Saturday, February 12, 2011

Went to Lubbock yesterday and picked up tired of Hwy 82 West! Before we left Lubbock I had to run by Home Depot (again) and when I told Rick he said, "you've got to be kidding me!" Sorry, not kidding...but at least it was a quick trip and he was able to sit in the car with Riley. He has been at TLC for 6 weeks and this is the first weekend that I can honestly say I see a big difference in how he is doing physically. When I help him walk or stand he uses me very little and his balance is great. And, yesterday his case manager told me that his attitude is a little bit better, so that is good to hear. Blane Chapman has been going up to visit him some in the evenings and I think that has helped alot, too...just having a friend stop by and offer some encouragement and just shoot the bull and tell re-ride stories is great for Rick. Today the kids have basketball games in Wichita Falls, so we will spend the afternoon over there. And then take Rick back to TLC Sunday afternoon.

Our house has been moving along, but we ran into a snag yesterday. The floors are stained and are now being sealed, but the second coat of polyurethane bubbled up when it dried and now has to be sanded off and reapplied. I am so amazed at how much a coat of paint and finishing the floors has made a difference in that house. Hoping we'll get to start moving some stuff in on Wednesday.

He's recharging in the recliner right now...aka napping! He's so tired, bless his heart. Can't wait to see what the next 6 weeks hold for us.

God Bless All!


  1. So glad to hear about the improvement on Rick physically and mentally. Thank God for friends who can step up when family can not be there.
    Can't wait to see the new house.
    Love and miss you all!

  2. Crystal,
    well that is a little better news. I don't think any of us can really imagine what this is like, however, we must all work like lifes struggles depend on us and pray like it all depends on God and everything will work. God Bless you all, sorry to hear about the problem with the house but it too can be fixed. Keep the faith, later, Rick

  3. Glad to hear progress is still being made! Thanks for the update.
    Ann & Cliff

  4. Crystal,

    Thank you for continuing to take the time to update all of us. Please know that you and Rick are in our constant prayers and thoughts.



  5. I just stumbled on your blog at random. I wish Rick well.

    From a stranger in England.

  6. Crystal,

    So glad to hear of (and see on video!) Rick's progress! We think of y'all every day.

    Love to all y'all,


    (Rick's family remember me, but for the rest of y'all reading ... after being a professor at SPC in Levelland, I was a patient at TLC from 1/25/10 to 9/17/10, moved there after 7 weeks of ICU and months of TrustPoint following my 6x-rollover car accident on 10/1/09 [and helicopter transport to UMC in Lubbock].

    Family makes all the difference [my husband came to Lubbock every day to see me] and Rick has a great one! Best to all y'all -- thanks for your friendship to the Kieschnicks!)

  7. I found this by "accident" tonight. I am a person filled with faith and experiencing the assurance of our Lord in my life, and it so flowed through me as I looked at your page. Our God is real and His words are true. He does know you and Rick and loves you. he is with you. Thank you for sharing your faith in this blog for me to find. I am expecting big things for Rick!

  8. I really enjoyed reading the posts on your blog. I would like to invite you to come on over to my blog and check it out. God bless, Lloyd

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