Monday, August 31, 2009

DAY 72

Something's definetly not setting well with Rick today. I'm afraid his c-diff may be back (or was never completely cured) because he's had several bouts of diarrhea today. I don't even know what to frustration level is just about as high as it could get. It's just not fair to see him turn things around and see him making progress, and then something sets him back again. He was actually scheduled to get in the pool today, but we had to scratch that! The lab results should be back sometime this evening and hopefully we can start medicine tonight for whatever it is. I feel like we almost wasted today. He didn't make it to one PT session, he slept through one OT session and speech therapy. After he woke up from the OT session, Julia was nice enough to spend an extra 20 minutes with him, and she said, "okay Rick, now I've got to go, but we'll pick up where we left off tomorrow, okay?" and he nodded his head yes. And he did get fitted for his new dynasplint for his left arm, so no more casting. He'll wear the arm splint at night only and will be able to use his left arm during the day. So, I guess not all was lost, but I was so hopeful after the great weekend we had.

Hope everyone had a better Monday than we did, and hope y'all thank God if you had a boring day...boring is good!

And as Rhett Butler (and Sherry) would say, "Scarlett, tomorrow's another day."

Good night,

Sunday, August 30, 2009

DAY 71

So the whole weekend was the direct opposite of last weekend. This morning it was so nice outside we sat out on the 2nd floor patio for an hour. Rick listened to music while I read my Bible...Deuteronomy. He then stood in the standing frame for 25 minutes. He ate really good...and is usually ready for a snack in between meals. We had a lot of visitors today, and I know Rick enjoys seeing everyone. Dr. Carlile was here all weekend...she's such a nice lady and a great doctor.

The following was my daily devotion:

The Courtroom of the World

You will be my witnesses-in Jerusalem, in all of Judea, in Samaira, and in every part of the world. Acts 1:8

We are witnesses. And like witnesses in a court, we are called to testify, to tell what we have seen and heard. And we are to speak truthfully. Our task is not to whitewash nor bloat the truth. Our task is to tell the truth. Period.
There is, however, one difference between the witness in court and witness for Christ. The witness in court eventually steps down from the witness chair, but the witness for Christ never does. Since the claims of Christ are always on trial, court is perpetually in session, and we remain under oath.

Max Lucado

Hope y'all have a fabulous week...looking forward to what Christ Jesus has in store for us this week.


Saturday, August 29, 2009

DAY 70

Rick had a completely opposite day from last Saturday. He ate everything on his trays today, and then some. He had 2 good therapy sessions...stood in the standing frame for 20 minutes (the 1st day he stood in the standing frame he only stood for 5 minutes) and then this afternoon he did the handbike and actually made 3 rotations in a row without assistance. He stayed on the hand bike for 4 minutes. He's tried to feed himself several times, too.

And I was so excited about the baclofen trial, that I forgot to tell y'all he said two words yesterday...and they were the plainest, loudest 2 words we've heard to this point. Since the trial was going so well, the speech therapist came in, and Rick was really moaning and making a lot of noise. So she thought she'd turn that into some talking. She asked him, "what ranch do you live on?" and he said, "Tongue River" was great! And here's what a small world it is...this speech therapist went to college at Baylor with Jared whose family owns the ranch! So she is actually familiar with Tongue River!

I think we have the eye issues resolved. The ulcer has healed up, but Rick has extremely dry eyes because he's not blinking right and he's not closing his eyes all the way when he sleeps. The eye doctor prescribed some more ointment and we are placing a small amount of tape at the corners of his eyes at night to make sure they are closed. His eyes look 10 times better today.

The kids left earlier. They are going to Vernon with Kim and Phillip tonight and then back to Seymour tommorrow. They had great things to say about their first week of school.

I thank God everyday for being on our team. Rick will be healed...he will. And, if it's possible, he will be an even better man than he was before.


Friday, August 28, 2009


Great news! Rick responded SO well to the baclofen Olivia's words "this is amazing". She took measurements at the 2 hour, 3 hour, 4 hour and 6 hour marks. They expect the medicine to be most effective at the 3 hour mark. At 3 hours Rick was so loose...hardly any tone at all. And you could tell he felt better. At the 6 hour mark, the effects of the medicine are wearing off, but for some reason on Rick's left leg he still had better scores than before the trial. This is so strange because Rick's head injury was worse on the right side of the brain, thus affecting the left side of his body more...the tone in his left leg has always been worse...but it was good even 6 hours after the dose was given! Praise God! Olivia and Dr. Carlile were so pleased at the 3 hour eval, they went ahead and faxed the results to the insurance company. Our next step will be the placing the pump and catheter. I'm not sure when this will happen. The pump is something he could possibly have for the rest of his life. Our nurse today told me a story of a former patient of his that had a pump put in about a year ago, and got to have it removed recently. This patient was injured in a motorcycle accident and was in an LTAC for a year before he even got to rehab. Today he is doing so good...another GOD PROJECT! I guess for me, the great thing today was seeing Rick totally relaxed...I could tell he felt good.

So, it's the weekend and the kids are coming up this evening. I pray Rick has a good weekend, but if he doesn't, someone please remind me of the great week we've had...sometimes I need a reminder not to get upset.

Thanks again for your prayers.



The procedure went well this morning and Rick is resting now...all vital signs still look good! Thank you Jesus for another answered prayer. In another hour the therapists will start their assessments of Rick to see how well the medicine is working. This could be a really good thing for him...could make a lot of difference.

Thanks to all the prayer warriors who once again had God's ear!

I'll update again this afternoon.

Thank you!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

DAY 68

So, got started on the eye ointment last night and the pharmacy sent up the wrong ointment. It was antibiotic eye ointment, but it did not have the steroid in it that Rick needs and so instead of his eyes looking better today, they actually look worse, and I'm pretty sure he didn't get any sleep last night. The day wasn't a complete loss however because he did get on the treadmill this afternoon and stepped with his right leg much better than he did the last 2 times...high five to God for that one! So, that's what positive thing I will hold onto for today. He's resting now and I expect he'll be out the rest of the day!

Tomorrow's baclofen trial will start at 8 am. Please pray, pray, pray for good things to come of this. The therapist has asked for NO visitors tomorrow between 8 am and 6 pm. Rick will be monitored closely for not only the spasticity, but also for any side effects.

Joyce Meyers said this morning that "God could make banana's grow on telelphone poles if He wanted to. " Just a reminder that this is GODS PROJECT and he is in control. I thank Him for getting us this far and look forward to the day we return home.

Love all of you...thanks for all your support.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

DAY 67

Wow...we've put together 3 good days in a row! His left arm was recast this morning and is doing well. He didn't really participate in neuropsych or ST today, but they were right after the new cast and I think he might have been a little uncomfortable. He had 2 good sessions of PT today. This afternoon Olivia and Katy put him on a mat and rolled him onto his stomach. I just think that after 66 days of being on your back, it might feel pretty good to lay on your stomach. It provided a good stretch for him, but he wouldn't put his head down...he kept holding it up. So, Olivia put a pillow down and said, "Rick, put your forehead on this pillow, and I'll count to 10. When I get to 10 you can pick your head back up". And he did...he understood everything she told him to do. His entire body continues to have tone and Dr. Carlile wants to do a medication trial on him on Friday. The best medicine for spasticity is called Baclofen. However, when taken orally it usually makes him sleepy and only a very small amount of the medicine actually reaches the spinal fluid where it is the most effective. So, the trial would involve injecting 1cc of baclofen into the spinal fluid and seeing what kind of results we get. The procedure is done bedside in a sterile environment, and afterwards PT would work with him to see if it is working. So, please pray the procedure goes well...scheduled for Friday morning. BUT the big deal is IF it works, then Dr. C would want to put an intrathecal pump inside Rick to deliver the required doses of medicine. It is similar to an insulin pump. This is a little scary to me, but she is very confident in the procedure, and Lord knows she's got us this far. There is a nurses aid that works here whose husband has one and she said it is wonderful. Dr. C actually had a patient that this made the difference in being able to walk or not walk. So, again...please pray that what's best for Rick is what will be done.

Rick is taking a shower right now, and then he'll wear his new splints for 2 hours and I'll have to put the eye ointment in...his eyes are looking better already.

I still have my faith and all of your blessings have been wonderful. We still believe!


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

DAY 66

Another successful day for Rick. He ate well, he responded well to Dr. Carlile, he helped push his arm through his shirt when he got dressed this morning, and he tried to brush his teeth. In neuropsych Chris asked him to point to the correct year, and he did and then he asked him to point to the correct day of the week and he pointed to Tuesday. He walked on the treadmill again today with the same amount of assistance as yesterday. They put a mirror in front of him so he can see himself and he really does watch himself. He went to the vision clinic today. They mainly checked overall eye health which looked good. She did notice an ulcer on his right eye probably due to his lack of blinking and keeping his eyes well moistened. When they get dry they will have little tears in the them that bacteria can get in causing the ulcer. She started him on some eye ointment. He had another swallow test today, but is not ready to advance to a less strict diet. We continue to try to fatten him up. I try to give him snacks between therapies, he is also drinking a 500 calorie drink in the evenings, and his overnight tube feeding has been increased.

Kyler is back from surgery. So good to see him. I visited with his grandmother briefly. Kyler's surgery was 2 weeks ago and his vision has not returned. That's not to say it can't especially with the help of God. So please keep Kyler in your prayers...he's 16 and he wants to see again. I think he will do fabulous in therapy and I hope his family has many days of celebrations ahead of them.

The power of prayer is so awesome. It is the reason we are here today, and I thank God for it. And I thank everyone who has stood with us...and I know I speak for every member of his family when I say, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Please continue to pray for Rick...he's the best, but y'all already knew that!


Monday, August 24, 2009

DAY 65

It was a good day...thank you Lord for hearing our prayers. Last night at supper Rick ate everything, and today he's eaten everything put in front of him, and has been back to his old self again. Lots of good stuff today. The Dynasplint rep came by today and fitted Rick for his splints on his ankles. This is so encouraging especially considering it hasn't even been 15 days and the rep said actually it usually takes closer to 30 days to get this approval. These splints will provide the stretch that Rick needs in his achilles heal to help break the tone...just like the cast does on his arm. He wore the splints for an hour today and we will build up to 6 hours over a weeks time. Olivia put him on the treadmill this afternoon...hard to believe! He was put in a harness and didn't actually bear his full weight. There was someone at each foot and someone behind him helping the entire time. He walked for 6 minutes with the girls moving his feet, but they actually felt him trying to take steps on his own several times. He's about to take a shower and I'm going to go eat a bite to eat.

The kids did good this morning at school...haven't had a chance to talk to them yet this afternoon, but I'm sure the day went just like this morning did.

Keep praying...PUSH Pray Until Something's happening alright!

God Blessings to everyone!


Sunday, August 23, 2009

DAY 64

Rick was a little better today than yesterday, but still not quite himself. Still doesn't care to eat and is tired. He had PT today and they stood him in the standing frame for 15 minutes and then put him on a bike that he could pedal or a motor could kick in and pedal for him...the motor did most of the work.

The kids start school tomorrow and are both excited and nervous. I know they will be fine...they're so sociable and resilient! Thanks to everyone who has helped in getting them acclimated to Seymour.

Therefore, since we do hold and engage in this ministry by the mercy of God we do not get discouraged or became faint with weariness and exhaustion. II Corninthians 4:1

I so appreciate everyone's encouraging words...sometimes it's hard and every little reminder that God will see us through is helpful. I'm looking forward to getting Rick back in his routine this week and seeing what else God will do for us.

Thanks for everything.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

DAY 63

Kind of a blah day today for Rick, but luckily I had lots of visitors to keep me "up". He didn't really eat well today and had to have supplemental tube feedings after breakfast and lunch. And, he was just tired...wanted to sleep most of the day. The doctor read the catscan and basically said what we already's a bad injury, but you can't put all your faith in the catscan especially when Rick is showing us something different. So, this is something we've heard all along and although it doesn't make it easier to hear again, I stay encouraged because I know God is on our side. I still believe He will heal Rick fully and completely. And hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

Good night!


Friday, August 21, 2009


When all this happened I was praying we wouldn't still be in the hospital on his birthday, but here we are. My prayer now is to be home by Christmas. I know God knows what's best and I still have my faith in him. Rick's day was pretty uneventful, mainly because he had to have sonograms of his gallbladder and liver this afternoon. He did good work this morning in both OT and PT, but the best came during ST. She actually had him singing happy birthday...we couldn't really hear him, but he mouthed every word! It was really exciting. He also mouthed the words I Love You to sweet, makes me so happy! The gallbladder and liver sonograms were just precautionary measures after his storm yesterday. The gallbladder is good...the liver looks like it may be possibly bruised from the accident, but it's not anything they are worried about. A catscan has been ordered for tomorrow at 2:30. He's mainly rested this afternoon...he didn't have anything to eat until 3:00 because of the sonograms, and I can tell he has no energy. So, not exactly how you would want to spend your b-day, but we'll make up for it next year! We'll keep working towards our goal and appreciate all the help we've received along the way.

Work as if your were doing it for the Lord, not for people. Colossians 3:23

All the Glory to GOD!


Thursday, August 20, 2009

DAY 61

God blessed us again today. The day didn't start off so great. Rick had an episode that caused him to sweat really bad and get really tight. Not sure what causes these...just part of the brain injury. We got him cooled off and he rested awhile. Then, his casts were cut off his legs and I'm sure that made him feel better, too. Then the good stuff started. Usually during PT he stands up one time for 10 minutes or so, and she has to help him get his knees locked and push up, but today Olivia made him stand up and sit down over and over. On the 3rd time, Rick did all the standing by hisself! It was all him! It was so exciting. Another great thing was that the ENT doc came by late yesterday and cleared the trach and it was removed today. He still hasn't talked yet, but he will! Then at the end of the day, OT came in and Julia got him stretched out another 30 degrees and recast. They are so pleased with his progress. AND the insurance company approved the waiting! WOW! Thank you God for taking care of all the details!

Thanks to everyone who has called and visited and sent cards...I can't even get through all the cards he's received...the nurses were laughing at the stack we got today! We truly appreciate everything everyone's done for us.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

DAY 60

Rick's new trick...drinking from a straw! He is still on nectar thick liquids, but learned how to drink from a straw. The ST said that's very good for strength and movement in his mouth. The ENT doc didn't make it today, but Dr. Carlile feels strongly that the trach will come out since Rick has really demonstrated good control of his airway. She is so nice...he responds to her so well. Her team is really good, all so positive and such good problem solvers. The botox injections will take up to 2 weeks to work, but already we see some relaxation. The botox blocks the signal from the brain that tells the muscle to contract. The ankle casts will come off tomorrow and will only be worn at night. Throughout all of the therapy Rick seems to be relaxed and doesn't usually fight anything. He has his moments, but for the most part he's very cooperative.

Another former TBI patient came by to visit today. His name is Justin and he was in an auto accident in 2005. His total hospital/rehab stay was 7 months. He is now 7 classes away from getting his college degree. He comes to the hospital once a week to encourage and inspire TBI patients and families and he certainly did that today.

We've had lots of visitors since we've been in Dallas. If your planning on coming, the rehab hospital is located across Gaston from the Wadley Tower at Baylor Medical. There is an easy parking lot to park in off of N Washington street. The building is only 5 stories tall, so don't be looking at those big skyscrapers thinking we're there.

Thanks for all the cards and letters. We've gotten so many b-day cards for sweet of y'all to send them. Thanks again for all the kind words and encouragement. Dr. Carlile told Rick today that she was betting all her money on too.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

DAY 59

It's so hard to tell the kids goodbye...everybody's upset. It's always good to be together again, but saying goodbye is really hard. We had our small b-day celebration for Rick and I have him a bite of the frosting off his cake.

I jumped the gun on the ENT dr coming today, he will actually come by sometime in the next few days. Rick had a good day and didn't even seem to be sore from the botox injections. Our insurance requires a 15 day approval for the splints to put on Rick's ankles to continue stretching those out, so instead of waiting they went ahead and put serial casts on just so Rick has 24 hour stretching, just like in his left arm. This will not hinder PT as they have special shoes to put on him and he will continue standing and all the other things he's been doing. He ate 100% of his lunch tray today...yea!

I've got to get to bed...totally exhausted after the long goodbye with the ready to have my family back together again. Thanks again for all your prayers...I know it will happen in God's time.

God's Blessings to everyone!

Monday, August 17, 2009

DAY 58

We had our first team meeting today. Dr. Carlile makes rounds every morning, but one day a week her and all the therapists that have been working with Rick will come talk to me about his progress. Today they gave me an estimate of his discharge date from Baylor...remember this date is always "penciled in" and is subject to change. Rick's estimated date is September 22nd, and from here we will go to a transitional rehab. At date of discharge they expect Rick to be doing 50% of the work himself and still need 50% assistance. The transitional rehab will work on getting him back to 100% or finding ways to work around what needs he may still have. Patients usually stay in transitional rehab for 1-4 months. The one we have looked at is called Pate and is in a small town north of McKinney in a ranch setting.

Today Rick worked on standing again, and also on sitting and controlling his trunk. He was able to sit, leaned on his forearm without assistance for 20 seconds. Olivia (PT) told Rick she felt like he was holding out on her and we threatened him with a chappin' if he didn't give her 110%...we got a smile out of him after that! OT cut his cast off this afternoon, and then he got botox injections. Yep,'s a method used to treat the tightness in the muscle caused from TBI's and Dr. Carlile said almost every patient with a TBI needs injections. The procedure didn't take long and she said he slept through it! He worked good for ST today and was able to whisper the vowel sounds "o" and "e". She also started on some cognitive skills today with pictures of different items and asking him to point to what she said. I would say he was the most alert today that he has been so far. He ate 90% of breakfast, & about 75% of both lunch and supper. The ear, nose and throat doctor will look at him tomorrow and determine when the trach can come out.

Rick's birthday is on Friday, but the kids won't be here then, so they are coming back tomorrow and we will have a little celebration for him...he'll be 42.

Please keep praying for Rick's full recovery.


Sunday, August 16, 2009

DAY 57

Another good day. There is no denying that the kids are good medicine for him! He moved around ALOT today. He was even scratching his eyebrows! He's really trying to talk, and seems to be oriented very well. The neurophych therapist hasn't had a good chance to talk to Rick because he's usually sleepy whenever it's time for his appointment. I asked him today if he knew why he was here and he shook his head yes. I said "did you have a car accident?" and he shook his head no...I said "did you have a horse accident?" and he shook his head yes. I asked him what horse he was riding and I said "was it Cinco?, Crazy Bill? he shook his head no...I said "was it Charcoal?" and he although he didn't shake his head yes, he did stop shaking his head no. We did alot of the same things we did yesterday...arm cycle, b-ball shootout and just riding around. He took a 30 minute nap around noon and again around 4:30, but other than that he's been awake. He ate 50% of both his lunch and supper trays.

I wanted to update everyone on Kyler...his surgery went well, and he is stable, but will stay in ICU for awhile. All the glory goes to God...Kyler is young and strong and he will recover. Thanks for all your prayers for their family.

The outpouring of support continues, and it is so appreciated. I don't know what we would do without all the love we've been shown. It is so uplifting and keeps me going. I was reading last night how when Jesus was crucified, John was so upset, he wasn't sure what to do, but he didn't turn and run, and he didn't question instead, he drew nearer to Jesus. Jesus was killed on Friday and John thought it was a tragedy, but God turned it into a triumph on Sunday. What did John do on Saturday? He drew nearer to it's Saturday for us...we've had the tragedy and we're waiting for the triumph that we know is the meantime we'll draw nearer to Jesus.


Saturday, August 15, 2009

DAY 56

Rick is better today. He was awake this morning when we got here, and ate his breakfast well. We took him outside for a little while, then took him to the therapy gym for a workout. He used the arm cycle and then we "played catch" for a little while. They have a little basketball shootout and the kids were playing that and Rick reached for the ball. He tried to shoot it, too...he still needs a little work on his form, not very good with his follow through, but that's normal for Rick! We were out and about for 2 hours and then got him back in bed. He ate a good lunch and is now napping. He will have 30 minutes of OT this afternoon and 30 minutes of PT.

Sure are missing everybody at the Ranch Roundup. Hoping the Tongue River boys are doing well. Above all else, I hope every cowboy is safe and has a good rodeo...thinking of inventing a cowboy hat with a built in helmet!

God Bless You All!


Friday, August 14, 2009

DAY 55

Rick tested positive today for a very bad bacteria called c-dif. He has been started on medicine that should take care of it, but he was very down today. He wasn't his normal self. I'm glad we know why he wasn't acting normal, but sad that he's feeling bad. The medicine should kick in quickly and he'll be fine. The OT girls cut his cast off today and were very impressed with how his arm looked. They left it off for about 4 hours and he never tried to pull his arm up. They recasted him and were able to straighten the arm out even more...they were very pumped about it. PT stood him up again today twice and are very happy with the results they see. ST worked on swallowing this morning. She said Rick's mouth is still weak, but the best thing to strengthen those muscles is to eat. He ate his pureed food pretty good today...I would even say he ate 25% of his supper tray. As his muscles strengthen, then his talking will come to him easier. He tries to talk, but we just can't understand what he's saying.

Kim and Phillip and the kids got here today. It's so good to see everyone. Rick also got a hair cut today...he was getting a little shaggy. She buzzed him good and even trimmed his mustache. She trimmed the 'stache a little too much, but he still looks good.

He will have a little bit of therapy this weekend...not as intense as during the week, but that's okay especially since he's not feeling well.

So, we ended the week a little down because of the c-dif, but I have so many positives to hang on to. And, I don't see Rick letting this get him down. And we're at Baylor AND WE HAVE GOD!!!


Thursday, August 13, 2009


Rick is absolutely sacked out right now. He worked hard today. PT stood him up during both sessions...usually he just stands once a day for about 5 minutes, but today she stood him up for almost 10 minutes this morning and about 10 minutes this afternoon. For OT he used the hand bicycle and did very well with minimal assist and then took pegs out of a pegboard. The last visit of the day was neuropsych, and by then Rick was asleep, so we didn't get to do much with them. They like to talk to him about such things as do you know why your here, what day it is, where you are, etc., etc.

To all the encouragers out there, I wanted to share the following with you. It's an extra reading in my bible by Joyce Meyer:

Romans 12:8 tells us that one of the ministry gifts God gives to the church is the encourager. Such people are usually easy to recognize because every time we get around them, they make us feel better by the things they say and do. It seems to come naturally to them to uplift, encourage, and strenghten other by their very presence and personality.

Thanks to all my encouragers!


DAY 54

Wow...their gona have to hook me up to an IV if we keep going at this pace! At 7:30 this morning transport was here to take Rick for his swallow test. We had to go across the street to x-ray, but we didn't load in an ambulance to go. When this hospital was originally built it was called Gaston Episcopal Hospital, and they built a tunnel under the road over to the big Baylor hospital. So, it's quite the little journey, but Rick was moved to a gurney and literally "ran" over there. He did very good with his swallow test and has earned pureed food and nectar! Thank you Jesus! He will continue to have peg feedings as well as they evaluate his calorie intake. Then OT came in and got him dressed, brushed his teeth and got him in his wheelchair. I took him downstairs and we sat outside on the patio for about 45 minutes. Now, we're waiting on PT treatment. After lunch we will see OT again, and then neuropsychology.

God is good!

Thanks for the encouragement...I have something to post this afternoon that I read in my Bible last night about "encouragers"...that would be all of you guys!

The kids are doing well in Seymour...thank you to everyone who has taken an interest in them and is helping. Going to school will be much easier for them because so many have taken the time to get to know them. Hopefully the kids will be coming up tomorrow with Kim and Phillip.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Rick handled everthing very well today. He was awake from 8-12 napped for an hour and has been awake since 1:00. During therapy today, he got to meet the therapy dog Hunter. Hunter is a golden retriever. Rick really reacted with him and even tried to smooch to him so he would come closer. He hasn't fought the cast at all, and had a custom made splint for his right hand made today as well. It only has to be worn at night. Dr. Carlile also changed up some medications. Today he saw a neuropsychology therapist, speech therapist, occupational therapist, physical therapist, and recreational therapist. And I've been impressed with every one of them.

We are still in the box, and I'm not sure when we'll get out. They said that some patients spend their entire stay in the box and never move to a room...not sure why. The address here is :

Baylor Institute of Rehab
909 N Washington
Dallas TX 75246

Room 307-1

Just had 2 inspirational visits. Former patients take the time to come back to Baylor and tell their stories to help give patients hope. Very interesting to hear what happened to them and their journeys to recovery. One lady was in a car wreck and her total hospital stay from ICU through therapy to complete discharge was 150 days! WOW! And she looks great...had she not told me she had a TBI I wouldn't have known.

Big Sher just know what that means? It's awfully quiet around here!

Never forget with God all things are possible!


DAY 53

Started off with a bang! Started therapy @ 8:30 and will go solid until 11:30. Then another 1 1/2 hours this afternoon. He's done so well. The OT's put a soft cast on his left arm this morning to start helping with managing the tone in that arm...should be off on Friday and reset to straighten even more. Getting ready for PT right now!


Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Everything today went really well. Speech therapist said they will do a swallow test on Thursday and from there he may get started on some soft foods. He did good enough during speech therapy today to earn ice chips throughout the day. Lot's of moving and shaking today...he is really tired this afternoon.

We met a family from Carlsbad NM today who's loved one was injured in a four wheeler accident. His name is Kyler and he needs your prayers. His grandparents, dad, and aunt are here supporting him. He is 17, and will be having some additional surgery on Thursday. He is more aware than Rick and is worried about his surgery. Please pray for Kyler and his family...they need God's love to surround them and comfort them.

Sammie just called and told me about the collection taken up at the Groom Ranch Rodeo. The man whose name was drawn to split the pot with Rick did not want his half...I may never know who that man is, but God bless him, and everyone who donated...people are good. So many people have given to's amazing. Also, the Tongue River cowboys had the word HOPE monogrammed on their rodeo shirts for Rick. They will be wearing them at the Ranch Round Up.

We love y'all...thanks for everything.


DAY 52

So, it's 10 am and already Rick has had his PT and OT evaluations. OT will be back at 10:30 for his first session. At 11:30 he has his Speech Therapy eval, and then PT treatment @ 2:30. Each evaluation/treatment today will only last 30 minutes. They have also taken out the catheter to teach him to go to the bathroom again. Dr. Carlile (she is the horse whiperer of Brain Injury) is also going to switch him from continuous feeding to bolus feedings at meal times. For the OT eval, they brushed his teeth and got him dressed. Since he is so skinny right now, he will be wearing scrubs and boy do we have to tighten up that cinch! I brought his "tall socks" and his brogans to wear for now, but they feel like a cheap pair of tennis shoes will be better. There is a Target close by and I'm thinking Red Converse...whatta ya think?!!!

Thanks to the Seymour Ambulance crew for getting us down here safely...Bud and John did a great job getting us to BIG D especially for a couple of country boys!

I want to share one more thing this morning. The mission at Baylor Institution of Rehab is:

Guided by Gods Purpose
and a commitment to exemplary care,
we empower each mind, body and spirit
to reach it's fullest potential.



Monday, August 10, 2009

DAY 51

Baylor is a glad to be here. Rick is taking a shower right now...can you believe that? They loaded him up in a chair and took him to the shower...don't you know that's got to feel good! We met his doctor...Dr. Carlile and her team, they are going to do amazing things for Rick.

Tomorrow is going to be a big day...Rick better cowboy up! Still not sure of his schedule, they will let us know tomorrow. We saw Kenneth Graf today...he was in the therapy gym working out and then swimming. He is doing SO GOOD!

For the first severalnights I am staying across the street at the Baylor Hotel. My Aunt Phyllis lives about 40 minutes away, and eventually I'll be staying with her. Thanks for all the many offers I have received...I just might have to take you up on them.

Praise God for Rick's progress...and all that we know is to come. The best way to thank Him is to worship Him, and really that's not asking a lot considering all He has done for us.

We are on our way!!



We made it! Thank you Jesus! We arrived at 11:00 and within 30 minutes of arriving the respitory therapist had already changed out his trach, stepping him down to a smaller one and then capping it...he tried to talk a few times, and it won't be long before we hear his first words!

Today they will let him rest...he may meet some of his therapists, but no plans for any hard work today.

Sherry is with me and later we will be taken on a tour of the campus.

I'll update more later...thank you for all your prayers!



Raquel (Crystal's sister) just called to report that Rick and Crystal will be arriving at Baylor between 11 - 11:15am. Keep them in your prayers as they continue this journey...Rick woke up about an hour ago, and seems to be doing good...Thankfully he has not been nauseated and has not thrown up (Thank You Lord!). Crystal is riding with him in the ambulance tending to every detail...She has been absolutely incredible throughout this detour in their lives. Once Rick is fully recovered, she is due many foot and back rubs don't ya'll agree? Seriously, their love for one another with Christ at the center is what has carried them through so far and will continue to the end...Keep on praying mighty prayer warriors. As we all continue with our daily lives and the school season approaching, remember this family, when possible reach out to them with calls, cards, FB or blog comments, a trip to Dallas...I know how much it means to them. Riley and Cade are in good hands and are about to embark on a new adventure, Seymour family and friends will no doubt cover them with love and hugs. God Bless all of you.

We will be hearing from Crystal once they are all settled in...Have a blessed day!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

DAY 50

Rick had a good day...lot's of visitors to send us off to Baylor. Can't wait until the morning....we should be leaving at 8:00. I'll post the address and details of therapy as soon as I can. I know when we get there he will be in a high observation room...that's just a room to closely monitor him after his will have a few other patients in it as well. So, after a couple of days of that he should get moved to a room. I'm just ready to get there!

Thank you Jesus...thank you everyone!

I'll post tomorrow as soon as I can.


Saturday, August 8, 2009


Our prayers have worked once again. Rick was dehydrated from throwing up yesterday, so the doctor gave him a big boost of IV fluids. At 3:00 Rick woke up, BP was better and fever was gone. Thank you Jesus! He's back to his old out his mouth, and throwing a football. I have to tell on Sherry again. She came in this afternoon and I was trying to get Rick to throw the football and he wouldn't...soooooo Sherry starts singing and dancing to the Archer fight song! I swear Rick was laughing...if he would've had his speaking valve in we might have heard his giggle today. And, he threw the football.

The kids went to Six Flags a matter of fact I think they're still there. Pooh and Stan may regret taking 4 kids to Six Flags! We will get to see them tomorrow before we leave for Baylor.

We're one day closer to day closer to having Rick day closer to a victory. Thanks for all your prayers...we have such amazing support. The respitory therapist, Britney, told me that she's never seen anyone with as much support as we have...thank you.

God Bless,

DAY 49

Rick is running a fever this's not high, but considering he hasn't run any fever in 4 weeks, it's not what we need right now. Please petition the Lord...please ask him to clear up any infections so that we can make our trip to Baylor.

Dear Lord,
Thank you for all you've done for us...we know you've brought us this far and will not leave us now. Please clear up any infections and continue to hold Rick in your hands. He is your child and will shine a light for you. We ask these things, in Jesus name.


I'll will update again this afternoon.


Friday, August 7, 2009

DAY 48

On the rollercoaster again today. We started off really good...Vanessa let him have pudding this morning...he really liked it and swallowed really good. She also let him have coffee on a swab and more ice. Then, we went to United Regional for the ultrasound of his legs. The kids were here when we got back, and Riley and Cade were both able to sit in the bed with him. He smiled alot and patted Riley on the back. Then, at 1:30 he started throwing up. Not just a little...a lot. He was given some anit-nausea medicine and has been resting. The nurse felt like the throwing up was probably a combination of the pudding and then being jostled around in the ambulance...please pray we have no setbacks before getting to Baylor.

Dr Reeves our neurosurgeon just stopped by for a visit. He hasn't seen Rick in 4 weeks. He heard about Rick's progress and wanted to see for himself. He was very pleased that Rick has made so much progress in such a short amount of time...just another reminder of God's grace.

The power of prayer is awesome!


Thursday, August 6, 2009

DAY 47

Boy, have these been some trying times...but we're still fighting! Thank you Lord for continuing to send me strength to get through every day. Rick did really good for Vanessa again today. He was able to pick out a red cone from about 7 cones, and was able to pick out a coffee cup out of a line up of a flashlight, coffee cup, and pill bottle. His reward for doing so well was more ice...which he loves. He still has the speaking valve in and is controlling his swallowing very well, but has not been able to make a verbal response yet.

He will have to go back to United Regional tomorrow morning at 10:00 for an ultrasound of his legs to ensure there are no blood clots. And we hope to be moving to Baylor on Monday morning.

The kids are excited about Daddy going to Baylor...they both know how important it is for him to go. At the same time they realize they won't get to see us as often, and that will be hard. But, once again, we have to keep our eye on the prize...God never said it would be easy, and I know he has brought us this far, and will not leave us now.

God Bless You All,

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Okay, so you already know we had a great day, but let me give you some details. The day started with speech therapy. Rick has been wearing a speaking valve over his trach for a couple of days. They are tricky to learn how to use, and although he tries to say a lot of things we haven't really been able to hear him yet. During speech therapy Vanessa rubbed salt and sugar in his mouth and he didn't really know what to make of that...but he perked right up when she gave him ice. He handled it really well, and was able to swallow very good. He mouthed the words "more" and "water" during therapy. She also put coffee on a sponge and swabbed that in his mouth. Vanessa is definetly Rick's new best friend! We took him outside again today for about 30 minutes. When we brought him in Singing Bee was on TV and he sat in the geri chair and watched it for an hour...of course Sherry was singing along and that kept him pretty awake. He continues to smile and stick his tongue out. He wiggles his eyebrows and toes and we've seen some leg movement on the right side. He gained another 2.5 lbs this week...up to 157.5! He's been awake the majority of the day.

The doctor from Baylor called me this afternoon, & we had a 30 minute interview. Afterwards they said they would call me back and let me know something. About 30 minutes later I got the good news. There is some labwork, & tests they want done before we get there, so it will probably be Monday before we leave.

We thank the Lord for this blessing...such a huge step toward Rick's recovery...another step in God's plan. We continue to trust Him and have faith in Him, and KNOW that he will heal Rick.

Thanks for all you prayers...God's not only listening, he's answering.



YES! Thank you Jesus! More details to come...probably won't move until Monday. I'll post more later!

Thanks for all your prayers!


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

DAY 45

i know it's late, & this will be short...Baylor is evaluating rick's case tonight & will let us know something tomorrow. plan b is also in the works...if baylor doesn't work out it will be a few days before we know anything from the other hospital. I just keep praying that God will put us in the right place at the right time.


Monday, August 3, 2009

DAY 44

Rick worked on his tan today...and y'all know he needed that! It was good to go outside...he was a little disoriented at first, but seemed to adjust and enjoy being out there. He stayed awake from 1:00-5:00 today. After therapy we watched some youtube videos (Ty Murray bullriding 101, horses, laughing babies). He's sleeping pretty hard right now...sleepin' and healin'.

Baylor called today, but only left a message...guess we'll play phone tag for a couple of days. I'm working on plan b in case Baylor doesn't work out. We're going to way or another!

I found Jesus, and I have laid my burden down
I found Jesus, and he gave to me a crown
It gives me power, so you can polish my stones
Mr. Devil, leave my crown and me alone!

The words to The Great Divide's song "Mr Devil" of our favorite songs.

Enjoy your evening!


Sunday, August 2, 2009

DAY 43

OMG...Blazing Saddles is perfect! Rick was back on schedule today and had a really good day. The nurses just can't believe how strong he is...I bet he could still beat Clint Kieschnick arm wrestling! One thing is for sure, Rick's health before the accident has truly been an asset to him. Tomorrow he might get to go outside. I told Kiran last week if she wanted to stimulate him, the best thing to do is take him outside. So, we're going to see if we can make that work tomorrow. The other thing we might get to try this week is standing him up...they have a special contraption for this, and I'm really excited to see him stand up.

A big thank you to Sandy for the fundraiser. Silpada's jewelry is beautiful...even to non-blingers like me! I made an adjustment to the text so you can now see Sandy's full web address. Thanks for all the support.

Cliff Johnson left me a message yesterday that really hit home...and then this morning I read this in my Bible:

For it is God Who is all the while effectually at work in you, both to will and to work for his good pleasure and satisfaction and delight.
Do all thing without grumbling and faultfinding and complaing and questioning and doubting.
That you may show yourselves to be blameless and guileless, innocent and uncontaminated children of God without blemish in the midst of a crooked and wicked generation among whom you are seen as bright lights in the dark world. Phillipians 2:13-15.

In other words...let your little light shine!

May God Bless you all,

Saturday, August 1, 2009

DAY 42

Today is 6 weeks...the last 3 weeks have been in this facility. When we first came to Texas Specialty, Rick would open his left eye partially, and move his right arm...that's all. Now he does so many things...he's leaps and bounds beyond where he was 3 weeks ago. This morning he had a pill bottle in his hand...just something different for him to feel...anyway it is about the size of a can. And before I know it he is raising it up to his lips and acting like he's trying to take a drink. Dr. Valencia was here and saw him do it. Other than that all he's done today is watch a western, and sleep. He's been pretty lazy, but he's had 2 pretty rough days of therapy, and I guess he deserves a rest.

I'm so thankful for being here...that may sound crazy, but I am...and I know in the end it will all be worth it. Thanks for all your prayers...God is good all the time.


p.s. My phone is still on the blink...hopefully Monday I'll have it fixed. Send me an e-mail