Sunday, November 1, 2009

DAY 134

Rick was sleepy again today, but I called the Medtronic nurse, Joyce, and she reassured me that he is fine. I just wonder how sleepy is too sleepy. Joyce was at the hospital the day of surgery, and she was like an angel sent from heaven. She took the time to visit with us before and after the surgery and I've called her twice since and she's been nothing but nice. She's been with Medtronic for 18 years and she knows her stuff.

He is wide awake watching the PBR now. We had a visit from Amy Bell today. So good to see her...she actually got Rick to smile when she told the story of him riding across the pasture with his reins in his mouth and his "guns up"...Amy used to be the masked rider for Tech. He tried to act like he couldn't remember the day Amy met him at the cookhouse door at the 6666's and took him down right there on the porch...his glass of tea and cake went flying! She chapped him...he paid her back later!

TLC from Lubbock will be here in the morning to evaluate Rick. I'm confident they will accept him. We should know something from insurance by the end of the week. Please pray we get moved to Lubbock!

I also changed the setting for posting a comment...hopefully more people will be able to post now.



  1. Crystal,
    That sounds pretty good. Does this TLC do the same thing as Pate, or maybe the next level of therapy? I saw that several times but wasn't too sure. Well let's pray and agree,
    Lord we come before you with praise and thanksgiving and Father we thank you that all good things come from you. Father we thank you for the continued healing in Rick. Lord we ask that you intervene on Rick's and Crystal's behalf with the ins. co. and TLC. Father we thank you for favor with these people and we thank you that everything will work for Rick's best interest. Father we thank you for the comfort and guidance you've given Rick and Crystal and we thank you in advance for everything working to their advantage. God bless those who are there to help and we thank you for each of them. In Jesus name we pray, Amen and Amen God Bless America and all of those in authority, later , Rick

  2. Crystal,
    Good to hear that Rick was getting some extra rest this weekend. He will be ready to go when therapy comes calling on Monday!
    Thanks for posting about the roping! Kim has been working on a flyer to send out as well. If anyone would like to help with the concession stand, they can call me at 357-1856. You wouldn't believe the response we have had on people wanting to bake and help out! Even from people who don't know you, are wanting to reach out and help with Rick's goal of healing 100%! God has many angels working in your favor!
    We love and miss you both. Take care.