Monday, November 16, 2009

DAY 149

Just about all packed up...ready to go. As Captain Call says in Lonesome Dove, "it's a hard trip", but I think we'll make it with no problem. My mom and dad are staying the night in McKinney and will be here in the morning. Bryan and Myranda Baldwin have been so nice as to let us borrow their van to transport Rick in...I know he'll be comfortable. We've got some anti nausea medicine for him and hopefully it will knock him out for most of the trip. He is medically stable, so no need for ambulance...and Bryan and Myranda will charge way less than the ambulance will...I'll bet they'll settle for chocolate cake?!!! We are firing out no later than 7:30, and plan on stopping in Seymour to see the kids and then on to Lubbock.

Figured out how the folks in Hop Bottom, PA know about us...Rick's brother, Guy Wilhelm and his wife are out there on business and shared Rick's story with a church they've been attending. Thanks Tammy and Guy...can't go wrong with more prayers. Rick's been asleep since 7:00...he didn't nap after treatment, so he was very tired. It's a good thing though since he'll be getting up early in the morning.

So, we'll be going to Truspoint Hospital off of North Quaker first and then on to TLC on Nov. 30th. TLC is brain injury rehab just like Pate is. It was founded in 1982 in Galveston when Robert L Moody's (Moody Gardens) son suffered a brain injury and he found that there was not enough brain injury rehabs. They opened a branch in Lubbock last's on 22nd street in the Covenant Medical Plaza. So glad to be getting closer to home...I feel like when I tell Rick we're in Anna, TX he thinks, "where?" Anyway, his orientation and memory continue to improve. One thing he does now is answer "I don't know" when he doesn't know something instead of guessing or making up an answer...that's actually considered progress in brain injuries. The baclofen pump is doing it's job, he's very relaxed and the tone is gone...and we still have a lot of room to adjust the dosage if need be.

Say lots of prayers and I'll be updating tomorrow as soon as we get settled.

God Bless!


  1. Praise the Lord, hope you guys have a good trip and all goes well through the transition.
    God Bless and keep you safe through the journey. later , Rick

  2. We will be praying for a good trip tomorrow.
    Ann & Cliff

  3. Crystal, I'm just now catching up on posts. Awesome news that you are heading to Lubbock. I know you will be happier there and Rick will heal with great care, prayers, and great, loving wife. I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to come see you again before you leave my area, I didn't realize you would be moving. I will continue to pray in agreement for Rick's healing in Jesus' name.
    Love to you all, Lisa Full

  4. Rick and Crystal, my prayers are with you every minute tomorrow. Love you both, I wish so much I could be there, you will never know. God Bless you and the adventure. Please tell Rick I love him.

  5. Wow what a code I had to put in to post that last commment. Anglsped. WOW

  6. Crystal,

    Best of luck on your trip today. Our thoughts and prayers will be with you and Rick every mile.


  7. You are in our thoughts. We met Rick just briefly in May 2007 when we drove down to the TRR ranch to purchase a colt. We spent the night and had breakfast with Bubba and the cowboys before loading the colt to leave. We've been following Rick's progress and our prayers are with you. We've shared Rick's story with lots of folks up here in ND.

    Jodie & Warren Woroniecki
    7075 28th St.
    Hebron, ND 58638