Sunday, November 15, 2009

DAY 148

Rick had such a great day...he transferred from his bed to his wheelchair a couple of times with minimum assistance from me. And he was trying to talk a lot today...but I don't read lips too well so I'm not sure what he was saying most of the time.

The WCRR is over and TRR did not win, but everyone made it home with no broken bones or bandages, although Stoney may be a little sore after riding his bronc yesterday. He scored an 82 on a horse that had not been ridden in a ranch can see a picture of it at under WCRR results, Saturday pictures. There is also a picture of Brogan Rankin and TRR's calf branding run. The WRCA has a foundation that donates to cowboys in crisis, and I want everyone to know that the Thompson Ranch, TRR and several others nominated Rick to receive an assistance check. We received the check back in July and it was such a relief. The Working Ranch Cowboys Foundation is a great organization to donate to.

God bless everyone who has prayed for Rick and given in any way. And where in the world is Hop Bottom, PA? I've told Rick he has folks praying for him from his family in Ojai, CA to Buck Kerns in South Carolina...and now Hop Bottom, PA, too! We are so blessed!



  1. Crystal,
    Hop Bottom, Pa. is in the NE corner, just north of Scranton. How did you like that for a geography lesson? So glad to hear Rick had a good day and functions just a little better everyday, thank you Jesus. We had our monthly home meeting last Friday night and the whole group prayed for Rick. Rick Manis, the preacher, said he really felt good in his spirit about Rick's outcome, especially when I told him what I had told you several times about believing for a supernatural miracle!! Let's keep agreeing, believing, and praying.
    Father we come before you with praise and thanksgiving and Father we thank you for a great week for Rick and Crystal. Father we thank you for continued healing for Rick. Father we thank you in advance for a smooth transition for Rick for these next two moves. Father we thank you for Rick's well being during this time and transfer. Lord we lift all the folks before you who have anything to do with Rick's well being and we thank you for guideing them through these next steps. Thank you Lord for safe travel to Lubbock. In the wonderful name of Jesus we pray, and all of God's children said Amen and Amen,
    Lord we thank you for blessing the TRR cowboys and keeping them safe and Father we thank you and ask that you send special blessings to the TRR family, the Morris family, and the Moorhouse family and our friends who represented the Women of Ranching! God Bless America, later, Rick

  2. Oh, and Lord, please give a special blessing to all who have read this blog and agreed in prayer while they were reading or prayed on their own. There is great strength in numbers! God Bless, thanks, Rick