Tuesday, November 17, 2009


We made it to Lubbock with no problems whatsoever! Rick handled the trip great...he got a little nauseated outside of Seymour, but other than that he was fine...and stayed awake the entire trip. We ate lunch at Mom's and got to see the kids for a couple of hours...Cade was totally surprised to see me at school, but Riley was ready and waiting. The absolute best thing happened when we went through Guthrie...all the 6666's cowboys and cowgirls were along the highway waving, whistling and blowing their truck sirens...some were was so wonderful. I rolled down the window and Rick waved and he had THE BIGGEST smile I have seen on his face in a long time. That was so nice...organized by Bootsie, by the way...thank y'all so much it made our day! Phil and Zane were at the Lasiter Pens west of town and we pulled over so Rick could say hi to them...I still had tears rolling down my face and Rick still had a smile on his didn't disappear until Pitchfork!

Trustpoint is very nice and so far a very comfortable place to be. Rick had supper and fell asleep about 30 minutes ago. They will evaluate Rick in the morning and then start rehab. We should see Dr. Wolcott tomorrow as well and make a plan concerning the baclofen adjustments.

It feels soooo good to be this close to home...going through Guthrie today was bittersweet, but now that we're this close I'll definitely be getting to go home.

Thanks for all your prayers...God had his angels watching over us again today. I had a nice surprise this morning before we left. Shonda and Paula (two of the techs at Pate I really liked) split the shift last night so that they could both see Rick and I on our last day. They are 2 people I will stay in touch with. Shonda prayed with Rick this morning before we left and gave us a really great send off.

Time to relax! I'll stay the night here with Rick. Thanks again to everyone for everything!



  1. Thank the Lord for a good trip and a minimal amount of nausea with Rick. That's great news and glad to hear y'all got there without any hitches. Thank you Jesus for all the good things you are doing! Let's pray, Father in heaven we come before you with praise and thanksgiving. Father we thank you for watching over Crystal and Rick today. We thank you Lord for everyone who will have charge over Rick and for leading them and guideing them through this part of his recovery. We thank you Lord for all the great things to come for Rick and Crystal. In the name of Jesus we pray, and all of God's children said Amen and Amen
    God Bless Trustpoint, Later, Rick

  2. Crystal,
    Those Guthrie people are the greatest, aren't they! The ones we have gotten to know through the church are such wonderful folks.

    We are so glad to hear the trip was such a success and that ya'll are getting settled one more time. The next big trip should be back to TTR. Won't that be a great day!

    Still Praying!
    Ann & Cliff

  3. Ok, I am a teacher that can't spell ...or initialize... I meant "back to TRR, Tongue River Ranch"


  4. Oh Crystal, how wonderful that the trip went so well, prayers answered. It is so great to read about the welcome you received in Guthrie, what a blessing. It is obvious that you are loved by so many and so many prayers going forth for you. You are very special and shall not be forgotten over here in McKinney land. God is using you greatly, more than you realize, you minister to all of us around you ... with your words, love and actions. I love Rick's prayers and I pray in agreement with him, Amen and Amen.

    Lisa Schoppa Full

  5. Very glad the trip went well! It was great to meet you; however, I felt that I already knew you from all of Cade's stories. He is a very special little boy and your faith and courage are an inspiration!
    God Bless,
    Audra Wright

  6. I am all choked up just reading your thankful for your safe trip and another step closer to home...still praying.

    Looking forward to seeing you sometime soon! Sending lots of hugs and love.

    God is good, ALL the time.
    love you, ronda

  7. The tears are rolling in Ojai CA for the reception received today in Gutherie. I know Rick was happy to see familiar grounds. God Bless you both and Thank you Lord for all the prayers and love given to Rick and Crystal.

  8. The tears are rolling here too! So glad the trip went well. We hope to see ya'll soon. We love you and miss you!

  9. I'm so glad the trip went well and I was wondering if you got to stop in Seymour! Terrific. I'm so glad to hear that Rick had a smile on his face when you came through Guthrie!!! We will see you soon!

  10. Uncle Bootsie is quite a guy. So glad you are made it to Lubbock. I think of you guys every day.
    Summer Ray-Campbell