Friday, September 11, 2009

DAY 83

Today started off with great things. We had neuropsych at 8 am and Chris took a calendar page and showed Rick the date and day of the week. Then he put it aside and started asking Rick questions. Rick answered by pointing to "yes", "no" cards. Rick got all of the following questions right:

Is it October? No
Is it September? Yes
Is it 2006? No
Is it 2008? No
Is it 2009? Yes

Then he asked him is it Friday? And Rick answered "No", so Chris showed him the calendar again and then asked the same question...Rick immediatly pointed to "yes".

PT was able to test Rick for the BPPV (inner ear problem) and he tested positive for it in his left ear. This doesn't have anything to do with his's fine. There are microscopic crystals in your ear, and if these crystals get in the wrong canal they can cause symptoms of dizziness and nausea. The test requires the PT to put Rick in certain positions in a quick manner and watch his eyes...if they look a certain way, then he has BPPV. The way you fix it is to turn the head in certain positions to put the crystal back through the maze of canals back to where it's supposed to be. If you google bppv you can find more info on this condition...the testing process and the remedy are pretty amazing. So far today he has not had any nausea, so hopefully the remedy worked.

He went to the eye doctor and the eyes are looking better...she said keep doing what we're doing.

In the shower he wet himself down...Rita said he wet the whole bathroom down, but she didn't care because he was doing it himself. He also helped wash his hair, and when they were done and coming out he reached for the door knob to open it. Thing are really starting to click for him.

We had visitors today...Bubba Smith, Stoney Jones, and Matt and Sherry McKenzie. I have to tell you that since Bubba left Tongue River to go to work for the 6666's there has been an ongoing hardtime given from both sides. Today when Rick saw Bubba we told him to give him the "L" sign for loser...and he did! We had a good laugh over that.

Well, it's time now to shave him, put his eye ointment in and tape his eyes shut, and put his splints on, so I better get busy. I've been trying to leave the hospital by 8 o'clock every night so it's not too dark when I walk across the street.

The lyrics to one of Susie Luchsinger's songs popped into my head this afternoon:

Walk through darkness
I don't need no light
My faith in Jesus gonna be my guide
You see, I aint afraid of nothing because I believe
I've got a sky full of angels watching over me.


Good night to all.


  1. Yall not only have a sky full, there are some here on earth too Goodnite, love yall. Mom

  2. Thanks for sharing each step with us. Susie will be in Guthrie on the 3rd and we will ask her to sing that song for ya'll. We are praying for ya'll.
    Ann & Cliff

  3. Crystal,
    Sounds like things are looking up! Praise the name of Jesus. Let's keep praying that Rick keeps this momentum and continues to do better on a regular basis. God Bless you both and all of those folks who have helped you, either directly or indirectly, and those who have come to visit! I'm sure Rick and you have enjoyed the company. We had our monthly home meeting last night and I was so glad to get to tell how Rick had progressed almost on a daily basis. Our preacher, Rick Manis, and our group have been praying for you and Rick on a regular basis. I hope you guys have a nice weekend and next week will be better yet!
    God Bless you all, later, Rick
    Lord we come before you with praise and thanksgiving and Father we thank you for all the good things that are happening in Rick's life. Lord we thank you for the continued healing in Rick's body and Father we thank you for the angels you have sent to protect Crystal and keep her safe. In Jesus name we pray, Amen and Amen