Wednesday, September 9, 2009

DAY 81

We left the rehab hospital this morning at 9 am to go have a CT of the abdomen done. Rick started throwing up as soon as we got there. They were so backed up in CT that by the time he was done, it was close to time to see the Dr. about the baclofen pump. So, we went to his office and waited and waited and finally got to see him and got back to the room at 1 pm. Rick didn't eat lunch, but kept down about 6 oz of tea around 3 pm and then ate 50% of his dinner and so far has kept it down. The consult with the dr went well...he thinks Rick would be an excellent candidate for the pump. He provided me with a lot of information and a DVD to watch. He performs about 10 baclofen surgeries a month. Insurance still needs to approve the procedure and we should know early next week whether they do or not. Since Rick was feeling bad, he didn't have any therapy today, but was alert most of the day. This afternoon he started kicking his right leg out of the bed and then pulled his left leg over to it. I said, "Rick what are you doing? Are you trying to get up?" And he started trying to sit up in the bed. It was really exciting. And he's just been more active in general...especially with his arms and hands...if he's got an itch, he's gonna scratch it!

Good things are happening, and I thank God for them. So many of you have been on this road with us from the very beginning and are still sticking with us...and of course we've picked up a few more supporters along the way. It would be easy for y'all to forget us, but you don't, as a matter of fact, I think the support has just grown and grown. We don't need anything...God has provided for us through all of you in every possible way we could need...thank you.

Keep those prayers coming!



  1. Dear Crystal, Sorry Rick is still throwing up! Hope tomorrow it has passed!! I am so excited about the b pump! You never know he could get it next week!! I am praying hard for this awesome next step!! I am hoping to have my car by this weekend but not sure!! My prayers continue you,Rick,Pooh,Stan,Gigi, Jimmy,and the kids. Wish yall had been here to enjoy how cool it was when I fed after church. Love ya, Aunt Sher
    PS I read the blog every night to John. We talk about you and Rick daily!

  2. Crystal,
    Well sounds like a pretty full day!
    wonder what in the world caused the upset stomach? May just be part of the whole scheme of things not much tellin'. Ok, now for the business at hand, the good is still outweighing
    the bad. Let's pray, Father in heaven, we thank you for today. Lord we thank you for all the good things and new things Rick is doing and trying to do. Father we ask for favor with the ins. co. for the ok to use the baclofen pump and the surgery and we praise you and thank you for it in the Name of Jesus! Father we thank you for interveneing on Rick's and Crystal's behalf and for their well being. Lord we thank you for all the strength you are restoreing in Rick's muscles and his brain Father from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet and the healing of his GI tract. Father we pray a special blessing for all Rick's therapists and Doctors and all the folks back at the ranch and the Morris family!
    In the name of Jesus we pray, Amen and Amen,
    God Bless America and all of those in Authority! later, Rick

  3. Crystal,
    Please know that we are here checking on ya'll every night. I love reading what God has led ya'll through and hearing about the strength he is providing for you both. Thanks for your devotion to this blog.
    Ann & Cliff

  4. Crystal,
    I just told someone the other day who had asked about Rick, that Rick has not ever taken steps back...He continues to move forward; he may have a slight pause like with him getting nauseous, but then he always seems to make more improvements afterwards! What a great example of the man he is!!!
    If I don't hear from you today, I will call to see what the plan is for the weekend.
    Hey, I forgot to tell you about the last time Cade stayed with us. The boys were having a discussion about who their favorite cowboys were (for example, John Wayne...) One of my boys, I don't remember which, said "Rick is my favorite cowboy"! That meant a great deal to Cade...His reply was "my daddy is your favorite? He was beaming with pride afterwards. Listening to childrens' conversations can be so touching...

  5. Crystal and Rick,
    Not a day goes by that we don't think of ya'll and the kiddos. We continue to pray and we miss you so very much. Hang in there and remember it's not our time, but in God's time!! Hugs and kisses to ya...
    We love you!!
    Ronnie, Pollye Chance and Chase
    When I read about how hard it is for your kids to leave, it just breaks my heart!! I cry with you and for you....