Friday, December 18, 2009

DAY 180 & 181

I decided to stay in Seymour one more day. It's been so good to be Dad cooks me breakfast every morning and then when I head to town everyone just embraces me. It is so wonderful and has been very good for my spirit. A lot of people have done a double take..."hey, it really is you!" So many people have shared their stories of overcoming devastating health issues...things they should have never overcome, but because of their belief in the Lord, it's happened. What a blessing to be from Seymour. I saw so many friends at the elementary school today during the Christmas parties and really enjoyed being there, and especially enjoyed seeing my old classmates funny to look at them & know EXACTLY who they belong to. Yesterday, I ate lunch with Riley and I felt like a rock star when I walked in...all these little girls staring and saying, "whose that, whose that" and then there's Riley beaming...."thats MY mom." Tonight we took the kids (nieces included) to the Rock Inn...had to have some onion rings and then drove around to look at Christmas lights.

Mom called and Rick had a really good day. Dr. Wolcott backed off the baclofen pump and mom could tell a difference immediately. He's been so loose lately that he can't do much for himself and just seemed lethargic. The catscan came back and looks good (PTL)...nothing new going on & that's good to know since the seizure. The kids, by the way overhead me talking to Dad and now know that Rick had a seizure on Sunday, but since it's all over with, they weren't too worried about it. Justin Johnson came to see Rick today, and mom said that Rick smiled the entire time he was know what that means, Justin? That means you gotta come back more often!

We will head to Lubbock tomorrow and if we leave early enough might actually stop at Tongue River to pick up some things...I haven't stepped foot in my house in 6 will be a little scary...there will be my life frozen in time...except I think Sammie did the dishes!

Thanks to everyone in Seymour for helping to recharge my's been so great to see all of you.



  1. Crystal,

    I am so glad that you had a good time in Seymour. It sounds like you really were refreshed and uplifted. I'm also glad the kids are out of school for a break (yours & mine).

    I pray you have a safe trip to Lubbock, and you are able to stop by your house. Rick will probably be looking forward to having you all together again, as well as you.

    Still praying,
    ~Ann & Cliff

  2. Crystal,
    Glad to hear you have had a big time in Seymour. I think everyone will agree with me, we all appreciate your tenacity, faith in God, and your dedication to Rick, however you needed a few days off. You will feel much better and get a little much deserved rest.
    Let's pray, Father we come before you with praise and thanksgiving and Father we thank you for all you have done for Rick and Crystal. Father we thank you for your healing, your provision, and for your never ending care for us. Father we thank you for continued healing in Rick, for safe travel for the family, and for a great Christmas for all. In Jesus name we pray, Amen and Amen++++ remember
    Jesus is the reason for the season, God Bless America==later, Rick