Wednesday, November 4, 2009

DAY 137

Much better day today in regards to Rick's endurance and strength. I had a nice little blessing first thing this morning...there was actually hot water in the shower! Yea! Usually it's just luke warm. Rick didn't nap as much and did really good during therapy. Supper was canned soup and salad, so I ordered out from a little cafe in Anna called Crows. We had grilled porkchops, mashed taters, beans, fried green tomatoes and rolls! Ya boy!

I got a call from TLC today saying that we cannot transfer for 2 more weeks. The patient that they thought was discharging is getting to stay 2 more weeks. This patient has not been progressing and his insurance was not going to pay for more therapy, but then at the last minute changed their mind. I'm not happy about it, but at the same time I'm glad that guy got 2 more weeks...there could be a time when we're begging for 2 more weeks. And, as long as I'm here, I think Rick will get what he needs.

Well, time to get Rick in the shower and in bed. He's actually sitting on the couch watching the World Series with me, but at 8:30 it's almost like a switch turns off and he's out!



  1. Crystal,
    Well I missed my normal evening activities last night, however I did have a wonderful evening. At 9:53 last night Kasey Mance Vandiver made his debut. Fortunately he and his mother and of course his dad are all doing well. He weighed 9lb.6.3 ozs. and was 21.5" long. Needless to say, YES, he is the most beautiful baby in the world!!! And according to Pop, (me) he will also be the greatest at whatever he wants to do.(his mom already has a horse picked out for him) Thanks so much to each of you, especially Crystal, Ann and Cliff, who remembered us in your prayers, God Bless each of you. Sharyn, Shane, Kim, and I are all thankful to God for a good delivery, a healthy baby, and pray that our grandson will be the man God wants him to be. again, God Bless each of you! (I'll promise y'all, my wife's head won't fit in a #3 washtub!) Now, we are really glad to hear Rick had a better day today than yesterday. There are so many variables in this situation, I will never limit God, but sometimes things just don't seem to work the way we plan. Let's Pray and agree, Father we come before you with praise and thanksgiving and Father we thank you for all the good and wonderful things you do for us. Once again Lord I thank you for my new grandson and for his and his mother's good health. Father I thank you for Rick being better everyday regardless of the negative situation, I thank you Father that you word is truth regardless of what a man says, regardless of what we see, you are our Healer and we praise you for it. We thank you for continued healing and Father we ask your blessings on all the folks we have been praying for, in Jesus name we pray, Amen
    Thank you God for all your blessings, later, Rick

  2. Crystal,
    So glad to hear Rick's strength is coming back so soon after the last surgery. God has a reason that Rick needs to stay at Pate for now. You may be right in that it might just be for the patient at TLC. When you get there, it will be in His perfect time!

    Congratulations to the whole Vandiver family and welcome to this world Kasey!

    Ann & Cliff

  3. I love you Rick and Crystal!!! God Bless you Rick Vandiver, your family and most of all the new baby Kasey. Another creation of our Lord and Saviour.

  4. I could listen to this music all night long. It is the last thing I hear before I go to bed each night. And one day I will once again hear that wonderful giggle that only Rick can produce. It will be there someday. I Believe God is In Control and I call on Jesus to be there and he will make it possible.

  5. Crystal, so glad to hear yall are coming to Lubbock!!! can't wait to tell Justin, he will be so glad. So glad to hear things are going ok with Rick. I know he will get his strength back, it will just take some time. We are thinking about yall and praying for yall everyday and night!! Miss yall and the kiddos so much!! Know yall will be home soon. We love yall and are pulling for yall!! Hang in there girl... HE will not let US down!!
    Love, Justin, Kelly, Riggin, and Journey