Sunday, August 16, 2009

DAY 57

Another good day. There is no denying that the kids are good medicine for him! He moved around ALOT today. He was even scratching his eyebrows! He's really trying to talk, and seems to be oriented very well. The neurophych therapist hasn't had a good chance to talk to Rick because he's usually sleepy whenever it's time for his appointment. I asked him today if he knew why he was here and he shook his head yes. I said "did you have a car accident?" and he shook his head no...I said "did you have a horse accident?" and he shook his head yes. I asked him what horse he was riding and I said "was it Cinco?, Crazy Bill? he shook his head no...I said "was it Charcoal?" and he although he didn't shake his head yes, he did stop shaking his head no. We did alot of the same things we did yesterday...arm cycle, b-ball shootout and just riding around. He took a 30 minute nap around noon and again around 4:30, but other than that he's been awake. He ate 50% of both his lunch and supper trays.

I wanted to update everyone on Kyler...his surgery went well, and he is stable, but will stay in ICU for awhile. All the glory goes to God...Kyler is young and strong and he will recover. Thanks for all your prayers for their family.

The outpouring of support continues, and it is so appreciated. I don't know what we would do without all the love we've been shown. It is so uplifting and keeps me going. I was reading last night how when Jesus was crucified, John was so upset, he wasn't sure what to do, but he didn't turn and run, and he didn't question instead, he drew nearer to Jesus. Jesus was killed on Friday and John thought it was a tragedy, but God turned it into a triumph on Sunday. What did John do on Saturday? He drew nearer to it's Saturday for us...we've had the tragedy and we're waiting for the triumph that we know is the meantime we'll draw nearer to Jesus.



  1. Glad yall are getting some good bonding time together. Tell Cade I worked extra hard today and he "officially" has his own closet space-which is saying alot since he and Stan are outnumbered by the females now! Also, Riley will be excited to know she has space for all her shoes! Hope yall have a great week-give Rick a hug from all of us.

    Stan, Pooh, Tess and Addison

  2. What a great aunt you are Miss Pooh!! I am so excited yall had such a great visit! You are such an inspiration of what kind of person we should be!! Enjoy Mama Julie this week-I sent that check with her! She will have Rick spic and span!!
    Love ya, Aunt Sher PS I will TRY to be patient until you call me after the meeting!!Hopefully your mother will be there with you to absorb everything!!
    PSS Back to reality tomorrow-can't wait to see my posse of buddies!

  3. Crystal,
    So glad to hear the good news! Things are looking up, thank you Jesus!! Crystal I know you have your sack pretty full but I have a prayer request. Fallon Taylor, (my daughter-in-laws employer,) professional barrel racer got bucked off fri.nite and broke her neck. She is in harris dallas. The Dr. told her the prognosis was good, 8-12 weeks in a halo and she can be back!! From what I've gathered she is a good chrisitan girl, so pray a little prayer for her while you're praying. Well met Sandi S. today on the phone, she seems to be a very pleasant young lady. Well I better end this, God Bless you all and keep you safe, strong, and ever confident that all things are possible for the believer! Later, Rick
    P.S. keep your chin up, you are being a pretty amazeing young lady, God Bless

  4. Hey Miss Pretty, Look at my fb added pics of yall from Christmas at Grandma's house. Maybe you can post the wet willy one to the blog. It makes me laugh. I sent the pics in a message to you not sure if I knew what I was doing!!

  5. Crystal and Rick! Boy, did I miss reading the blog over the weekend. I may break down and get internet at home just to keep updated...Dax and Devin will be in heaven because hell would have frozen over if that happens! Ha!
    I am so glad to hear that Rick is feeling better. Bobby and Linda shared their pic of Rick standing with us at church. Wow, that was wonderful to see!
    BethAnn was in for the weekend with her fiance, Paxton. Can't wait for you to meet him. He is a fine Christian boy and took to the boys quickly.
    Tell the kids hello from us. We will call Pooh sometime this week to chat with them. Maybe Cade can visit one weekend soon.
    So sorry to hear about Fallon Taylor! She was one of my students at Vernon College when I worked there. I thought she was a very sweet person and I wish her a speedy recovery.
    We are planning a trip to see you in September. When that date draws closer, we will see if we can pick up the kids to bring them to you.
    So good to hear all the progress you are making, Rick. You know, we are not surprised by the progress, but we are in awe of how far and quickly you have come. Keep up the great job! We love you both!

  6. Gosh Crystal you are such an encouragement to me!!! I love what you shared about John when Jesus was crucified... I am just crying as I read your post!! The Word of God is so powerful and so amazing! I am so glad to see you lean on it and know that God is with you... thanks girl.. we think of you everyday and continue to pray for Rick's complete healing!!! All our love!! Jennifer Cochran

  7. Where is today's update? You have to share the exciting news with all these people who are following Rick's progress!! Have fun with your mother this week!! Love ya,Aunt Sher