Sunday, September 27, 2009

DAY 99

Rick, Rick, Rick...what are we gonna do with you? His personality really did show today. Riley would bend over in front of him and say, "Daddy, can you kick me in the booty?" and he would over, and over and over. Then my dad was picking on Riley and gave her a, she thinks Rick is going to rescue her so she leans over to Rick and says, "help me, help me" and he reaches over and gives her ANOTHER noogie!

Our discharge date from Baylor is October 6th, and I think Rick will be ready for the next phase. Ready for 6 hours of therapy a day, and on the fasttrack to a full recovery. I really can't wait to get to Pate Ranch and get away from the city. The facility is located in Anna, TX which is a really small community north east of McKinney.

The following is a passage from one of Max Lucado's books, and is reprinted in his daily devotional. It's not todays devotional, but when I read it I knew I had to share it. It's titled
Doing What's Right

Everyone who is a child of God conquers the world. And this is the victory that conquers the world-our faith. 1 John 5:4

Do what is right this week, whatever it is, whatever comes down the path, whatever problems and dilemmas you face-just do what's right. Maybe no one else is doing what's right, but you do what's right. You be honest. You take a stand. You be true. After all regardless of what you do, God does what is right: he saves you with his grace.



  1. Crystal,
    Good word and wonderful advice, I believe maybe Aunt Cyndi might be right. If everyone would just endeavour to do that wouldn't it be a much better world? We are really glad to hear the kids and y'all had a good time, that is good for all of you. Well hope Rick and you have a great week and things continue to go well. Father we thank you for an absolutely miraculous past week and we thank you in advance for a week of miracles this comeing wk.
    Father we thank you for re-newed faith, strength, courage, wisdom, and accellerated healing for Rick. Lord we thank you that all good things come from you. Father we pray that you bless Kyler and Johnathan, Lord meet their needs as well as their families. In Jesus name we pray, Amen and Amen, God Bless America

  2. Dear Crystal,
    I am Constantly praying for you and yours. Look forward to reading about Rick everyday. So happy for the progress Rick is making. Things may never be like they were....They will be better!!! I am glad you will be moving out of the city soon. The land and the sky will be so good for you both. Keep noticing all the simple blessings!

    For you shall go out in joy....the mountains and the hills before you shall burst into song.
    Isaiah 55:12

    sending all our love and prayers,
    Jeff, Dorisann, Dayla and Coley Shipp

  3. Oct 6 --open spaces here they come. Sounds great to me. Hope for a great week. shelah

  4. Crystal and Rick! Oh WOW! I love reading the blog on Mondays to see what all you have been doing! Wish we could be there to celebrate each success!
    Broc is sick right now, but when we all get well, we will plan another trip to see you. Meanwhile, keep amazing us with each step you make, Rick! We love and miss you both!