Saturday, August 1, 2009

DAY 42

Today is 6 weeks...the last 3 weeks have been in this facility. When we first came to Texas Specialty, Rick would open his left eye partially, and move his right arm...that's all. Now he does so many things...he's leaps and bounds beyond where he was 3 weeks ago. This morning he had a pill bottle in his hand...just something different for him to feel...anyway it is about the size of a can. And before I know it he is raising it up to his lips and acting like he's trying to take a drink. Dr. Valencia was here and saw him do it. Other than that all he's done today is watch a western, and sleep. He's been pretty lazy, but he's had 2 pretty rough days of therapy, and I guess he deserves a rest.

I'm so thankful for being here...that may sound crazy, but I am...and I know in the end it will all be worth it. Thanks for all your prayers...God is good all the time.


p.s. My phone is still on the blink...hopefully Monday I'll have it fixed. Send me an e-mail


  1. Crystal, I am so excited about the progress. I love him so much.

  2. Crystal,
    So glad to hear the positive news!
    Please, do not forget what I wanted you to do
    yesterday, I truly believe it will make a difference and when it does, please let me know!! God Bless you all, In the Name of Jesus, Our Lord and Saviour, later, Rick

  3. Dear Lord,
    We thank you for this day and give praise to you for the continued progress that Rick has made, we ask you to give him comfort and strength.We will continue to stay the course and fight the fight, Amen

  4. Crystal,
    You, Rick, and the kids were the object of much prayer this past Wednesday evening at FBC Guthrie. You also need to know that you are being used by God to strengthen and encourage so many believers. In a world where everything is presented as quick, simple, and easy, you are a testimony to the power of God who keeps us and is able to make us stand when circumstances are not quick, simple or easy. I think sometimes we go through things not only for us but for others so they may see, and believe. The enemy will hurl his fiery darts of doubt and discouragement. Know that these come from the enemy of our souls and not from within us. Continue to stand on the promises that cannot fail. Remember that at times our flesh and our hearts may stumble, but He is greater than our hearts.
    Cliff and Ann Johnson

  5. So, so happy to read each evening how much progress Rick has made... and so proud of you for being so strong! We're with you all the way! Hang in there... Can't wait till he can go to Baylor! We've been praying for that specifically! Love,
    Kelly, Reno, ALyssa and Morgan

  6. crystal, wow! you are blessed to be a blessing, your faith has soared over the past six weeks, FAITH MAKES THINGS POSSIBLE, NOT EASY. thanks so much for sharing this journey with all of us, know that we rejoice with you and your family with each and every step, many miracles are taking place before our very eyes, God is Good, our Jehovah-Jireh, our provider.
    sending loves, hugs, and continuous prayers,
    ronda and fam

  7. Crystal,
    Where is a new post? You know if you don't post some news I'll be calling for an update. John and I had a great date at El Chico's. I wish Rick would have been awake so John could have seen how much progress Rick has made this past week. I watched Dr. Valencia-he was really watching Rick trying to drink. He will have that to tell Baylor when they call back. YIPPEE! You know my standing offers of hanging during the day with Trickyricky. I have a dr. appointment Thursday morning if you wanted to take the afternoon off or any other day. Hope you and Cade had a good bonding time together. Please have Pooh to give my cell to the kids if they need anything. I am so proud of your unfaultering faith!! Love ya,Aunt Sher, John, and Kelce