Friday, September 18, 2009

DAY 90

We ended the week with another great day. Rick helped get himself dressed and brushed his teeth. He is really getting better about leaning forward...this is hard for him because of the tone, and when he can break the tone and lean forward, he stands easier, he sits easier and just does everything better. The baclofen pump is still in the approval process with the insurance company and could be a few weeks before it is approved. Rick's liver function tests continue to trend downward and are almost back in the normal range...thank you Jesus!

I've decided that Pate Ranch in Anna, TX will be the best place for Rick to go for transitional rehab. A couple of the therapists want us to stay another week here. I will find out for sure on Monday whether or not we'll stay at Baylor, or move to Pate on Tuesday. As Rick progresses, I would like to be able to move to TLC in Lubbock and then home. We'll just have to see how things go, but if they keep going the way they have this week, we could be back to west texas in no time!

Thank you Sandy for putting together the jewelry fundraiser...I can't believe how much money it raised. Sandy put in a lot of time and expense herself to do that for us, and it is truly appreciated.

We are so blessed to have such great friends and family. You've all done so much for us...please continue to pray for Rick's healing...pray that he be restored 100%!



  1. Crystal,
    Glad to hear the good news. I hope the transition, when it comes, works as well as Baylor has. I feel that Baylor and the folks who have attended to Rick have been a real blessing. I don't believe he could have done any better anywhere. Everything has been right on time and we are praying for everything to stay right on God's time.
    Please pray and agree, Father in heaven we thank you for the miraculous healing you have done in Rick. Lord, we also thank you for the wisdom, knowledge, and guidance you have given Crystal. Father we pray that Rick's healing and strengthening continue in the name of Jesus. Lord we thank you for Pate Ranch and father we pray that those folks be blessed in the name of Jesus, that they continue the work that you have done in Rick. Father we thank you for a smooth transition in the move and that Rick will be at peace with the change.
    In the name of Jesus we pray, Amen and Amen

  2. Amen! God will always open every door for by day, step by step, God will always get you there! Praying you have a wonderful blessed weekend with continued and miss you.

  3. Haven't been online much this week! Crazy week at school bc of Pioneer Reunion! Sure miss yall bunches!! Love reading the blog. God keeps working on his plan for Rick and you!! Talked to Josh on fb earlier-he asked about yall! I will talk to you tom or Sunday!!
    We love and miss you!! Love,Aunt Sher, John, and Kelce

  4. God Bless you both. We pray for 100% healing for Rick and thank the Lord for you Crystal and praise the Lord for the guidance he is giving you in making these tuff decisions. We love you all. Thank you rickvandiver for another wonderful prayer for our precious Rick. Our family appreciates those each night before we go to bed.