Tuesday, November 24, 2009

DAY 157

Rick's baclofen pump was bumped up another 50 micrograms today, so now he's getting 200 micrograms of baclofen in a 24 hour period. We should start seeing the results of the increase tomorrow meaning he'll seem weaker since more tone is gone and his muscles are working harder. He had his neck ultrasounded today and nodded his head "yes" when she asked him if it was making his neck feel better. I missed a couple of sessions this morning taking care of paperwork, and then I went and got my hair "did" this afternoon and missed the afternoon sessions, too. The girl that does my hair is named Hollie Pounds and I've been going to her for about a year. She had no idea about Rick...just knew she hadn't seen me in awhile. When she got done she said, "that will not cost you a thing's the least I can do" sounds crazy to praise God for a free hair do, but that's exactly what I did. Not only did she save me the money she reinforced the great Godly spirit that so many people have shown to us.

Lynette and Jace are bringing the kids tomorrow when they get out of exciting to spend 4 days with them, and they are ready to see Daddy "do some therapy". Since there won't be any therapy on T-giving day, they will make it up on Saturday morning with group therapy.

When the master comes and finds the servant doing his work, the servant will be blessed. Matthew 24:46



  1. Crystal,
    Sounds good, things are looking up!! Thank you Jesus. I really hope you guys have a good family visit. I know it would be better if you could load up and go to mom and dads or have them come to TRR, maybe next time. We are going to sons so we can see Kasey, it won't last long enough I know, but thank the Lord for the time we will have. By God's amazing grace let's be thankful for what he has given us. Let's pray and agree, Father in heaven, we come before you with praise and thanksgiving. Father we thank you for all you have given us and done for us. Lord we ask your blessings for this holiday and Father we ask that you bless all of those people who are less fortunate. Father help us to be mindful of others and to be benevolent and we thank you for the privilege of being blessed so we can be a blessing. Lord we pray for Rick and Crystal and the children, we pray for a wonderful thanksgiving for them and the rest of the folks who read this blog. Father we thank you for your protection for those who are traveling and Lord keep them safe throughout the holiday weekend. In Jesus name we pray, and all of God's saints said amen and amen God Bless all of those in authority and if need be send a reminder as to why we should be thankful, HAPPY THANKSGIVING,
    Later, Rick

  2. Rick,Crystal, Riley and Cade,
    We hope you have a wonderful four days together. We will be thinking of you and saying a special prayer that soon you will all be eating at your own table!! We love you!
    Ronnie, Pollye, Chance and Chase

  3. Just wanted to say that I hope you have a great Thanksgiving. Thanking God for all the miracles he has worked in your lives....

  4. Crystal, How much I love seeing you and Rick!! I think he loves when I tell him my crazy stories!! I get a hoot out of his reactions!! I am so proud of what a positive and wonderful wife you are to Rick!!! God knew Rick would need a great gal like you to take care of him!! I hope you are right now hugging on your babies and Jace! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families!!!
    Love, Aunt Sher
    PS Lubbock is so much easier to get to than Dallas!! Thanks for being so sweet to Melissa!
    She said when I was talking about Bon Jovi loving me that Rick looked at me like I was crazy-can you believe it??