Friday, December 31, 2010

We took Rick to Lubbock on Tuesday and the first thing we did was have his admit meeting. During this meeting the first time around, which would be right at a year ago, I had to do all the talking, but not this time. He held his own and I didn't have to talk for him not one single time during the admission process. He talked to his case manager and the nurse and I said nothing. I got to sit back and watch the expressions on everyones faces as they listened to him in disbelief! He will have an all new therapy team this time around, so we won't work with the same people as last time...that's both good and bad. He mainly had evaluations in each therapy and did awesome. When he did his PT eval, the first test he did was the 6 minute walk test...I forgot to ask how far he walked in 6 minutes, but I'm guessing it was between 350 & 400 feet with his walker...again, I just sat back and enjoyed the show. His speech eval was awesome, too. The tests were testing not only speech, but memory as well. And she didn't stump him not one time. He, however, stumped us once. She asked, "Who discovered America?" and Rick said, "Americo Vespucci" and we were like, "Who?!!" And he looked at us like we were idiots and said, very plainly, "Americo Vespucci" and then even spelt it for us. Well, I googled Americo Vespucci and sure enough he is credited for where the name "America" came from, and at one point even gave Christopher Columbus a run for his money on getting credit for who found the "New World" first. There is only one problem that I can see, and that's sleep. He didn't sleep either night he was there and that is so frustrating for him. He wasn't sleeping that great at home either, but he always had a chance to knock out a nap during the day and he won't have that chance at TLC. So, please pray for him to get some rest while he is there, it is so important for his attitude and we have seen first hand how much getting rest has helped in the healing.

He talked to his brother on the phone tonight and made Bryan's day. It's been a rough day for Bryan as it was two years ago today that he lost his son. Hearing Rick's voice definetly brightened his day.

There is only one patient still left from when Rick was there the first time around. And, so many more that need your prayers. I'm so thrilled to report that Colby's brother is doing know 6 months ago his family was told there was no hope and this guy is now walking, talking, playing with my kids...doing so great and it is such a great feeling to see someone you've prayed for doing so well.

If your in Lubbock during the next few months and have some time, please go by and see Rick, and then you can call me and tell me how he's doing! Even though I'll see him every weekend, it's going to be really hard not to be there during the week. His official visiting hours are still pretty limited, 12-1 and after 5, but if your in town, stop by because you never know when he'll be on break and you can just say will make his day.

Well, as usual, Rick will be looking at the back of his eyelids when the New Year rolls in. We are praying for a prosperous new year and are trusting in the Lord that it will happen.

"For I know the plans I have for you" declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11


Monday, December 27, 2010

We had a great much better than last years that was spent in a hospital with a cardboard tree taped to the wall. Of course, we will never forget the hospitality that Blane Chapman showed us last year when he let the kids and I stay with him during Christmas break. We went to the Smajstrla Christmas on Christmas Eve. The chinese Christmas exchange has always been one of Rick's favorite things and he ususally harasses as many people as he can. Everyone was really happy to see him and I think it was great for him to participate...he ended up with Whiskey and Coke, so it was a good night for him.

Tomorrow is the big day...the day we take him back to TLC. I'm nervous and excited all at the same time...he's a kind of indifferent about it. We will stay until Thursday and since it's New Years holiday, he will get to come back home for the weekend. Then on Sunday we'll take him back, and we'll come home...this is the part that I'm not liking...the leaving him part, but it'll be okay. Hopefully, moving into the new house will provide enough of a distraction for me...we are supposed to close on Jan 3rd.

Be strong in the Lord,
And Never give up hope,
You're gonna do great things,
I already know
God's got his hand on you
So, don't live life in fear,
forgive and forget and
don't forget while you here
take you time and pray,
these are the words I would say.

God Bless you all,

Monday, December 20, 2010

We are counting down the days until Christmas, and counting down the days until Rick goes back to TLC...5 & 8. I really can't believe that both are so close. We've decided he'll go back on the 28th since TLC is closed on the 31st. That way we can get him there and settled and stay a few days, then he can come home for the New Years weekend and has to be back on Sunday afternoon. After that he can only come home every other weekend, which I'm not happy about, but that's just how it is. So, that means the kids and I will be back at L&L's Bed and Breakfast and Supper and Entertainment every other weekend to visit. We had to say goodbye to all the therapists at NT Rehab last week. They have been absolutely great and a blessing in this long journey. We will miss them, but know we will see them again. I've asked about a link to view the Lift a Life program, but haven't gotten an answer yet. Last week Tim felt like Rick's balance was so good that he walked with him outside of the parallel bars and without his walker. Just Rick and Tim. Rick was using one hand on Tim's forearm, but that was it. Rick did so good, kept his balance really good and Tim was pretty impressed. We'll see Tim twice this week and then back to TLC.

Hoping to close on the house this week. There were some repairs that the appraiser wanted done, and then he'll come back to reinspect. If everything is up to par then we should be able to would be so great to have it done by Christmas. We'll have to pull the carpet up, refinish the floors, and paint before we can move in, but I'm looking forward to it.

Thanks for the Christmas cards, and all the support that continues to pour out for us 18 months after his accident. We so appreciate it.


Thursday, December 9, 2010

I guess I made everyone who watched the story on Rick last night cry...should've warned y'all to get your Kleenex box. I cried doing the interview and watching the interview...oh well. I was so interested to see the other clients stories because we see alot of them while we're in rehab, too and you always wonder what their story is. And, honestly, I never realized what a diverse group of injuries the rehab center could handle. Or just how well equipped they are to handle them. They have truly been a blessing to us and we will miss them when Rick goes back to TLC. Speaking of which, we have decided that he will go back on Dec 29th. He's not so excited about it, but it's got to be done. This weeks therapy has been kind of a hit and miss. Monday in the pool was great. He walked 3 seperate times with no assistance. Each time walking the width of the pool which is probably 15 feet. He also got his Dynovox in which is a speech device. It's really neat...just like a little touchscreen computer. He finds the button that says what he wants to say, or uses a keyboard to type out what he wants to say and it speaks for him. The really neat thing is that he can customize buttons, too. So, if there's a phrase or a smart alec comment that he likes to say often, then we can program a button to say it. And, his speech therapist made the mistake of telling him that theres no right or use it in a way that suits him best. So, he's got some customized buttons already that he thinks are pretty "oh sh*$!" He also wants to make buttons for, "quick, fast and in a hurry", "i'm gonna come from together!" , "if it hairlips the govenor" and several others. He can make a recording of voices that he likes and download them onto it as well. I'm looking for as many Sam Elliott phrases to load as I can!!! Today he wasn't feeling very well. I think its just a cold or allergies, but he didn't feel like going to therapy today and didn't have a whole lot of gumption about him.

House closing has been put off a few days, but nothing terrible...should still close by Christmas.

Thanks for all your prayers.


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Very glad to report that Rick's DARS money was released on Friday. I was totally shocked to find out. I wasn't expecting to hear anything until January. The program director called me Friday morning and said, "Whose been saying their prayers?" And I just couldn't even believe it. Now to decide when he'll go back. His DARS counselor said that they understand not wanting to go back before Christmas, but we need to get there as soon after Christmas as we can. I'm very excited for him to go back, but it will be very hard to let them have him back. We have really enjoyed having him home.

Thanksgiving was great, and Rick continues to make gains every week. Last week he was working with Tim (PT) and had some of the best steps I have seen him take. Very controlled and smooth...looked very good. One day we were at home and I had Rick get down on all fours. This excercise is called quadripeg and it is a great one for him to do...especially for his joints in his arms and his shoulders. Cade came in while Rick was in quadripeg, and promptly jumped right on his back. He said, "yee haw, Daddy, just like old times, I'm the cowboy and your my buckin' horse!" And Rick never even wavered...he didn't buck, but he didn't waver either.

He is enjoying the 4th round of the NFR right now. We have a full week of therapy on the agenda for this week. We haven't closed on the house yet, but still looking like we'll get it bought.

Prayers continue to be answered for us, and God's timing has proven once again to be perfect.