Saturday, December 26, 2009

DAY ,189

Rick had a really good day today. He had a couple of hours of therapy this morning and then was off the rest of the day. He is doing so much better since decreasing the baclofen pump. His lungs are good and we are back on track. He has started trying to feed himself again, take drinks, and brush his teeth, and moving his left arm more...just back to where he was before the pump was set so high. So, now we are at 300 mics per day and I think we will stay here for a while...there is still some tone, but I think he can handle it, and I'd much rather see his personality instead of him being like a zombie. Today, he picked on Riley and Cade and it was just so funny to see.

Blane hasn't kicked us out yet, so we are about to head out there. The roads are still a little slick, but way better than they were.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas...thanks for all the cards and e-mails and well wishes....we didn't spend it in the most idea situation, but we are all here together and God has blessed us. When I went home last weekend, I walked into a house that hadn't been touched in 6 months. There were high school graduation invitations on the bar and all the dirty clothes were swimsuits and shorts! But the most ironic thing was the book I was reading...Never Give Up by Joyce Meyer...that's what I was reading before Rick was hurt...I couldn't believe it and how appropriate. So I brought it back with me to finish because we are Nevery giving Up!!!!

Thanks for all the


  1. Crystal,
    Is nevery a new word? Just kidding, I don't always use spellcheck or catch some bad typing.
    Glad to hear the good news, that Rick is doing a little better and the kids are doing well. We were fortunate enough for most of my family to be able to get together Saturday. We got to see our son and daughterinlaw and of course MY sugarman. We were all thankful that they and my bro. and his wife made it to Childress ok in spite of the weather. Hope Rick and you and kiddos have a great week and Rick continues to do better everyday. God Bless America, later, Rick

  2. Crystal, What a great visit we had with yall today!! John and I were both impressed that Rick has gained some weight-me too!!Ha!! I loved Rick's reaction when he saw John!! It was great to see Rick in his cowboy hat and grinning!! You know yall continue to be in our prayers and thoughts!! Enjoy being w the kids this week-I know it will pass too quickly!!
    Love, Sherry and Big John
    PS Watch out in the restroom @ Cotton Patch!!!