Thursday, August 13, 2009


Rick is absolutely sacked out right now. He worked hard today. PT stood him up during both sessions...usually he just stands once a day for about 5 minutes, but today she stood him up for almost 10 minutes this morning and about 10 minutes this afternoon. For OT he used the hand bicycle and did very well with minimal assist and then took pegs out of a pegboard. The last visit of the day was neuropsych, and by then Rick was asleep, so we didn't get to do much with them. They like to talk to him about such things as do you know why your here, what day it is, where you are, etc., etc.

To all the encouragers out there, I wanted to share the following with you. It's an extra reading in my bible by Joyce Meyer:

Romans 12:8 tells us that one of the ministry gifts God gives to the church is the encourager. Such people are usually easy to recognize because every time we get around them, they make us feel better by the things they say and do. It seems to come naturally to them to uplift, encourage, and strenghten other by their very presence and personality.

Thanks to all my encouragers!



  1. Crystal,
    Well I saw in the paper that Kenneth Graf
    passed away. I'm sorry to say I didn't know he was in that bad a shape. Ol' Kenneth was a nice guy. He is in a better place!! God Bless his family!! OK! So much for the not so good news, sounds like things are fast and furious with y'all. I hope and pray Rick keeps responding well to all the therapies, I know he will. I also pray for strength and safety for you and the kiddos. God Bless you all!! keep up the good work, later, rick

  2. Dear Crystal and Rick!! I miss you two so much! I felt kinda lost today without yall!! Got 3 tshirts from the PBR for Rick today and will send w Kim tomorrow. I am so excited by your busy day w all the therapists. I know yall both can't wait for the kids to be there tomorrow! I will try to be patient tomorrow and wait to read the blog instead of calling,but it will be very hard!! Talked to Pooh earlier and offered to help w all the kids. God is taking such good care of two magnificient people!! Miss ya bunches!! Love ya, Aunt Sher
    PS Hopefully you will be able to find something out about Kyler. He has been on my mind all day in my prayers and thoughts.
    Aunt Tonya if you read this add me as a friend on fb-Sherry Wheeler Smajstrla!

  3. Crystal - finally got to meet ur kiddos yesterday(Thurs.)at 5th grade registration! Riley and Cade r adorable! I introduced Payton and Riley, but I know she is meeting so many new faces it's probably all crazy for her! I was telling them we went to school together, and Billy & ur sister went to school together too! anyway they don't care about all that stuff I know! sounds like Baylor is so awesome, I am so glad ya'll r there! Keep pressing on, and we will keep praying! All the glory goes to God for the progress Rick is making and the "encourager" that You are!

  4. Good morning - and hoping that it will be.
    Getting ready to take the boys to the kid roundup in Wichita and then to the exhibit hall. Not sure if we will make the roundup tonight but if we do will root for Rick's bunch.
    Hope today brings wonderful things for you and Rick.

  5. Hey Crystal - I have a daily inspiration book and this morning I turned to this page and thought it was fitting for you and Rick.

    Look on The Sunny Side
    There are always two sides - the good and the bad, The dark and the light, the sad and the glad...But looking back over the good and the bad, We're aware of the number of good things we've had - And in counting our blessings, we find when we're through we've no reason at all the complain or be blue...So thank God for the good things He has already done, And be grateful to Him for the battles you've won - And know the same God who helped you before is ready and willing to help you once more - Then with faith in your hear, reach out for God's hand and accept what He sends, though you can't understand...For our Father in heaven always knows what is best, and if you trust in His wisdom, your life will be blessed...For always remember that whatever betide you, You are never alone, for God is beside you.

    We are heading for vacation but we will continue to pray for you and Rick and the kids!

  6. Crystal & Rick,
    It is so great to read how well therapy is going. Rick is working so hard and we are so proud of him and the determination he has. Today, I remembered the day he gave you a ring that he had someone make for you..I believe it was after you joined Zion Church and we went out to eat with you. It was so sweet how he gave it to you at the table and how speechless you were. What a neat way for him to let you know how special you are to him even though you never need a material thing to tell you that. Just the way he looks at you and the kids let you know how much he cares. We love you both and we continue to pray and cheer for Rick for every milestone he makes.

  7. I'm a respiratory therapist at United Regional where Rick started his journey. I was lucky enough to take care of him a few times, and meet some of his family and friends. I read every blog that is posted and get chills every time I read one. You're family's faith and strength is amazing and the support you recieve from friends and loved ones is outstanding. Your story is truly moving! Thank you for keeping us all updated. God Bless!