Wednesday, September 2, 2009

DAY 74

Back to back wins...that's how I feel about today. Yesterday was a winner and so was today. Neuropsych came in first thing this morning and Rick was able to answer a few questions by pointing to "yes", "no" cards. Chris was pleased with what he got out of him. In OT this morning he was on the hand bike and Kaitlyn said it would probably be too hard for him mentally to cycle with both hands, but he kept trying to put his right hand on, so we quit fighting him and what do you know...he did it with no problem. Kaitlyn was like, "wow, Rick, I underestimated you!". He pedalled the bike today for 14 out of 20 minutes, and in afternoon PT he walked on the treadmill again and had the best posture yet...he wasn't leaning or turning his head to the left, and he took about 50% of the steps with his right leg himself, and Katie could feel him helping a little on the left, too. In afternoon OT he had to take apart 1/2" pvc pipe with connectors...a task to help him use both hands together...he did really good. Still suffering symptoms of c-diff, but hopefully we'll get that cleared up and he'll feel better.

Supper tray just came, so I'm going to feed him and then it's time to get back in bed. He pretty much stays in his chair from the time we get up until about this time of day.

And, yes, Aunt Cyndi, I promise when this is over with, no matter how many roller coasters we ride here, we will come to California to Disneyland! And when Riley and Cade read the blog tonight my sister will have to peel them off the ceiling!

Today, I read the following in my Bible and I just couldn't believe it...I just opened my Bible and this is what page it opened to. This is called a Life Point from Joyce Meyer concerning Zechariah 4:10.

When we are believing God for something "big" we need to remember that great things start small. We need to appreciate the "day of small things," because the little things will grow if we recognize them, appreciate them, and honor them as gifts from God and indicators of greater things to come.

Wowie! How's that for a message from above?

Thanks again for your love, support and prayers...they continue to pour in...God Bless you all.




  1. Crystal,
    Isn't God good!! Praise his holy name, there are several passages that tells the believer "do not despise small beginings" and alludes to that. Well this is great news. I certainly pray that tomorrow is better yet, I just hope that you can handle it ok. There is no doubt, you are going to be ok! You know I mentioned this before you might consider writing a book? I don't know that anyone, since my wife, has inspired me like you have. I know that if you inspired me, you have inspired everyone! Father in heaven, thank you so much for what you are doing for Rick and what you have done in Crystal! Lord we thank you for your continued care and your leading the people who are in charge of helping them.
    Thank you Lord for the blood of Jesus that makes our healing and salvation possible and the Holy Spirit that comforts us. God Bless Us All, in the Name of Jesus, Amen and Amen
    Have a great night and thank God for a great tomorrow, later, Rick

  2. Crystal, Trying to call-can't get through. I don't know if we will be able to come Sat-had a little incident with a raccoon today.
    He won!! I hit him near Lake Kickapoo, my bumper looked bad but nothing else. Outside of Windthorst, the check engine light came on and there was smoke!! Phillip had to tow it to Seymour. Haven't talked to him after this morning bc had to hitch a way back to Seymour. Will know how had the damage is tomorrow!! Enough about my coon!! So excited about 2 great days!! God is awesome!!
    Give Rick a high five from us!!
    Love ya bunches!! Aunt Sher
    PS Hopefully the damage isn't as bad as it appears to me-I am driving Gigi's pu!
    Thank God for a big family!!!!

  3. Great news!! We're so excited about tonight's post. Can't wait to see you both... hopefully soon! I got a big hug from Cade today... he was a little "upset" b/c he hasn't gotten to visit with his cousin Matt!!!! Too cute!! I'll have to tell Monica... she'll love it. Rick is right... you are truly an inspiration. You are so strong and doing an awesome job. Rick is SO lucky and blessed to have you and vice-versa. We love you both and celebrate each success with you. Hope to see you soon!
    Love and prayers,
    Kelly, Reno, Alyssa and Morgan

  4. I praise the Lord for another good day. I am getting the spare bedrooms ready for the Disneyland trip. Tell Rick I am so proud of him and the fact that he is working so hard, with God's help, to beat this thing. However, Aunt Doe Doe and I would like to discuss the possibilities of him considering another profession when he gets that giggle back. HA!(Of course we will support him in what ever he wants to do) Again Crystal, we thank you for being there to fight for and support Rick, it means so much to us. We love you both.

  5. Awww girl! I miss you guys so much. Tongue River just isn't the same without the 4 of you. Remember to praise God for the good days and the bad days. Know that we are praying with you. Sweet blessings to you and your family. Love, "Red"
    How awesome is the Lord Most High. Psalm 47:2

  6. Rick has come so far...and he continues to make steps forward...I wonder how many times we have said that during all of this? Whatever the amount we will continue to say it, that I am certain!
    Sorry I didn't get you called back. Will try to holler at you later. We are still planning to visit the weekend of the 11th. Tell Rick we are looking forward to seeing him.
    Love and miss you both!