Monday, August 17, 2009

DAY 58

We had our first team meeting today. Dr. Carlile makes rounds every morning, but one day a week her and all the therapists that have been working with Rick will come talk to me about his progress. Today they gave me an estimate of his discharge date from Baylor...remember this date is always "penciled in" and is subject to change. Rick's estimated date is September 22nd, and from here we will go to a transitional rehab. At date of discharge they expect Rick to be doing 50% of the work himself and still need 50% assistance. The transitional rehab will work on getting him back to 100% or finding ways to work around what needs he may still have. Patients usually stay in transitional rehab for 1-4 months. The one we have looked at is called Pate and is in a small town north of McKinney in a ranch setting.

Today Rick worked on standing again, and also on sitting and controlling his trunk. He was able to sit, leaned on his forearm without assistance for 20 seconds. Olivia (PT) told Rick she felt like he was holding out on her and we threatened him with a chappin' if he didn't give her 110%...we got a smile out of him after that! OT cut his cast off this afternoon, and then he got botox injections. Yep,'s a method used to treat the tightness in the muscle caused from TBI's and Dr. Carlile said almost every patient with a TBI needs injections. The procedure didn't take long and she said he slept through it! He worked good for ST today and was able to whisper the vowel sounds "o" and "e". She also started on some cognitive skills today with pictures of different items and asking him to point to what she said. I would say he was the most alert today that he has been so far. He ate 90% of breakfast, & about 75% of both lunch and supper. The ear, nose and throat doctor will look at him tomorrow and determine when the trach can come out.

Rick's birthday is on Friday, but the kids won't be here then, so they are coming back tomorrow and we will have a little celebration for him...he'll be 42.

Please keep praying for Rick's full recovery.



  1. Crystal,
    Aug. is a pretty good mo. for birthdays, our son's is the 20th., Shane will 37 and my late dad the 29th. Tell ol' Rick this will be a birthday to remember, God Bless him with many more, in good health! Sounds like those folks at Baylor have their ducks in a row. I pray everything stay on schedule as long as Rick continues to improve on a daily basis.
    Keep up the good work!! God Bless you all, keep you well, and safe in the name of Jesus, Amen and Amen, Later, Rick

  2. Hey pretty lady, I am so thrilled for yall!! Have fun and I'll talk to you sometime tomorrow after the bday party!! I feel the need to talk to Rick on the phone!!
    Love ya,AuntSher

  3. Hey sweet sister!! It is amazing how well Rick is doing!! Definitely a miracle from God!!! We are praying for your daily strength to wait on God and embrace the challenges of the day! Thanks for all your encouragement.... I would love to share some of your comments in a weekly letter of encouragement I send to some ladies in our church, and friends.... would that be ok with you??? You are such an inspiration and your testimony is so powerful!!!! If you get a chance email me at know you are so so busy so don't worry about it if you don't get a chance.... love you sister and thanks for your continued example of faith!!!! Jennifer Cochran

  4. Crystal,

    The son of friends of mine was at Pate for a time, and they have such high regard for the program there. They considered the work they did for their son a true blessing.

    You and Rick and your family are in my prayers every day.

    I work with Mancel Bolton on the cowboy photography project, and he also sends his best wishes to you all. Alice Wells

  5. Crystal, You have remained strong for Rick, the kids, and all of us... I know there must be times when you don't feel as strong. And that's okay. You have tons of family and friends to lean on and we welcome any opportunity to help in any way. You have been and are a great example of the strength of a Christian, but remember, even Christians need to reach out and ask for help occasionally. When my dad was ill and I lost my mom, I tried to be superwoman...I had so much on my plate with not only those challenges, but also the challenges of a new job and being newly married. At the time I felt it would be showing weakness to ask for help...boy, was I wrong. Thank God for Devin's family who stayed there and supported me and were patient with me. God sends us the help we need in all shapes and forms...sometimes, it might just be a smile or another form of progress from Rick, phone call from a friend, or a generous stranger who donates. Don't be afraid to let us know what we can do. We love you and want to be of assistance to make it easier for you, Rick, the kids, and your family.