Saturday, August 8, 2009


Our prayers have worked once again. Rick was dehydrated from throwing up yesterday, so the doctor gave him a big boost of IV fluids. At 3:00 Rick woke up, BP was better and fever was gone. Thank you Jesus! He's back to his old out his mouth, and throwing a football. I have to tell on Sherry again. She came in this afternoon and I was trying to get Rick to throw the football and he wouldn't...soooooo Sherry starts singing and dancing to the Archer fight song! I swear Rick was laughing...if he would've had his speaking valve in we might have heard his giggle today. And, he threw the football.

The kids went to Six Flags a matter of fact I think they're still there. Pooh and Stan may regret taking 4 kids to Six Flags! We will get to see them tomorrow before we leave for Baylor.

We're one day closer to day closer to having Rick day closer to a victory. Thanks for all your prayers...we have such amazing support. The respitory therapist, Britney, told me that she's never seen anyone with as much support as we have...thank you.

God Bless,


  1. Crystal, that is great news, just a little speed bump, a little scare tactic from ol' you know who, Satan can't stand to lose, however he had just as well go on down the road, Jesus and the Holy Spirit reside there!! God Bless and continue to give you both the strength you need! Keep your eye on the prize!!! rick

  2. Great news... we are so happy that our prayers are being answered for Rick. I can't imagine the progress he will make once he is at Baylor. You'll have to post several times a day to keep up! Glad Cade and Riley got to go to Six Flags. Love and many, many prayers,
    Kelly, Reno, ALyssa and Morgan

  3. Crystal,
    We love reading about each days progress. Thanks for your posts each day. We will pray for safe travels as you head to Baylor.
    Ann & Cliff

  4. Hey Crystal,
    This is Melissa - we were your 'next door neighbors' in ICU. I am soooo happy to read of Rick's amazing progress!! what a fabulous miracle and amazing testimony!! I cannot wait to see what God has in store for your wonderful little family. Tell Cowboy Glen we said Hi and that we are continuing to pray for God's miracles and blessings!

    hugs to you all
    Melissa (and Joyce cuz she is stayin' with me)

  5. Rick,Sissy,Riley and Cade

    Let not your heart be troubled,
    His tender words I hear,
    And resting on his goodness, I lose my doubts and fears.
    Tho' by the path he leadeth, but one step I may see, His eye is on the sparrow and I know he watches me. Love Ya Mom

  6. Crystal, we have a web page at
    I have listed your blog on our page if you don't mind. Tell Rick we miss you guys and that you and the family are in our prayers continuously. A friend of mine suffered tremendous loss, foster children he and his wife had grown to love were taken away. He told me that suffering is to be expected in this life. Some suffering is due to our errors, some suffering is because of others, but some suffering is because our Lord "hath need of it". Some suffering is given to us because the One who loves us can trust us with this kind of suffering for the sake of the Kingdom. Willingness to praise God even in the face of hardship is an offering that is a pleasing aroma to our Father. It signifies to all who watch that our God is Lord. Some of the most glorious battles are fought in the mind. Having done all.... Stand. In Christ, Cliff