Friday, October 30, 2009

DAY 132

So, we didn't make it to Baylor. Insurance was not returning phone calls and TLC in Lubbock had already planned to evaluate Rick next week. Since Rick is doing better, we decided it would be best not to muddy the waters with insurance and confuse them about a move to Baylor and then a move to TLC. TLC will be here on Monday and we should know something Wednesday. Rick had a much better day today. He went to bed @ 6:30 last night and didn't wake up until 8 this morning! I checked on him at midnight and he was sleeping like a log...I think the medicine has kicked in enough that he's relaxed and feels good, so he's sleeping good. He did a little PT, OT and ST today. In PT, Christie walked him and she could tell the tone has given because Rick is weak. What happens is tone stiffens the muscles and actually helps you to stand and walk. When you take the tone away, then you can evaluate the underlying muscle. Rick's muscles are weak, and now we have to start building strength. Rick has a huge advantage in being so healthy and strong before his accident...this will help him get his strength back quicker. Bryan came by again today and visited while we had lunch. This afternoon there was a Halloween Party at the rec center and we went and listened to some of the worst karyokee you've ever heard, but it was fun. He took a 2 hour nap this afternoon, cleaned his plate at supper, and is now watching TV, waiting on his first shower since his surgery.

I felt sorry for myself last night watching the World Series all by myself...well not by myself, but not with Rick like was have for 14 years! Seriously...we always watch the World Series and last night he was in bed, so I watched it with Walter! For once he wasn't wondering around and sat and watched 4 innings of the game. Walter also sang "Happy Trails" today at the Halloween Party...he's a good singer.

The kids are in Guthrie this weekend. Jodi is having a surprise B-day party for Riley tonight and then on to the football game. Tomorrow is the fall festival and trick or treating. You can get on my FB page and see some pics of the kids in their Halloween costumes that Lori Moss and Anna Livingston posted...really cute...and thanks for posting those!

I read in my bible last night that you should consider trials as tests...put you faith in God and you will pass your test and not have to take it again! Good advice Joyce Meyer!

God Bless,


  1. We have LIVED and learned, studied hard my dear and we are not going for the silver, but the gold. God has given us the car so we just have to keep on driving until we hit Guthrie. I love and miss yall. Riley will be so surprised tonight. No one had to tell them to load up today they were ready and waiting. Love Mom and Dad

  2. Crystal!! Hi sister!! so glad to hear yal are continuing to fight the good fight and Rick continues to get better!! I am so encouraged by your positive, persevering ways and your faith in God!!! You are something else, and we continue to pray for you and Rick knowing God is doing great things in His timing... we know when we trust in Him, He has great plans for us... the promises of His Word are tried and proven time and time again!!! Thanks for your faithful sharing! Sending you our love!! Jennifer Cochran and family

  3. Crystal,
    Thank the Lord for all good things. This is going to work, it just may not be quite like we want it to work, but it is going to work. Rick is going to be healed and made whole and give glory and praise to God for ever and ever. Have a great weekend and God Bless, later, Rick

  4. So glad to hear the pump is working and successful! Got to see Cade today and got a cute picture of him in his costume. So glad they get to go HOME for a weekend! I bet they are thrilled. Love to you and Rick!
    Many prayers,
    Kelly, Reno, Alyssa and Morgan

  5. Hi Crystal, this is Juanell. I tried to write a message this morning, after reading yours, but don't think it sent Debra sent one last night Let us know if you did get it. Love this blog, as now read it to Chyral. Called her this morning and told her I will read them to her. She was thrilled. You all are on my prayers every minute, so know that God works in his way and time, not ours. Must just pray all this is his will, then he will make it right. I love you very much. Juanell