Saturday, August 29, 2009

DAY 70

Rick had a completely opposite day from last Saturday. He ate everything on his trays today, and then some. He had 2 good therapy sessions...stood in the standing frame for 20 minutes (the 1st day he stood in the standing frame he only stood for 5 minutes) and then this afternoon he did the handbike and actually made 3 rotations in a row without assistance. He stayed on the hand bike for 4 minutes. He's tried to feed himself several times, too.

And I was so excited about the baclofen trial, that I forgot to tell y'all he said two words yesterday...and they were the plainest, loudest 2 words we've heard to this point. Since the trial was going so well, the speech therapist came in, and Rick was really moaning and making a lot of noise. So she thought she'd turn that into some talking. She asked him, "what ranch do you live on?" and he said, "Tongue River" was great! And here's what a small world it is...this speech therapist went to college at Baylor with Jared whose family owns the ranch! So she is actually familiar with Tongue River!

I think we have the eye issues resolved. The ulcer has healed up, but Rick has extremely dry eyes because he's not blinking right and he's not closing his eyes all the way when he sleeps. The eye doctor prescribed some more ointment and we are placing a small amount of tape at the corners of his eyes at night to make sure they are closed. His eyes look 10 times better today.

The kids left earlier. They are going to Vernon with Kim and Phillip tonight and then back to Seymour tommorrow. They had great things to say about their first week of school.

I thank God everyday for being on our team. Rick will be healed...he will. And, if it's possible, he will be an even better man than he was before.



  1. Crystal,
    What great news! I called Cindy L. and read her your good news and she said "whoa that gives me goose bumps"! God is good, faithful, and just!! Praise the Lord for all he has done and all he is going to do. This is absolutely amazeing and pretty dad gum miraculous, great, great, news. God Bless you all! Tell all those folks to keep up the good work and please tell them God Bless You, they are a gift from God.
    Crystal, keep the faith, there is no doubt that your steadfastness and unwavering strength and faith in God has played a larger role in this than you will ever know!! God Bless you all! (again) later, Rick

  2. Great, great, wonderful news!! I'm so glad for all the progress and that he remembered and said, "Tongue River!" How awesome is that!! There are already SO many answered prayers and so many yet to come.
    Love and prayers,
    Kelly, Reno, Alyssa and Morgan

  3. Praise God! "Tongue River". Praise God!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Ann & Cliff

  4. Its so cool to watch God work in so many ways!! You know hes a true cowboy now!! Get well soon Rick i need my ropin partner back!! Lol.... Love you guys!!! God Bless!!

    Love Yall,
    Heath Hatfield