Thursday, June 25, 2009


Just got off the phone with Crystal: They raised his bed up to test the pressure on his brain, if he maintains satisfactory pressure they plan to remove the bolt (what I previously referred to as the shunt/stint) tomorrow..."things can change minute to minute", however, today so far has been a "boring" day, which just means Rick is resting/healing peacefully, still no signs of agitation or pain after being off the anesthetic sedation for over 24h now......we are all so anxious for him to show some drastic sign of improvement, especially Crystal.....everything is in God's time and He knows best....when Rick is healed 100% he will wake up and let us know...until then please continue to pray for this mighty miracle.

Crystal said it made her feel good when she walked in last night and saw that Chris Killian was Rick's nurse, (she knows all the nursing staff have been doing a good job with Rick but it was comforting to see a familiar face "and such a good Christian boy to take care of him"). She left Rick's bedside at 11pm which is the earliest she has left him so far. She sounded more rested today, which is another answer to all of our prayers.

She is comforted by all the family, friends, pastors, everyone who has visited, called, sent notes, comments, any form of communication, but especially knowing all of you are praying.....

Anxious to hug her myself tomorrow and will give extra hugs for all of you....God Bless You and Yours....


  1. Praying for God's strength, comfort, and healing for Rick and your whole family.

  2. We are praying for all of you. Gary Don said to tell you that he will stop by again next week. Thanks for the update! The Harkeys

  3. Thank you so much for starting this blog to keep us updated. You are ALL in our thoughts & prayers daily. We love you very much! Just remember when you are tired, look to the Lord to give you strength & remember we all are with you & behind you! Stay strong, you are an amazing wife & mom!
    Heath, Tracey, Hayden, Kelsey & Andrew

  4. Eric Waters my husband just meet Rick at Abliene. He made quit the impression on my husband. We work for the Stuart Ranch in Waurika, OK. All here are praying for and we have put you and your family on our prayer list. God Bless you!!!!
    Chy Wates

  5. To Rick and Crystal
    I left this evening with a heavy heart and came home and began to think about the strength,faith and grace that my mom (Crystal's GiGi)had thru all the rough times she experienced. I searched for the words that she would have said as she holds yall in her arms and I found it in a song.

    Hope is a word
    that every heart understands.
    Hope shines brighter than the brightest star on the darkest night
    Faith is bigger than the highest mountain
    and God is greater than any obstacle in your path Anything can be accomplished by those who
    fully put their hearts into it.
    The time to start is now the place to start is here.
    May hope cast its special light upon your path and God bless everything you touch in the
    moments, and hours and days still to come.
    Love yall Mama Julie

  6. Been praying for Rick & the whole family, we're sure he's going to make a full recovery.

    "Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours." -Mark 11:24


  7. Crystal,I have been in constant prayer for Rick's complete healing!  Don't let the devil have any satisfaction by allowing you to feel discouraged.  Everyday that goes by slowly, is just another way God is wanting you to take another step of faith and lean on Him! Whatever percentage the doctor is giving you on Rick, gives God a bigger percentage to work with. Many people have made contact with you concerning prayer, but you could triple that number of those who are praying that may not even know you or Rick personally.  There are strong prayer warriers out there and they are helping Rick fight by the power of prayer!Love you,Shelly Koch