Monday, November 9, 2009

DAY 142

Day 142 had ups and downs...glad it's almost over with. The ups are that Rick seems to be getting back up to the level he was before the surgery. He's trying to talk, he's moving around in his wheelchair, he's just overall doing better, and almost back to where he was. The downs are that there is some fluid built up around the incision site on his back. There's no fever, redness or oozing...the medical director at Pate, Dr. Konen (surgeon) and Joyce (medtronic nurse) all believe it is fluid build up due to the fact that his binder was not put on him last night after his shower. So, it makes me frustrated with the staff...again...and frustrated that we won't be able to see Dr. Konen until tomorrow...and that means a trip to Dallas. Dr. Konen was notified today at 3:00, but didn't feel like it was an emergency and so we have to wait until tomorrow. The other down is that TLC still isn't for sure when they will have a room for Rick, but will call back tomorrow and let me know something more definitive.

Now we're back up shift change the shift leader needed to look at Rick's incision and it actually looks better! Praise God...I have prayed and prayed for Rick's healing. I have cried and prayed until I'm exhausted today. There are a couple of techs who are Christians and each have said they're praying for me and Shonda says, keep praying...pray harder and don't lose your that's what I'm going to do. The sad thing is if their bosses were to hear them so those words to me they would get in now I'll pray for them.

Every time I think we're out of the woods, something happens...and I don't understand why. I just know it's one more step of faith God wants me to take and I have to trust Him.



  1. Crystal,
    It's just a speedbump, something to distract you, to irritate, dis-hearten, frustrate, and just upset you in general. Please, you have done so well through this whole wreck, don't give up. I'm not trying to make light of the situation, after a 142 days, God and you only know how tough this has been. Sometimes you have absolutely amazed me! (actually numerous times) Please allow me to change the subject for a minute, have y'all heard anything from Freddie or Guy Wayne? I'm just curious inasmuch as I've never heard you mention them.
    Let's pray and AGREE, ok? OK! Father we come before you with praise and thanksgiving and Father we thank you for everything because we know that you are in control. Father we thank you for continued healing, supernatural healing in Rick's body and mind. Father we thank you for giveing Crystal wisdom and comfort and peace that passes all understand-ing. Father do your work in all of the folks who are supposed to provide for Rick's best interest and open the doors that need to be opened and we praise you and we will give you the glory for all the blessings, in Jesus name we pray, Amen and Amen God Bless America
    leter, Rick

  2. Crystal, Hang in there. Your faithfulness is amazing and is an inspiration to so many who read this blog each day, as well as those around you and Rick at Pate I am sure. The devil is constantly at work trying to derail us and our faith. Nothing would make him happier than to have you lose heart. God is great and He is in control. Devil, there is no room for you!! You, Rick and your family have been through a lot and it is normal to have tough days personally along the way. The great news is that God is there on those days ready to carry you and love you. Our prayers continue for Rick's healing and for your peace and rest. And also thanksgiving for your light that you are sharing with the world. Dana Herin