Thursday, December 9, 2010

I guess I made everyone who watched the story on Rick last night cry...should've warned y'all to get your Kleenex box. I cried doing the interview and watching the interview...oh well. I was so interested to see the other clients stories because we see alot of them while we're in rehab, too and you always wonder what their story is. And, honestly, I never realized what a diverse group of injuries the rehab center could handle. Or just how well equipped they are to handle them. They have truly been a blessing to us and we will miss them when Rick goes back to TLC. Speaking of which, we have decided that he will go back on Dec 29th. He's not so excited about it, but it's got to be done. This weeks therapy has been kind of a hit and miss. Monday in the pool was great. He walked 3 seperate times with no assistance. Each time walking the width of the pool which is probably 15 feet. He also got his Dynovox in which is a speech device. It's really neat...just like a little touchscreen computer. He finds the button that says what he wants to say, or uses a keyboard to type out what he wants to say and it speaks for him. The really neat thing is that he can customize buttons, too. So, if there's a phrase or a smart alec comment that he likes to say often, then we can program a button to say it. And, his speech therapist made the mistake of telling him that theres no right or use it in a way that suits him best. So, he's got some customized buttons already that he thinks are pretty "oh sh*$!" He also wants to make buttons for, "quick, fast and in a hurry", "i'm gonna come from together!" , "if it hairlips the govenor" and several others. He can make a recording of voices that he likes and download them onto it as well. I'm looking for as many Sam Elliott phrases to load as I can!!! Today he wasn't feeling very well. I think its just a cold or allergies, but he didn't feel like going to therapy today and didn't have a whole lot of gumption about him.

House closing has been put off a few days, but nothing terrible...should still close by Christmas.

Thanks for all your prayers.



  1. God Bless you all! Keep up the good work.
    later, Rick

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