Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Rick handled everthing very well today. He was awake from 8-12 napped for an hour and has been awake since 1:00. During therapy today, he got to meet the therapy dog Hunter. Hunter is a golden retriever. Rick really reacted with him and even tried to smooch to him so he would come closer. He hasn't fought the cast at all, and had a custom made splint for his right hand made today as well. It only has to be worn at night. Dr. Carlile also changed up some medications. Today he saw a neuropsychology therapist, speech therapist, occupational therapist, physical therapist, and recreational therapist. And I've been impressed with every one of them.

We are still in the box, and I'm not sure when we'll get out. They said that some patients spend their entire stay in the box and never move to a room...not sure why. The address here is :

Baylor Institute of Rehab
909 N Washington
Dallas TX 75246

Room 307-1

Just had 2 inspirational visits. Former patients take the time to come back to Baylor and tell their stories to help give patients hope. Very interesting to hear what happened to them and their journeys to recovery. One lady was in a car wreck and her total hospital stay from ICU through therapy to complete discharge was 150 days! WOW! And she looks great...had she not told me she had a TBI I wouldn't have known.

Big Sher just know what that means? It's awfully quiet around here!

Never forget with God all things are possible!



  1. Crystal,
    It sounds like Rick is moving right along there at Baylor. Please know that I am constantly thinking of you guys and Rick's speedy recovery.

    I had the pleasure of meeting your kiddos today. They are beautiful children and VERY polite! My Kade hit it off with your Cade quickly. We referred to them as Kade McAdams and Just Cade. Riley was so good to all of them and played the entire time with them. You have great kids and we look forward to spending more time with them during their stay in Seymour.

    Sunday McAdams

  2. Crystal, Just got home from feeding and visiting with the kids, Riley directed a skit staring Tess and Cade, Addie was the boom box operator, Cade is looking forward to soccer and GiGi gave him a good back scratching before I left, use the quiet time to reflect and gather your strength, take care of yourself Kiss Rick for me. I know that Rick will give his best effort each day. Love Mom

  3. Crystal,
    Sounds like things are going well!! Crystal
    keep your chin up, I know from a certain amount of experience that this is very tireing and frustrating, however, from what I see and hear you are doing very well, keep up the good work!! I know you may think I'm very rhetorical, but I have very strong beliefs about certain things. God Bless you all, give you strength, and keep you well and Rick headed the right direction. later, rick

  4. Everything sounds like it is going so well. Hope you aren't lonely without Sherry!!
    It sounds like you are in the PERFECT place. What better testimony than to meet those who have been there and succeeded so greatly. You guys are in our thoughts and prayers so often every day. We can help in any way you need! Love and so many prayers,
    Kelly, Reno, Alyssa and Morgan

  5. Crystal - I am so happy for u and Rick! You are such an inspiration of strength and love! Rick is one lucky man to have you! Sounds like Baylor is an awesome place to be right now for you guys. Know that I read the blog and pray for ya'll daily!


  6. Crystal and Rick! I haven't been able to chat the past couple of days and sure have missed getting to hear first hand how you both are doing. Thank God for technology to keep everyone informed!!!!
    The boys sure do miss Cade and hope he can come visit one weekend real soon. I miss someone telling me that my cooking is good!!!!! Ha.
    I'm sending some Vernon papers thru Kim to you. Maybe Rick will enjoy them as well. We love you both and are certain that God has a plan and it IS a GOOD one.

  7. Crystal,
    It does my heart good to read your posts - the highs and lows, you are so strong and so faithful. I read this blog without fail and have prayed so much for Rick and you and the kids. Prayer is the most powerful tool we have, and it's times like these when God teaches us more about His love and power to aid and bless us. I have confidence that He will heal Rick. Kiss those kids for me and pat Rick on the back - love you! ~Angel & fam.

  8. I just get chills when I read of the different things Rick is doing daily. PLEASE let me know if I can do anything for ya'll. We love you and continue to pray for all of you!!
    Stay Stong and remember the song, Our God is an Awesome God!! :)