Wednesday, August 19, 2009

DAY 60

Rick's new trick...drinking from a straw! He is still on nectar thick liquids, but learned how to drink from a straw. The ST said that's very good for strength and movement in his mouth. The ENT doc didn't make it today, but Dr. Carlile feels strongly that the trach will come out since Rick has really demonstrated good control of his airway. She is so nice...he responds to her so well. Her team is really good, all so positive and such good problem solvers. The botox injections will take up to 2 weeks to work, but already we see some relaxation. The botox blocks the signal from the brain that tells the muscle to contract. The ankle casts will come off tomorrow and will only be worn at night. Throughout all of the therapy Rick seems to be relaxed and doesn't usually fight anything. He has his moments, but for the most part he's very cooperative.

Another former TBI patient came by to visit today. His name is Justin and he was in an auto accident in 2005. His total hospital/rehab stay was 7 months. He is now 7 classes away from getting his college degree. He comes to the hospital once a week to encourage and inspire TBI patients and families and he certainly did that today.

We've had lots of visitors since we've been in Dallas. If your planning on coming, the rehab hospital is located across Gaston from the Wadley Tower at Baylor Medical. There is an easy parking lot to park in off of N Washington street. The building is only 5 stories tall, so don't be looking at those big skyscrapers thinking we're there.

Thanks for all the cards and letters. We've gotten so many b-day cards for sweet of y'all to send them. Thanks again for all the kind words and encouragement. Dr. Carlile told Rick today that she was betting all her money on too.



  1. GREAT,GREAT,GREAT, Thank you Jesus for all the good news and more especially for the reasons for the good news. Happy Birthday Rick,you are going to be back in the saddle before you know it! Let's just be forever mindful, to God be the glory and we'll give him praise forevermore!!!!! Crystal I hope you managed to get some rest last night we all know how tireing and draining that can be on a person.
    Well you guys take care and keep up the good works and all the good news. God Bless you all and all of those who have helped Rick get this far. Later, Rick

  2. Yippee! I am so thrilled to hear every little triumph! Love to hear when Dr. Carlisle says positive things-she's the bomb!! Left you a fb message. Tell Rick we will see him on Saturday!! Love ya, Aunt Sher

  3. Rick and Crystal, we are so happy to hear the wonderful progress. Bless Dr Carlisle, she gets a big thank you from sunny California. God Bless you Rick. We love you so much. (42 years, Friday) Along with the rest of the Kieschnick family, your family in California miss being with you, but our prayers are never ending. God Bless you and Thank you Lord for all the positive progress. Aunt Cyndi

  4. Hey mamma its Riley.Did you get my e-mail.Did you like it.E-mail me me back when you get a chance.Give dad a hug and kiss for me.Ilike the songs that you put on the blog.Love you.