Thursday, September 17, 2009

DAY 89

Jesus died for our sins so that we could live. But he doesn't want us to just live, he wants us to live a GOOD life. I believe that's what God has planned for us... a good life. Rick has really had a breakthrough this week. His initiation of movements and being spontaneous has improved so much. He continues to try to communicate...either head nods, talking (which is still a whisper) or pointing to printed answers. And has gotten so much more expressive with his face...raises his eyebrows, crinkles his nose, smiles. It's hard to believe, but Tuesday could be our last day here at Baylor before we move on to transitional rehab. The final decision will be made on Monday. Dr. Carlile and several of the therapists have been gone this week to Red River, NM for Mile High camp. This is a special camp for brain injury survivors. We've missed Dr. C and Olivia this week, but have been left in very capable hands. I'll be making a decision on transitional rehab tomorrow. The choices are Pate Ranch in Anna, TX or TLC in Lubbock. It's a hard decision to make...I don't think either one would be a wrong choice. Rick will receive 6-8 hours of therapy a day at these places and really get him ready for home.

He stood good again today, walked good on the treadmill, balanced well on the edge of the bed, and has been watching Chisum. I sat him up to feed him and looked at me funny and started pushing back. I said, "Do you want to eat?" and he shook his head no. So I said, "Do you want me to lay you back down so you can watch John Wayne?", and he nodded yes!

Thanks for all your prayers.



  1. Great news, I am amazed on a daily basis!
    I, like so many others, am so happy for you guys. Rick has done so well and continues to do so well, better almost every day. God Bless you all, thanks be unto Jesus the Christ, Lord of All, later, Rick

  2. We are so excited about the progress Rick has made this week. Praise God for each new ability that he has regained. It's so exciting to hear about the prayers that are being answered.
    Ann & Cliff

  3. Yes Definitley answered prayers! We love you guys so much and think of you so many times during the day. We went to Tongue River for Brad's wedding Saturday and it was soooo beautiful. Definitely muddy, but beautiful. We thought of you guys the whole time and can't wait till you're back there where you belong. I saw Riley at the game tonight and asked her how long the bus ride was to school... she said 45 minutes in Guthrie and 45 minutes in Seymour!! How weird is that!!

  4. God promises that a breakthrough during difficult times is imminent, but we must not forget his promises nor be unwavering in our faith. He is always present help in times of struggles. He will lead, guide and direct our steps if we allow him to. All he asks from us is to trust him and he will move us in the flow of the Spirit.

    He definitely guided us with the Silpada Fundraiser!!! A big thanks to all who participated…especially the good LORD up above. By his grace, we raised $1,980 (a combination of jewelry and cash) for Rick and Crystal!!!

    Psalms 46:1 God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.

    God Bless will bless each of your kind hearts!

  5. Reading the blog is how I start my work day and what a great start! Rick, we continue to cheer you on! You are a constant reminder of the grace of God!
    We love and miss you both!

  6. Just watched a story on the 700 Club about a woman that had a car accident. The doctors kept saying stop/false hope. And the family kept saying FAITH. She is now on her own, enjoying her grandchildren and going to college. With GOD anything is possible. Rick is living proof. HAVE A BEAUTIFUL DAY!!