Thursday, November 12, 2009

DAY 145

God blessed us again with a good day. Rick walked forward and backward in the parallel bars today with minimum assistance. He was on his feet for almost an hour straight, and he handled it very well. The swelling was at a minumum today, too. In speech therapy he made some very good vocalization...I had mixed him up some thickened Dr. Pepper before speech...I'm sure that's what did it! This afternoon for the group game we played Bingo. Out of 10 plays I only helped him with 2 and he Bingoed! It's so great to see him understanding everything.

Today is the first round of the World Championship Ranch Rodeo. Days like today are hard...all I could think about is...we should be there. Rick should be helping Stoney get on his bronc and mugging the cow! The kids should be skipping school and packing their swimsuits. And I should be griping about how I don't have enough suitcases to get all our crap packed! Now I'm just praying everybody is safe and comes home in one piece.

I made one phone call today and talked to the kids, Stan and my Mom. Riley had twirling lessons yesterday and she said they were, "awesome, awesome, awesome!" Cade got a mark by his name in class for talking. Riley is going to Roaring Springs this weekend to see her friend Autumn and Cade is going to Vernon to see Broc...hopefully this will be the last weekend we are in Anna...still no word from TLC as to when we might get to move.

Hope everyone has a good night. I pray all the cowboys have a great rodeo and some day soon Rick will be right back out there with them.



  1. Crystal, I was about to get irritated with you!! I had checked several times to see if you had posted anything about TLC. I hope tomorrow brings good news!! We are going to spend Friday night in Lampasas and go onto Round Rock on Sat morning!! I will call you after Kelce runs on Sat-hopefully w golden news! You hang in there and keep being the great woman you are!! Give Rick smooches from us-just don't tell Riley!! Love you!!Aunt Sher

  2. OK Crystal,
    Thickened Dr. Pepper???? I don't know, but that sounds a little strange. Course, what ever Rick likes, Rick should get. And if it helps him, go for it. He can have my share, too!
    Hope ya'll get to Lubbock soon.
    Still praying.
    ~Ann & Cliff

  3. Crystal,
    Praise the Lord, everything is working for good. Oh, I forgot to mention, I got to meet Fallon Taylor last week. She told me to thank everyone for their prayers, she does appreciate it. She is still in a brace but doing well. My grandson, daughter-in-law, and son are doing well. Thanks again for all the prayers, God Bless each of you! Crystal let's pray, Father we come before you with praise and thanksgiving and Father we thank you for all you have done. Father we thank you for continued healing in Rick and we thank you for a response from the folks at Lubbock. Father we pray that you will keep the children safe this weekend and we thank you for all the good things you give us on a daily basis. In Jesus name we pray, Amen and Amen
    Father Bless all of the people who are in authority, Amen, later, Rick