monday evening I called and he told me his day "sucked". On Tuesday evening I called and he told me his day was "sh*%ty" and that he wanted to come home. So, I went to see him on Wednesday and gave him a combo peptalk/swift kick in the rear. I got to go to his therapy with him just like old times and really enjoyed it. In PT he walked with his walker turned backwards so that it forces him to stand up taller and not lean forward so much. Then, Kevin (PT), took the walker away and had Rick walk with just Kevin helping him by holding on to his gait belt. Rick was able to go 30 feet and I was very excited. Then today I got a text from his TA, Justin, telling me that he had just walked 200 feet without his walker and he did 100 feet all at one time! This is CRAZY!!! How can it be? Am I that good at pep talks? No, no, let's give glory where glory is due! This weekend he has to stay in Lubbock, but doesn't necessarily have to be at TLC...he can get day passes when his weekend therapies are over. This weekend therapy is something new they've started since we left. I don't like it at all, but he has to get at least 6 hours of therapy between Sat and Sun. He is getting all of his done on Saturday so he'll be able to leave Sat afternoon and Sunday. If we lived closer we could actually come home, but 5 hours in the car is just not worth it.

More good news...I'm just about on overload with this good news thing...we are definitely closing on the house tomorrow. I wired the funds today and you know when they ask for the moolah it's a done deal! There are no words to truly express how I have felt today. And when I talked to Rick this evening he said his day was "good". Mine was INCREDIBLE!

We couldn't have done all this without you, thank for all of your support.