Monday, November 30, 2009

DAY 163

Today was one of the best days Rick has had in a long time. First thing this morning the student NP came in to check on him. She said, "Is there anything I can do for you today?", and Rick mouthed, "Let me go home.". Krisann just laughed and said, "Are you just a little bit ornery?" and she held her hand up with her thumb and forefinger about 2 inches apart...and Rick held up his hand with his thumb and forefinger just barely apart! It's just so great to see him interact. He walked 200 feet with the EVA walker this morning. Chel C (PT) said today that his tone is normal when he's sitting and relaxed, but still kicks in when he tries to do walk. So, he pump was bumped up again this afternoon. But, just to hear the words "tone is normal" is music to my ears! His neck continues to loosen up and he's been very alert and active this evening. We've hit a few other milestones the last few days. He know longer needs his medicines crushed to take them, now we put them whole in applesauce and he can swallow them. He's also been continent of bowel and bladder about 95% of the time for the last 2 weeks and can even "hold it" over night...the nurses are like, "I can't even hold it over night!" Again, it's the little things we have to celebrate...Zechariah 4:10...appreciate the day of small things.

Tyler and Tanya Thompson visited last night. Tyler had another skin grafting surgery this morning at UMC and they will be here most of this week. He came out of surgery okay, but is in some pain according to their blog. I just can't imagine the pain he goes through, and pray that this grafting "takes" and he will never have to have another surgery again.

Terry and Kathy Carlton got the kids safely to Seymour for me yesterday. I've learned to take people up on their, I can't do this all by myself, but that's been hard for me to admit. I do appreciate all the offers to help and I don't want to impose on anyone...I understand that it helps everyone heal when they can help in a situation like this.

God's Blessings to you.



  1. Crystal,
    Sounds like Rick is making bigger progress than just the little steps he was making in the beginning of this journey. Praise our Father. We still read your blog every night and love to hear about your days and the success each day brings.
    You should think about writing a book someday....hhmmm.
    Ann & Cliff

  2. Crystal,
    What good news! Ol' Rick is gonna keep on keepin' on 'til he messes around and has to go back to work. (what a day that will be) Praise God, glory be to the name of Jesus, we will praise him and give him the glory forever and ever! Thank you Father, we will proclaim the wonderful works of the Lord forever and ever!!!
    Let's pray and agree, Father in heaven we thank you for all the incremental healing in Rick. Father we know without the shed blood of Jesus this would not be happening, and we thank you and praise you for it. Father I thank you for a good checkup for our Kasey today and thank you again and again for the wonderful gift of life. Father I thank you for a supernatural healing for Rick, Father a healing that will amaze everybody who knows this story or ever hears this story. Father bless the Moorhouses and the Morriss family and the rest of the TRR family. Father we thank you for all of your blessings during this holiday season and we thank you for watching over us as we travel. In Jesus name we pray, and all of God's saints said Amen and Amen God Bless America and Lord in this upcoming election year PLEASE give some folks,(who don't know how to vote) wisdom and just a little un-common common sense, thanks Lord, there's a whole bunch of us who would really appreciate the help!

  3. p.s. Crystal,
    Write a book, hhmmmm, (where have I heard that before) Thanks Bro.Cliff, there is nothing so dear, occasionally, as a little agreement!

  4. Love you both and your still in our prayers.

  5. Crystal,

    What a great blessing and gift to hear of Rick's day this morning. Thank you so much for posting your messages so we can know how Rick and you are doing. As always, please know that you and Rick stay in our prayers.