Friday, September 25, 2009

DAY 97

Prayer is powerful! Today Tricky Ricky showed us some new tricks. In morning PT he walked again using the parallel bars, but when he was done Olivia made him stand with his only support being his hands on the bars...and he stood for 30 seconds all by himself! It was pretty good stuff! Then in afternoon PT he walked 150 ft with Katie and Olivia's cart. And Olivia said it was the best stepping he's done yet. She pointed out how important it is that his steps are equal on both legs and this afternoon he had very good, equal steps. At the end of the session she looked at Rick and said, "You amaze me!". He got the year right in NP orientation and the city. In OT he was pulling pegs out of a peg board, and today she made him use his left hand, too. He actually did pretty good with it. Rick is so funny. After his shower he is back in bed, but keeps acting like he's going to climb out. When Rita says, "Hey, Slick Rick...where do you think you're going?" And she does the "eye got my eyes on you" gesture...and he did it back to her! Hilarious!

This afternoon we got a visit from Romey, Jarrot, and Megan Ferguson. Jarrot was Dr. Carlile's patient 3 years ago. He got to go downstairs and saw see some of his old therapists. Romey has been right here in my shoes, and has been great about letting me know what to expect and giving me advice on how to handle things.

Sure was a beautiful day in Dallas. We sat outside for awhile. It's a great night for the homecoming football game in Seymour and the party at Tongue River. Hope everyone enjoys the weekend. It will be great for us...the kids are coming tomorrow and we haven't seen them in 2 weeks.

You gotta have doubt about it.



  1. Crystal,
    You are so right dear, prayer is powerful!
    The Word says that the fervent effectual prayer of a righteous man availeth much and there is also a world of power in agreement in prayer. Now, thanks to Aunt Cyndi, first for your kind words and also for bringing to my attention that I might have the wrong person in the pulpit. Also, thank you Shelah and Kelly L. for your kind words and the agreement we have had from some of the rest of you, God Bless you all greatly, I pray that all of you have every desire of your heart filled!! (I know I didn't say that just right but I am a little tired this evening!) Ok, now down to business, Let's pray, Father we come before you with praise and thanksgiving and father we repent for all today where we have fallen short and Father we thank you for your forgiveness! ( I don't know about y'all, I have to repent pretty much everday, I am a long ways from perfect, but don't give up, thanks, rev) Father we thank you for another great day for Rick and Crystal, Father we thank you for every little step forward because Lord we know his steps are guided by you for you are the Lamp that lights his pathway and guides his feet and we know you are the strength in his body and spirit. Father we thank you for this good week and we thank you in advance for a good week next week.
    Father we thank you for keeping the children and their escorts safe during travel. Father we
    thank you for a wonderful weekend in Jesus name we pray!! God Bless America,, later, Rick

  2. see I said I was tired, I forgot to say Amen and Amen, not he only uhoh I had this week,
    God Bless, rev

  3. I made homecoming mums for all the kids to wear to school today. On each mum I sewed a cross to the ribbon (my mom's idea) in honor of Rick and for his "HOMECOMING"!

  4. Cade LOVED the cross on his mum and pointed it out right away! He also told me he is very excited to get to see his Momma and Daddy! He is such a wonderfully special kid with a heart of gold. So is his cousin. :)