Sunday, November 8, 2009

DAY 141

I did something last night I never thought I'd do...I spent the night away from Rick. This is the first time since his accident that someone did not stay in the room with him. When we were in Wichita Falls family and friends took shifts to stay the night with him and when he was at Baylor he was in the high observation unit with it's own nurse and tech 24 hours a day. I was really tired of sleeping on the air mattress and I hadn't slept good in about 3 nights. After seeing who came on for the night shift, I knew I could trust them to check in on Rick. Shonda and Paula are 2 of the techs that I really like and both have worked almost every night since we've been here. The kids were happy that I went with them even though we crashed as soon as we go to the room, and we were back at Pate at 8:30 this morning...I don't think he ever knew I was gone!

We went to the rec room today and then played some b-ball. The kids left with lots of tears and should be rolling into Seymour about now. When we get to Lubbock things will be so much better! I've been reading the book 90 Minutes in Heaven. The funny thing is, I bought this book the day before Rick's accident and then Jodi sent it to me when we were in WF. It's a very good book and will really get you to thinking.

Think about Jesus' example. He held on while wicked people were doing evil things to him. So do not get tired and stop trying. Hebrews 12:3

Love that I read this in my daily devotional not get tired and give up!



  1. Crystal,
    So glad to hear you and the children had a good time. I imagine it was probably good for you to "escape" for a little while. You know there are many scriptures in the Word that instructs us to not give up and that is good advice and a good word. I'm really glad you have stayed in the Word as much as you have, it really helps. Let's pray and agree, Lord we come before you with praise and thanksgiving and Father we thank you for the weekend and the blessings that haveing the children bring. Father we thank you for a great week for Rick and Crystal. Father we thank you for continued healing for Rick and comfort for Crystal and the children. Father we thank you for the folks at Lubbock and a prompt reply. In Jesus name we pray, Amen and Amen, God Bless America and please Lord don't lead the Democrats into temptation but deliver the rest of us from evil, ( and those scoundrels too) later, Rick

  2. Hello glad to hear you were able to enjoy the kids this weekend, I can only imagine how much they miss ya'll even though they are in loving hands. Rick will never be alone, as Jesus is carrying him through this challenging time in ya'll's lives. I am sure that Rick wants you to spend some quality time with the kids, if your positions were reversed, I know you would want him to spend all the time he could with them, so please don't ever think you are doing anything wrong, you have many roles in your life Crystal, and you are so good at all of them, an absolutely amazing wife, and mother.
    Looking forward to ya'll's transition to Lubbock, hopefully I will actually get to see you; I feel terrible in that I have never gotten to the metroplex area to see you. Will miss you this weekend in Amarillo, a vivid reminder that we don't know what the future holds but WHO holds the future. Always praying for you and Rick and your family. Thank you for always sharing an insightful message from your daily devotions. Mom and I went to a WOF conference last weekend in OKC, "Be still and know I am God" has always been an impactful scripture to me, but I did not know that Be still translates to "Let Go", that really penetrated me into deep thinking (you can laugh, I know you are!) anyways, God is the big picture, but He also tends to every detail of our lives...He knows the end to all our stories...isn't there such peace and rest in knowing we don't have to do all this on our own and figure it all out...
    Congrats to Rick VanDiver's family's new addition, know he is a good "Pop". Always blessed with his prayers and chuckled at the end of tonight's; I am focusing on being still and knowing God is the I AM, because the reality of the news of this world and those who think they are in control is a little overwhelming!
    Also, Crystal, didn't know if you already got it but the blog for Kyle Myers is They are in Denver, CO for quite awhile. Know you can empathize with them. Their little girls are with an aunt and uncle here in Munday now. So many prayers going up for them as well. So awesome we can pray for one another...the body of Christ at work.

    Take care my dear amazing friend, so good to always read your posts, your sense of humor is still strongly intact! God Bless you and yours always. sending love and hugs from all of us. Oh yea, we went to WF back in May, right at the year anniversary of Trey's accident and heard Don Piper speak...amazing testimony, isn't his book inspiring...I am quite certain you and Rick will be inspiring many as well, as you already are. Have a blessed week.