Sunday, September 13, 2009

DAY 85

It has rained for 2 solid days in Dallas...makes me sleepy. Rick continues to be alert for the majority of the day...rain or no rain. He's gained weight this week...yea! I've been pretty diligent about mixing in extra calories into his food anyway I can. There are packets called Benecalorie that are about 1.5 oz of paste that can be mixed into soup. It's tasteless and adds 330 calories. I also mix butter into his potatoes, and feed him as much pudding and applesauce as he can handle between meals. And, he continues to receive about 1800 calories everynight in an overnight tube feeding.

We had more visitors today. Linda and Bobby got to see how much Rick has progressed, and we got to see Bubba, Stoney, Matt and Sherry again. Rick confirmed again that Bubba is a loser! He also gave the hang ten sign...the sign that everything is good. Cade was getting a little loud today, so I told Rick to tell him to be quiet, and he raised his index finger to his mouth and made the sshhh sound. It was hard for the kids to leave...Riley asked me if I thought Daddy would be well by day 100. That's such a tough question to answer since we know anything is possible with God. What I told her was that I was certain we are at least halfway through our journey.

Kyler is going to see the eye specialist on Tuesday. He was a little frustrated today because he couldn't tell if he was seeing or not. He's finally doing better with his weight...he's 6'3" and weighed 102 today, and was excited about that! And was requesting fritos and bean dip from Aunt Tonya! Please pray that his eyesight returns and he continues to make gains.

We miss everybody and can't wait to get home. Please keep praying so that happens as quick as possible. We believe!



  1. Well praise the Lord! It has rained here in Vernon the last few days most of the time. Folks who have their wheatland ready to sew are in good shape, as soon as it dries out a little they can sew wheat. Sounds like y'all had a pretty good weekend. We hope Rick has a really great week and continues to progress supernaturally, God has really blessed him and we pray will continue to heal his body. Bless Riley's heart, we all pray the 100 day mark could be the end gate, however, only God knows!
    We just have to believe and pray for that miracle every day! God Bless you all! later, Rick Let us pray and agree, Father in heaven we come before you with praise and thanksgiving. Father we thank you for a good week for Rick and Crystal, that you continue to heal Rick in the name of Jesus. Father we lift Kyler before you and Lord we pray for his eyesight, Father we pray that you heal whatever his problem is and restore his sight in the mighty name of Jesus and we praise you for it and thank you for it, in the name of Jesus. Father we thank you that you are our healer and our provider, in Jesus name we pray, Amen and Amen

  2. Aunt Doe Doe and Uncle Bobby sent a picture for you all and I am so greatful to see each of you. We miss you and continue to pray for the Lord's healing of Rick and comfort for the rest of the family. God Bless you I love you so much.

  3. It was great to see the both of you and bring the kids to you this weekend! Please let Rick know that we continually pray and believe that he can overcome anything.
    Read your yahoo mail...I sent a message this morning for you.
    We love and miss you so very much.