Tuesday, September 8, 2009

DAY 80

We had a lot going on today. OT got him dressed this morning and he did a good job brushing his teeth again. He slept through NP orientation and did good in ST. He's really doing well trying to talk...he just can't get enough air moving to make a lot of noise. But, I've noticed alot of the TBI patients talk in a whisper. Today in morning PT he sat at the edge of a mat propped his arms on his thighs and sat for 26 seconds before he lost his balance. Then he practiced standing and sitting over and over and really did a good job. In afternoon PT he walked on the treadmill and did good, but as soon as we stopped he threw up. Not sure if he was still too full from lunch or if something just didn't set well with him, but he's been fine ever since. Olivia however didn't fair so well...let's just say she had to take a shower! But, this girl is awesome...she has someone else's puke on her and she doesn't run she makes sure that he is okay and on his way back to his room before she takes care of herself. There are awsome people working at this place! In afternoon OT Kaitlyn stretched him in bed to give him a break in case he wasn't feeling well. Then we saw the eye doctor again this afternoon. His right eye is looking really good, but the left eye now has a scratch on it. So, we're keeping it taped closed and upping the doctoring.

Tomorrow we have an appointment to meet the doctor that's putting in the baclofen pump. What I already know about the procedure is that it's a day surgery and Rick should be back to therapy the following day. So, he only misses the day of surgery. The other thing is that Rick's liver enzymes are elevated again. They're not considered in the high range, but Dr. Carlile is trying to stay ahead of any problems, so he will have another sonogram done tomorrow. More than likely it's the medicine he's taking...several meds that he is on plus the overnight tube feeding could cause elevated liver enzymes.

So, prayers needed are for the eyes to heal completely, the liver to be functioning properly, the c-diff to clear up, and for God to continue the miraculous work he has begun in Rick.

Thanks for all you're prayers!



  1. Crystal, Sounds like a busy and eventful day!! I couldn't get my computer to let me post yesterday!! I sure miss yall bunches!! Isn't Olivia the best! I hope the eye business gets better! Love ya,Aunt Sher

  2. Crystal,
    Boy, sounds like you guys were busier than a short legged cat. Well, let's pray. Father in heaven we come before you with praise and thanksgiving, and Lord we thank you for Rick's healing. Father we ask that you continue the work on the muscles, strengthening them, the clearing up of the c-diff, the process the baclofen will do, and the liver enzymes. Father we thank you for healing Rick's eyes and restoreing overall strength to his body and his brain. Lord, we praise you and thank you for all the miracles for Rick and Crystal, in the name of Jesus we pray. Amen and Amen
    God Bless you guys and all the folks who are there to help you!! later, Rick

  3. Our prayers are still with you. You are on our minds hourly. Thank you Lord for the little steps, as we know the little ones lead to the big ones. Rick, we know that with God's help you can do this, we need our little giggle box back. Love you both

  4. Crystal,
    It is always so good to hear about Rick's milestones. The parts I miss the most are getting to see the both of you and calling daily. But we get to see you this weekend! We are all excited to see the both of you. I tried calling last night and couldn't get through. I will try again today.
    Meanwhile, keep the faith and tell Rick how much we love and miss him. We continue to pray for God's Will.

  5. Crystal, sounds like an exciting day! Please know that I think of both of u everyday throughout the day! Prayin for u & Rick constantly! You are an amazing woman, don't forget that during your daily struggles and praises! We saw Riley and ur Mom at meet the teachers last night, she is a doll! She was all smiles! Payton told me the other day that Riley is just like the other girls now..I said wat do u mean..he said she hits me and all I told him like always, that's how girls flirt!! lol!! He just looks at me like I'm crazy!! Luv ya and hope the rest of the week is a good one!

  6. It sounds like things are still getting better every day! We will pray for Rick's eyes, liver, cdiff, and his wife who is so amazing!! You are doing an awesome job! We love you all so much!
    Love and many prayers,
    Kelly, Reno, Alyssa and Morgan